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Best News WordPress Themes, best news themes for wordpress, wordpress news themesFinding out the best News Themes for your WordPress website is a tiring task, but you don’t have to worry about it since we have done the research for you.

In this article, you will find some of the best News Themes that are available on the platform from free ones to paid ones. I looked through them all.

After doing some intensive research on popular news outlets online, I came to the conclusion that most of them use WordPress and their themes had some things in common.

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The most popular news sites are what helped me figure out the best features and traits for the best news WordPress themes you could have. WordPress is really simple to use but really powerful and offers a lot of tools to help you create the best-looking website.

However, if you want a website that is all about the news, you need a theme that makes it easier to manage a large amount of content on it. Also, from the front end, it needs to be easy to navigate and display as much information on the screen as possible.

You will also need your website to be as SEO optimized as it can, starting from the load speed, the responsiveness, and keywords. All the themes that are featured in down below list have these things and are ready to use in a live environment.

The Best News WordPress Themes List


Newspaper WordPress Theme, Best News WordPress Themes

The Newspaper theme that has been developed by tagDiv is one of the best-selling WordPress themes. It has a great looking front page and displays news articles in modern fashion.

You can customize it so much that everything can be changed according to your liking. It supports videos from YouTube, is mobile responsive, and loads really fast. This theme is definitively a must-have if you plan on having a news website.

2.Mugu Pro

Mugu Pro WordPress Theme

This is Mugu Pro, an elegant looking theme that shows a bunch of information upfront in a grid type manner. It looks really cool and modern, and the pictures in the first part of the theme make it a great choice to display viral content.

The page loads fast and is also really smooth to navigate, which makes for a perfect user experience. This theme helps to make your website look exactly how you imagine it in your mind.

Overall you can expect high-quality everything from this theme, so if it fits your vision, grab it as soon as possible.

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Gillion WordPress Theme, best wordpress news themes

Gillion it’s a really cool looking WordPress theme which works best for news sites and even for blogs. It mixes the information with the pictures in a great manner to make it more enjoyable for the reader.

The page loads really fast and is optimized for SEO so you will rank higher on the Google Search Index. The theme customization possibilities are almost endless since it uses the WPBakery Page Builder.


VMagazine WordPress Theme, best news themes for wordpress

VMagazine is a really popular and powerful theme, created by Access Press Themes. The front page is really engaging, and it is capable of displaying a lot of content in a variety of segments. This theme is perfect for newspapers and news websites but also supports WooCommerce.

It loads really fast and offers a great user experience. You can customize almost anything that you want, it’s fully responsive and really simple to use and set up. There are four layouts already made for you to choose from. It’s a really well-optimized SEO theme that has great attention to detail and offers incredible features.

5.Metro Magazine Pro

Metro Magazine Pro WordPress Theme

Metro Magazine Pro is a theme packed with features and customization options, this theme is designed to impress people. It’s one of the few news WordPress themes that best integrate AdSense, and the different layout styles help you find the best fit.

It offers steller customization so you can make your website look as clean as possible. It’s really fast to load and is optimized for search engines. You earn a lot from AdSense on this theme, so if that’s something you are after, choose this one.


Extra WordPress Theme, best wordpress themes for news site

Extra is a beautifully designed theme, and it’s a bit different from the rest, as you can clearly see. It has a modern look and displays the news articles in another style, perhaps more subtly. It’s powered by the Divi Builder, and it’s super easy to customize, simply by drag and drop you can change entire sections. It’s the best choice if you want to stand out from all the other news websites.

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7.Access Press Mag

AccessPress Mag WordPress Theme

Access Press Mag is a modern-looking theme made by AccessPress Themes for online newsletters, magazines, and news websites. This theme features different layouts and is really well optimized for SEO so that you rank higher on a search query. It is responsive and can also be customized entirely so that you can get the desired result.

This is one of the few themes where the free version has a lot of features, and you don’t really need the pro one, but if you decide to go for it, there are even more benefits added. It’s entirely on your choice, if you feel like you are satisfied with the free version, then stick to it.


Soledad WordPress Theme, best newspaper wordpress themes

Soledad is a modern looking and innovative theme that is perfect for a news website or a newspaper. The design has been built with keeping the user engaged to your site in mind and it does that by showing a lot of information on the screen.

