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Astra Theme Review – Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Beginner

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Astra launched the WordPress theme market just in 2017. That is too late than the majority of the other well-known and well-established WordPress themes. However, still, it has managed to maintain itself as the best-known and well-organized theme, among others. Recently, the Astra theme has crossed more than 1 million installations record.

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Astra is a quick, wholly customizable & stunning WordPress theme appropriate for the blog, your private portfolio, corporate website, and WooCommerce storefront. It is highly lightweight (fewer than 50KB on the front end) and offers incomparable speed. Built-up with SEO in mind, Astra comes along with Schema.org code embedded and is Native AMP prepared in such a way that search engines are going to love your site.

It features unique functions and templates so that it works flawlessly with all page builders, such as

Is it true that you are searching for an ideal base template? Then, at that point, there is no compelling reason to Look further.

Astra is a fast, completely customizable, and WooCommerce ready theme that you may utilize for developing and designing any website!

A section of the other pervasive qualities of Astra is:

    • WooCommerce Ready
    • Approachable
    • RTL
    • Extendible with premium addons
    • Updated regularly
    • Responsive
    • Designed, Established, Maintained & Supported by Breakthrough Strength.

As by many opinions keeping in the count, Astra is one of the world’s most popular, fast-growing, and highly-rated WordPress themes these days, but is this right for you? Or is it up to your demands?

Sure, it is the right choice for you; if you like to use page builders like Elementor, you must check the Astra theme. As a page builder, consistency, compatibility, and performance are its best parts.

Top 5 Reasons for you to Consider Astra

1. Light-weighted theme

Like a theme that prioritizes the performance, Astra’s base theme is highly efficient, well functional, and lightweight. On its website, it said that the theme would take less than 50KB. But, when tested out the theme using GTmetrix on a WordPress installation, the total page-size occupied was just 38KB, which was better than what they promoted.

Though, there is a limitation here. The Premium edition of Astra does not depend on jQuery mostly. That’s the case; this no-jQuery label applies only when you use a free theme. Nevertheless, jQuery dependency, Astra Pro, remains much lighter than most of the other top-quality themes.

2. Extensive Library of Beginner Sites

When it comes time to build a website from the beginning, the starter template certainly helps save a lot of time.

Several of the multi-purpose themes nowadays come along with the demo sites. However, many developers believe that Astra’s freedom to design and develop is more varied than others.

Meanwhile, they are offering around 120 starter templates appropriate for a variety of genres. Among them about more than 50 are free to use. This implies that you can import these free layouts to the site without paying a single penny.

Occasionally, they add new niche templates to the library. And in case you are unable to find a design for a specific niche, you can propose that as well.

3. Compatibility for Page Building

Such starter templates are also consistent and compatible with page builders. Rather than using a custom builder,  Astra facilitates to use of your existing page builders to adjust their templates:

    • Elementor
    • Beaver
    • Brizy
    • WordPress Gutenberg

In short, this allows you to customize your site using your preferred page builders. For instant, if you are imported the Horticulture starter site (free). You can adjust nearly every element, including wallpapers, background, buttons, texts, colors, and much more.

Even though you are creating a page from scratch without using starter templates, Astra provides maximum compatibility. You can switch off headers, footers, and all those elements for each post so you can start with a blank canvas.

4. Loads of Options to Customize

Even if you do not intend to use a page builder, Astra offers many options for customization through the WordPress Customizer.

For instance, I need to make the three-section block format for the file pages. It’s straightforward; follow these steps:

    • Open the Customizer
    • Move to Blog/Archive section
    • Below the grid Layout
    • Brizy
    • Set number. of columns to three and switch the Brick option

5. Clean and Developer-friendly Code

After spending time by Astra’s codebase, the developer may say that a good coding criterion follows the theme. If you’re a developer, Astra has lots of hooks scattered all over the theme. This makes it simple for a developer to snare custom usefulness at virtually all aspects of the subject and every part of the theme.

The theme is based on an Underscores base theme, giving it a robust foundation and structure. Everything is carefully arranged and well-recognized, and documented.
The theme also supports the Schema markups, though not required when using an SEO plugin such as Yoast.

Now, how to configure?

Astra is free of a cost WordPress theme. Thus, it can be installed and used by following a step below:

    • Initially, Log on to your WordPress Dashboard
    • Go on to the Appearance > Themes > Add New
    • Look for – Astra
    • Setup Astra
    • Make it active

Once you have done with the installation, we must know the performance test results by others.

Performance Tests

As it is said in the upper section. Astra professes to stack in somewhat less than 0.5s and weighs beneath the 50KB.

Get a complete idea, a developer named Abhinav has conducted some speed tests from three different sites:

  • Default WordPress Installation for no additional content
  • Using demo sites from Astra
  • With some testing content (like a genuine blog – 10 posts on the landing page with included pictures)

Recollect that he has not utilized page storing or some other sort of improvements aside from gzip compression.

When to Buy the Pro Version

Overall, 18 pro modules are included in the Astra Pro. A large portion of the modules broaden and improve the usefulness that is accessible at the WordPress theme customizer, and you can empower and incapacitate modules as you see fit.

The Colors & Background module can be used to modify the color of almost every part of your project, while the Typography module will add many more options for tailoring and styles to your fonts. The Spacing module will add more opportunities for margins and padding.

The free edition is enough if you are establishing a website from free demos. Furthermore, it is helpful if you want only a minimal change. If not, Astra Free is quite restrictive from the perspective of flexibility. Most of the Customizer features are locked premium versions.

For example, you will require a paid license if you want a grid layout for a blog or a WooCommerce store. The same goes for a custom title or paging. If you think the price is much more than your budget then you can check the Astra theme coupon that is available for you.

Plans & Pricing

Astra Premium is accessible in three plans beginning at $59 for the Pro. The Mini Agency permit gives admittance to different demo locales. Agency Bundle gives admittance to premium modules like Schema Pro and Convert Pro.

  • The Astra Pro package costs $47 per year
  • Essential Bundle costs $169 per year
  • The growth Bundle costs $249 per year

These packages can be bought on a lifetime basis without yearly fees for $249, $499, and $699, correspondingly.

All packages come up with a 14-day no worry 100% money-back guarantee, with no restriction on how many websites you can connect to the theme.

Disadvantages of Astra

Pricing is a bit expensive.

When you compare Astra with its alternatives, such as GeneratePress or OceanWP, you might realize that it is a little expensive. The starting price is ~$59, which is more than the initial price of OceanWP.
Likewise, the starter plan doesn’t give admittance to all the demo locales. To do as such, need to have the Mini Agency Bundle License, which will cost $276.

No Dedicated Support Forum

When you get into trouble, Astra helps primarily through support tickets. They have extensive documentation as well. The dedicated support forum is missing.


Here there are the feature elements of Astra and how superbly it handles web execution. Additionally, there are various approaches to utilize the topic – with or without page manufacturers. It can likewise be seen that how page manufacturers can dial back our site.

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