Best Comment Plugin for WordPress – Popular Comments Plugins in 2021

comment plugin intro photoThe best comment plugin for WordPress helps bloggers and website owners to increase the readership of their articles.

As we know, comments engage people as they share their views, give feedback about a particular topic, and create discussions in that section, which as a result is beneficial for the website.

Everything relies upon what kind of interface you are going to utilize and which WordPress comment plugin will be ideal for you. Here, we have reviewed some of the best comment plugins for WordPress to help you provide your readers with a secure and easy to understand platform where they can share their views.

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Top Comment Plugins That Would Not Let You Down

Below is the rundown of our hand-picked best comment plugins for WordPress. So, let’s get started!

1. JetPackBest Comment Plugin for WordPress

Jetpack was launched back in 2011 and it is the best comment plugin for WordPress with over 5 million active installations. The reason many of the website owners use Jetpack is that it has tons of easy to understand features. The stand-out feature of Jetpack is that it allows people to subscribe to your post, blogs, articles, and comments.

Meaning it will notify them about any new comments or posts. Moreover, the WordPress comment plugin also gives the visitor an opportunity to comment through their social media accounts. Jetpack mainly focuses on security as every website owner wants their website to be secured.

It offers the users a Secure Authentication feature that lets them use a more secure password. There is another Two-factor Authentication feature available which requires a verification code that is sent to the user’s phone via SMS.

Spam is the biggest issue faced by the website owners and thanks to Jetpack, it offers a spam filter that automatically filters out the spam comments published by the bots. Jetpack also reduces the page load times of the site through the site accelerator feature.

By enabling this, the images on the mobile devices will get resized and as result, the website speed will increase.

Furthermore, this WordPress comment plugin allows the website owners to see the statistics of the website.

Through this, you can have a better understanding of the performance of the site and figure out what changes it needs.

Top Features

  • Gives visitors a subscription option
  • Provides a more secure platform
  • Remove Spam Comments
  • Increases the website speed
  • Allows the owner to see the site stats

Although most of the features of Jetpack are free, in case you want high-quality features then you will have to upgrade it to the paid plans.

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2. Disqus

best worspress commnet plugin

Disqus has the best comment system for WordPress and it is trusted by millions of website owners to grow their audience and traffic. It offers its users a one-click installation that will easily install the plugin and owners will not have to worry about losing any existing comments.

Moreover, to customize the comment section of the website, the owners can use different styles and fonts. It’s also allows the visitor to subscribe to the blog and bring the people back through email notifications.

And also they can log in with different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and more. With the anti-spam filter, you will not have to worry about spam comments.

And one of the plus points for both owners and visitors is that it gives them the ability to upload any image in the comment section.

If you want to change it to a different platform, you will not have any problem with losing any data because the automatic backup features sync and save the comments.

To check the performance of the website, It gives the site owners an opportunity to check the analytics and manage the site according to that.

Top Features

  • One-click installation
  • Owners can customize the comment section
  • Reduce Spam Comments
  • Site Statistics
  • Free to use

The platform is free to use but to get rid of the ads you will have to buy a paid plan.
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3. Thrive commentsbest comments plugin, thrive comments

Thrive comment is the best comment system for WordPress because it turns the comment section of the website into an interactive community. Most of the plugins delete the older comments from the website when installing but with thrive comments, you do not have to worry about the conversation that you had with your users.

Thrive comments give the visitors an opportunity to rank the comments through the voting system. With an up and down voting system, visitors can show their reaction with a single click. For instance, if a visitor likes a comment on the website.

He or she can give an upvote to that and if they want to show disagreement, they can just click on the downvote. To keep people on the website, thrive comments give visitors achievements and badges. These rewards are set by the website owners to engage with their audience.

This comment plugin for WordPress allows people to log-in with their social media accounts. It is better than people filling out a long-form just to give feedback on the website. The Thrive comment system also lets the website owners see the performance of the site.

It shows them which individual was the most active commenter and more. With this, you can keep track of the visitors and as well as make a better strategy for your site.

The sad thing for users is that it is not free; the basic package of Thrive comments costs $39 per month.

Top Features

  • Does not delete old comments when installing
  • Up and Downvoting System
  • Gives achievements and badges
  • Visitors can log in through social media
  • Site analytics

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4. wpDiscuz

best wordpress comments plugin

wpDiscuz has 50 thousand plus downloads, an exceptional rating of 4.8 from 5, and it is considered one of the best WordPress plugins. The reason for the success of wpDiscuz is its speed and tons of features that it provides to the users.

The comment system has a built-in lazy loading comment feature that allows the visitors to see the comments when they reach the comment section. And it loads the comment very slowly, which does not affect the speed of the site.

The other feature of wpDiscuz is that it supports AJAX submission, and a load more comments button is also added to the website. This means that the visitors do not have to reload the article or a blog page in order to see more comments.

The plugin also allows visitors to log in from any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Furthermore, if the website owners want, visitors can also do anonymous comments, which is beneficial in some posts.

wpDiscuz offers the website owners an anti-spam plugin, which helps them to delete any spam comment from the bots.

Top Features

  • The lazy loading comment feature
  • Supports AJAX
  • Allows the visitors to log in from their social media account
  • Anonymous comments
  • Anti-spam filter

Most of the features provided by the plugin are free, but if you want more premium features then you will have to buy a paid plan. There are basically 16 add-ons from which the owners can choose the best one for them.
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5. GraphComment

best comemnt plugin for wordpress, graphCommnet

GraphComment WordPress comment plugin mainly focuses on increasing the engagement of the visitors on the website. It gives the users an opportunity to log in through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, and more. The upside to this comment system is that it does not allow anonymous comments.

