Best Captcha Plugin for WordPress – Protects From Spam Entry

best captcha plugin for wordpress, wordpress captcha plugins, captcha plugin for wordpressThe internet is flooded with spammers – and they are increasing day by day. If you have a full-fledged WordPress website – and earning decent money – then you need to be careful of these spamming and hacking activities.

It’s in everybody’s interest to have a secure and spam-free website – whether it’s a user or a website owner. Being an owner, developer, or user, you must need to be aware of bots, unwanted users, spammers, and hackers’ attacks.

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And these abusive activities can be eliminated through adopting a certain captcha implementing strategy – that finally works and saves your website from spammers.

Captchas’ implementation strategy for your WordPress works by providing an extra security layer to your WordPress website. Are you really aware of the spammers?  And want to get rid of spams, unwanted users, and bots?

Let’s stop worrying here, In this article, we will pick out the 10 best captcha plugins for WordPress for the year 2021. I assure you these captcha plugins will help you protect your website from not only brute force attacks as well as from website spams.

The Best Captcha Plugin for WordPress List

1.Captcha Booster

captcha-booster wordpress plugin

When it comes to providing an extra security layer to vital parts of your WordPress website, then Captcha Booster comes in place to work effectively. And these vital parts can be registration, login, password recovery, contact form, and comments section. Captcha Booster is an anti-spam WordPress website captcha that protects your website from spam entries.

Integrating it into your website is a guarantee of protecting you from fake sweepstakes, fraudulent registrations, and other reprehensible things. Either you own a website or you are a developer, you need to stop users from posting spam comments.

Let’s jump into how it secures your website;

  • Booster Captcha protects your website’s Login, Registration, Comments, Admin Comments, Reset/Lost Password recovery pages from being spammed and hacked
  • Secondly, it provides different captcha type – logical captcha and text captcha
  • Also, it has an option of blocking users from country-wise
  • It blocks by IP ranges as well as IP addresses
  • It helps you view your login logs

Customers love Captcha Booster because of its reliability and authenticity. Let’s set it up and secure your website from spammers and hackers while enjoying its different options that are available with this; captcha string, text style, mathematical operations, etc.

If you were searching for a way to make your WordPress site private, follow this article you would be able to know, how to make WordPress site private properly.

2.Captcha Bank

wordpress captch bank

Captcha Bank is really convenient and must-have to install a WordPress plugin. The best thing about it is that it has crossed 20,000 active installations with a 4.2 rating.

So, in today’s world, when there are threats to WordPress websites’ security, and spammers and hackers are leaving no stone unturned to spam your website, then captcha bank can be the best option to install. One thing we need to consider is that it regularly gets updated – so you need to check with the updates as well. It comes with two editions; lite and premium.

The key characteristics of the lite edition are;

  • One of the key features is that it comes up with text case captcha
  • Multi-lingual. Available now in 36 languages
  • Case sensitive captcha
  • It displays captcha on WordPress login as well as on the registration form
  • It provides several captchas characters
  • Comes up with height and width
  • Login logs
  • Captcha preview
  • Different captcha type

While Premium Editions of Captcha Bank has the following key characteristics;

  • Multi-lingual. Available now in 36 languages.
  • 50 + settings; such as general setting, layout setting, front setting, message setting, and security setting
  • In other features; the plugin has an option of displaying captcha for comments form, admin, contact form, and for recovery password
  • Block & white list IP addresses
  • It provides captcha for background pages
  • It’s automatically blocks IP
  • It automatically blocks IP ranges
  • When a user attempts maximum login attempts
  • Login logs
  • It provides an opting of previewing the captcha

3.Blue Captcha

 blue-captcha wp plugin

Like Captcha Bank, Blue Captcha is also a highly WordPress recommended plugin – which comes up with its different features and characteristics. It can easily be installed on your WordPress website and can protect your website from unwanted persons, spammers, hackers, sweepstakes, fraudulent registrations.

You can apply it to the login form, password recovery form, registration form, password recovery form, or commentary form.

The  following key features differentiate it from others;

  • Easy to customize and free to download
  • It comes with 5 fonts and more than 30 background images
  • It helps you preview captcha image before you apply it
  • Provides you with CSV (Excel) file feature – where you can see your entire log history – including login, registration, comment section form, and password recovery window.

4.Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

recaptcha wordpress plugin

As the name suggests, Google reCAPTCHA is a powerful plugin for your wp website. And it is considered among the best WordPress captcha plugins. It is a free service from Google. The good thing about this plugin is that humans can solve it easily while bots and spammers find it very difficult to sort it out.

Thus, it protects your website from unwanted visitors. As your website interaction goes up, it never interrupts or loses your users. The interaction with your website can be in both ways; legitimate or abusive behavior. So, in both cases, it works well.

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA latest version) can be included in your website through effective programming techniques.

Some of its features are;

  • It’s user-friendly
  • It approves valid users and stops bots and unwanted users visit your website
  • It comes up with a risk analysis for all abusive activities on your website

It’s very easy to activate maintenance mode in WordPress Website for development purposes. This article shows you the best ways to do that.

5.Conditional CAPTCHA

 conditional-captcha wordpress plugin

The WordPress conditional captcha is one of the best captchas for WordPress plugins. The best about it is that WordPress keeps introducing its latest versions from time to time to stay away from vulnerabilities.

WordPress security has done much in the past decade to protect your WordPress websites from unwanted users and spammers. When you ask your prospects or new clients to fill out and submit a form, you make sure that the right person is approaching you. And you want to stay away from bots, unwanted users, and spammers to access your registration, comment, and registration pages.