It has a bunch of features that make navigating this theme a lot smoother and enjoyable. It’s fully responsive, loads really fast and is SEO optimized. So in terms of performance, you will be set. There are a few layout variants from which you can choose from and if none of them work for you and they can also be customizable.

If you want to sell items this theme offers you that too since it’s optimized to work with WooCommerce plugin. Overall it’s a great theme with multiple features that will make your life easier when starting a news site.


smartmag themes

SmartMag is a multipurpose theme that features a modern design, and it’s fully responsive to mobile. It has great homepage layouts that can be used for news websites and online magazines as well.

This theme is filled with customization options that will help you make your website closer to your liking. It’s really simple to do that since with a drag and drop page builder you can change any section on the theme. You can reach a broad audience since this page is well optimized for SEO and loads really fast.


GoodLife WordPress Theme

GoodLife is a fantastic theme for news websites and magazines. It offers a slick design with a trendy look that has a mix of information and pictures in a harmonious manner. The theme is responsive for mobile and has a lot of customization features which will make it perfect to style it to your liking.

Since it also uses the WPBakery Page Builder it’s going to be extremely easy to modify the blocks and modules that the theme offers. It has a number of premade page layouts which you can choose from and a number of sidebar variants.

11.The Voux

Voux WordPress Theme, wordpress news themes

The Voux is an incredible theme that offers a lot of options in customization of your website. The reading experience is one of the best since it has infinite loading on your news articles, so the reader feels like everything is streamlined. It’s responsive and really fast to load, which are essential for the SEO of a site.

You can customize this theme easily since it also uses the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Make your website stand out from the rest with the possibility of changing virtually anything that you see with the Click and Drag feature. The style of this theme is really cool and integrates pictures with information smoothly so you make readers more engaged in the content.

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PenNews WordPress Theme

PenNews is a news theme available for WordPress users and has a slick design with some impressive features in it. It has everything you would need in a modern theme and displays a lot of information on the screen with beautifully placed image locations and modules that make the website feel complete.

It’s not too overwhelming so that the viewer doesn’t know what to read first, but definitely, it’s not too simple. This one also uses WPBakery Page Builder, and you can do style changes easily since it’s aligned in modules and blocks.

The page loads really fast and is SEO optimized, so that guarantees views for your website. You can also customize the look of a single post to your own liking and add that extra little bit of flavor.


Jannah WordPress Theme

Jannah is a WordPress theme made for magazines, newspapers and news websites. It has a lot of information upfront and users can get from one page to the other easily from the features and widgets offered there. This theme has a very short load time.

There are a few ready-made templates that you can choose from. Customization is simple and straightforward so that you can make the site look exactly how you imagined it. The choice is yours here so take your time and select the one that you most prefer.


Portus WordPress Theme, wp news templates

Portus is a theme that can be used for multiple things since it has so many features and options available. It can work well for newspapers and news websites also but it doesn’t stay limited to that. You can use this theme for almost any niche that you prefer, and it will still be great.

It features an amazing parallax design that will leave your readers in awe. This theme’s load speed is really fast, despite the numerous plugins and animations that it has. There are many customizable areas that you can change and edit to your liking, so that’s really good. The developers have implemented a function where an off


Disto WordPress Theme

Disto is another WordPress theme catered to news websites or newspapers that will grab your user’s attention. It offers more than ten layouts, and they all offer something different and amazing.

You can customize Disto’s options and features easily, so that’s a good thing because you want your site to look as close to your vision as possible. This theme is responsive for mobile and has a large list of features such as the AMP plugin, Gutenberg block builder support, retina screens support, and the list goes on.

Parallax WordPress themes is a combination of two great trends scrolling and single page design. Its effect is a modern web design technique. You can check here!

Closing Thoughts

All of the news WordPress themes mentioned on this list above offer something different from each other. Depending on the needs that you have for your website you will need to choose the theme since not all of them offer the same things. I’m pretty sure that here you will find what you were looking for since I have included a large variety of themes and options.

But all of them have in common fast loading speed and good SEO, which will help you with gaining visitors to your website. Choosing the right theme is not simple, but I hope my descriptions have helped you with making the correct choice.

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