For the engagement of the visitors, it allows the owners to give the people badges and other achievements medals. And also, the voting system is offered to increase the interaction among the people. You can also customize your website comment section with different color schemes that are offered by the GraphComment plugin.

And to get the updates of the comments, there is a specific tab for notification is added in the interface for the users. GraphComment allows the website owners to sync the comments from the settings. Owners can even choose the time limit, which can be every minute, ten minutes, hour, or 12 hours.

The WordPress comment plugin allows the website owners to see the analytics of the site, which is ideal to make a better strategy for the future.

GraphComment core features are free to use but there are some features that you can get only if you buy a premium package. The most basic package starts at $7 per month.

Top Features

  • Log in through different social media accounts
  • Gives badges for achievements
  • Different color schemes are available
  • Allows owners to sync the comments
  • Site Analytics

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6. Replyable

replyable comment plugin

Replyable offers its users amazing features that are ideal for boosting the engagement of the comment section of your website. The Replyable allows the visitors to subscribe to the comment section through emails. Once people have subscribed to the comments, it automatically lets the website reply to them individually via email.

Moreover, the plugin also offers some fantastic email templates that automatically customize the elements on the site according to the color scheme of your brand. The Replyable comment plugin is very smart as it sends emails to relevant, worth sharing comments. And also, no one will get too many emails.

In case the comment section is flooded with responses then it will send a combined list of comments. The plugin introduces two-way communication between the website and the visitors. Now, visitors can reply to comments through email.

It is better for the visitors as they will not have to come back to the site just to post a reply. But for website owners, it is a major upside because fewer people will return.

One of the most amazing things about this plugin is that it makes sure that your email reply to comments does not end in spam.

The core features of the Replyable are available for free. However, to get more premium and high-quality features, you will have to buy a paid plan.

Top Features

  • Allows Subscription through emails
  • Offers fantastic email templates
  • Only send replies to relevant, worth sharing comments
  • Introduces a two-way communication
  • Ensures that email does not end in spam

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7. Lazy Load for Comments

best comment plugin

Lazy Load for Comments is the best comment system for WordPress because it gives the users very easy to use functions. This plugin is specially designed to get rid of HTTP requests that are generated through comments.

Lazy Load for Comments is compatible with all of the WordPress themes and it was made keeping in mind the basic comment system of WordPress. But it also works with the other plugins as well.

After you have installed the Lazy Load Comments, you will see a new option in the interface of WordPress. It offers the users three different options like “On Scroll”, “On Click”, and “No Lazy Load”.

The first option On scroll means that more comments will appear as the visitor scrolls down the page. Whereas the second option On click suggests that the readers will have to click on the “load more” in order to read the comments.

The final option No Lazy Load means that you are disabling the feature. It is as good as uninstalling the plugin.

Many of the plugins reduced the speed of the website with tons of extra features. Since Lazy Load for Comments is designed for the default WordPress commenting system, it increases the speed of the website as readers do not have to reload the page.

Top Features

  • Loads comment when required
  • Improve the speed
  • Reduced the HTTP requests
  • Very user friendly

And you will not have to pay a dime to start with the Lazy Load for Comment plugin.

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8. De: Comments

deCommnet plugin

De: Comments is considered as one of the best comment plugins for WordPress due to tons of features that it provides to the users. The plugin allows the site owners to customize the comment section of the website as it opens the CSS files that will let them add their own web styles.

The interesting feature of De: comments is that it introduces a voting system through which people can rate comments on their liking and disliking. And to engage the readers, it gives the people badges and encourages them to post comments. A spam filter is also provided by De: Comments to remove any spam comments done by the bots.

The plugin allows readers to post as much content as they want; it includes videos, pictures, Gifs, and more. Also, the users can log in through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.

This WordPress Comment Plugin allows the users to save the data on their own domain, meaning you will not have to depend on any third party.

Furthermore, for the ease of the users, multilingual support is provided by the plugin. It supports languages such as German, French, Espanol, and more.

To get the De: Comment services, you have to buy a paid plan. The most basic plan starts at $50 per year.

Top Features

  • Allows to customize the comment section
  • Voting system
  • Gives Badges to readers
  • Allows users to post media content in the comment section
  • Supports multiple languages

Select the Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Following are the factors that you have to consider when buying the best comment plugin for WordPress.


First of all, create a list of the functions that you want to have in your WordPress comment plugin. For example, check that the plugin you are selecting allows the readers to subscribe to articles and posts.

Does it notify the readers of any update in the comment section? Or does it provide a spam filter to owners?- and more stuff like that. So, make sure that you have made the list of features before buying the best comment plugin for WordPress.


Before buying the WordPress comment plugin, make sure that it does not slow down the speed of your website. Some of the plugins offer their users’ site accelerators which speed up the load times of the website.

But sometimes a ton of unwanted features provided by the plugin can also reduce the speed of the site. So, choose a plugin that offers the features you want.

Site Analytics

Most of the owners want to see the performance of their site. For instance, they want to check whether their site is getting enough comments or not, and which reader is the most active among the audience.

It is because by seeing the performance of the site, they can make a better strategy to engage with their visitors.

Free or Paid

Most of the plugins that we have mentioned in our list provide the core functions for free but there are premium features that you have to buy. So, make sure you choose a comment system that provides its services for free because you do not want to spend too much money on the plugins.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of WordPress comment plugins available in the market which increases the audience of the website. However, they are not easy to find because there is too much variety.

Well, we have made this task easy for you as we have reviewed the top comment plugin for WordPress. We hope that you enjoyed our rundown and choose the best WordPress comment plugin for your website.

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