Conditional Captcha works effectively to protect your key information. What happens when a visitor visits your webpage – and has access to filling-out form information? In this regard, the conditional captcha traces out the user’s history – like when the last time the user visited your website.

If the visitor is known to your website, conditional captcha displays captcha – and this is how the conditional logic – applied by the Java programmers, works effectively. Only the visitors that have a history of visiting your website, will have access to your webpage – and bots, unwanted users, spammers, and hackers will stay away.

6.Math Captcha

wordpress matha captcha

This is another WordPress free plugin. If you integrate WordPress math captcha into login, registration, comments box, Contact Form 7, and bbPress, you will have the best spam protection.

You can download and install it today – it’s a free WordPress plugin with comes with key features;

  • It is easy to customize, download and install
  • You can add wp math captcha plugin to your login, registration, comment form, lost password, recovery password
  • It is an anti-spam wp captcha plugin
  • It has an option of setting up input time
  • You can set up field titles
  • It displays captcha in words as well as in numbers
  • Already logged in users can’t see it
  • Has an option to choose the mathematical operation

7.HumanCaptcha by Outerbridge

human wordpress captcha plugin

As it is obvious by the name, this wp captcha plugin differentiates humans from bots and other malicious software. It has acceded more than 700 installations with a 4.6 rating. Website owners prefer using Humancaptcha over character or logical-based captchas because of its accessibility and authenticity.

What do other captchas do? They actually ask for math logic and image identification to save your website from bots, but this captcha tests human logic by asking a question. So, it is interesting to know and read more about it!

For example, some of the common questions it asks humans are;

  • How many legs do 7 spiders have?
  • What is the name of your favorite pet?
  • What is the usual color of the sky on a sunny day?
  • If we multiply 11 by 11, what is the answer then?

These are all predefined questions that WordPress human captcha plugin asks to identify a human easily. And make bots and malicious software stay away.

If you want to create the identity of your website or wondering how to change site title in WordPress. This article, shows you how to change the site title in WordPress and why it’s important.

8.Really Simple Captcha

really simple captha plugin

Almost 1 million active users are using Simple Captcha to protect their WordPress websites. Unlike other WordPress’s captchas, it uses temporary file making. Initially, it was targeted to protect Contact Form 7, but with its new updates and features, you can now use it with other WordPress plugins as well.

As the name suggests, it is really a simple captcha – and is not so effective as others. But it is responsible for providing solutions with the best possible options. Really Simple Captcha comes with two files; one is a text file that stores answers to the questions and the other is an image file.

Both these files use the same prefix such as “a7hk3ux8p.txt” and a7hk3ux8p.png”. If you want to download and install it and want to use it with other WordPress plugins, here is how you can use it.

9.Anti-Spam Pro

anti spam captcha wordpress plugins

If you are fed up with spyware, viruses, spammers, bots, and malicious software and want to secure and protect your WordPress website from them, then Anti-spam pro is the best wp captcha plugin. Anti-pro users have crossed over 100,000 – and increasing day by day. It’s rating is consistently growing day by day.

It seems ideal for a small-size and corporate business environment – and can be used with email servers.  Small-size businesses with 10 or more employees…and large-size businesses with 200 or more employees can use it respectively. The Anti-spam pro can deal with 100,000 active email users at a time.

You can secure your email server by doing the following going with this captcha

  • You can perform virus scanning
  • Can use Anti-pro user-specified rules
  • Another key feature is spamming fingerprint check
  • It also provides intent as well as image analysis
  • It also comes up with network denial of service protection
  • Rate control
  • The Anti-pro can perform IP reputation analysis
  • It authenticates sender
  • It verifies receiver


wordpress captcha plugin

Captcha Plus helps you secure and protect your website effectively. You can download and install Captcha Plus today. After you use it, you can save your web page from possible security attacks. The best thing about Captcha Plus is that it is easy to customize.

It is extremely helpful to protect your login, registration form, comments box, and password recovery. The users’ rating is 4.6 out of 5. Its users are getting increased day by day. Currently, there are more than 2 million downloads.

Some of its features are:

  • It comes up with a letter, image, and numbers protection
  • Available in the latest WordPress version
  • It provides a time limit
  • There is an option of making a one-time payment

Its make sure that your website is easy to navigate and looks aesthetically pleasing and orderly, knowing how to add categories in WordPress

Wrapping Up!

In this article, we provided you a list of 10 best captcha plugins for securing your WordPress website. Some of the captcha plugins mentioned in this article are paid and some are free to use. It depends on your WordPress website content and the nature of data that you want to secure.

If we talk about the number of active websites at the moment, the number has crossed over 1.3 billion worldwide – and among them, there are around 455,000,000 WordPress websites.

From a big picture perspective, the WordPress platform shares around 35% power of the overall internet. And it is still growing – and growing consistently. This platform covers over 100 languages and its content is published in almost 120 or more countries.

So, if you have decided to make a WordPress website and run your business, then you would definitely need to protect and secure your website from bots, unwanted users, or visitors, malicious activities. Adding captcha to your login, registration form, comments boxes, password recoveries, is a guarantee to secure your website.

Protect your website you do your home. At the moment, 59% of internet users are everywhere – and there is a battle between good and evil. If you are able to implement these 10 best captcha plugins for your WordPress website, you are definitely not letting the suspicious characters in – since you all entry points are secured.

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