Best WordPress Facebook Plugin – 7 Popular Plugins

Best WordPress Facebook Plugin

Despite the decrease in popularity of Facebook, it remains one of the best methods you can use to promote your website or stay better in touch with your users.

Here I will show you the best WordPress Facebook Plugins to directly implement them on your page.

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Having a presence on social media is crucial, and since Facebook is one of the most prominent social media out there, it truly is a requirement.

The Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

1. Login for WordPress

best wordpress facebook pluginThis plugin is used for a straightforward but useful thing; this allows the users to log in to your website using their Facebook account. As for compatibility, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Easy Digital Downloads.

So if you use one of the plugins mentioned above, you might want to check out Login for WordPress. You can get this plugin for free, but they’re also a Premium version that comes with even more features or existing extended ones.

The premium plugin price will depend on how many pages you want to use this plugin on. For a single site, the price is $35.00. If you’re going to have this plugin on around two to five websites, the price will be $120.00, and if you want unlimited uses, you will have to pay $295.00.

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2. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

best wordpress facebook pluginThis is one of the most feature-rich plugins on this list, with both free and paid versions. Looking at the number of downloads and good reviews makes this plugin a front contender for the best WordPress Facebook plugin.

As I mentioned, this is also a free plugin; as for the paid plans, you can get them depending on how many websites you need the plugin. If you are looking for just one website, you will need to pay $49 per year; for up to five websites.

The price is $99 per year, for up to 25 websites, it goes up to $199 per year, and if you are looking for unlimited websites you will need to pay $299 per year. Just like I said, this plugin is very feature-rich, so let’s talk some more about all these features.

One of the most important features is that this plugin is mobile-responsive, which can fit seamlessly with your responsive theme. Multiple Facebook feeds are another one that will help you with showing as many meals as you like the ability to watch the videos on your feed without having to go on Facebook.

Control what kind of posts are displayed and which part of them is shown. Displaying the likes, comments, and shares. These are just some, while the list of features is even more extensive than that.

Having other features like International language support, Gutenberg compatibility, Preset post layouts, etc. Another great thing about this plugin is that the creators also have plugins for other social media, which might be useful for people who want to have everything from one place.

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3. Easy Social Post Feed

best wordress facebook pluginAnother amazing plugin packed with a ton of features. The main focuses of this plugin are Custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin, and Auto-pop-up. But those are not the only things that you can get from it.

The list of other features is long, and some of them are extremely important. Among the other features, I can mention the option to show or hide faces/connections, multilingual and translation ready, mobile responsive, and great use of cache for a faster experience.

It allows the use of as many feeds as you want, etc. Just like the rest so far, this plugin is free but also has paid plans. Again, just like the previous, you can choose how many websites you wish to have this plugin.

Unlike others, you have three payment methods here; you can either pay it annually, monthly, or for a lifetime. You can pay $20.67 annually for a single website, $2.65 per month, or $52.47 as a one-time payment.

For the five website version, you can pay $36.57 annually or $4.77 per month, and as a one-time payment, the price is $78.97. Next is the ten websites version, and the prices are $47.17 annually, $7.42 per month, and $105.47 for the lifetime version.

The last one is the unlimited websites plan, which goes for $84.27 annually, or $13.25 per month, and for the lifetime version, the price is $211.47. The creators of this plugin also have one for Instagram, and you can get them bundled with a discounted price if you want to have both social media on your website.

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4. Widget for Social Page Feeds

widget for social feedsA lightweight plugin that makes Facebook integration on your website very easy. Widget for Social Page Feeds helps you show posts, timelines, covers, and many other Facebook elements.

Apart from being extremely customizable, this plugin is also straightforward to use, making it better for more general users who don’t know much about websites.

Among the features that come with this plugin, I can mention Short code support, excellent customer support, the option to add application id from your FB application, and mobile responsive.

These features make this a great deal, especially since this plugin is free and doesn’t have any paid plans.

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5. WP2Social Auto Publish

wp2 social auto publishThis plugin is made with a straightforward but useful intention in mind. If you want to share your posts directly to your Facebook, then this is the one for you. But that’s not just it; you can configure a lot of things, so you can make the publishing even better.

You can categorize your posts and choose which ones you want to publish and which ones you don’t. Other features that come with this plugin are customizable messages for Facebook, link sharing, image support for posts, etc.

Like the previous plugin, this is also completely free, so you don’t have any features locked behind paid plans.

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6. Nextend Social Login and Register

nextend social login & register plugins

Nextend Social Login and Register are quite similar to the first plugin on this list. However, this one takes it to the next level. With this plugin, you add your users’ ability to log in or register to your website. They can do so with a variety of other accounts that they might have, not just Facebook.

Having a plugin like this on your website will make it extremely easy for your users to create an account and start surfing around on your website. This plugin has a free version and a paid one. The paid version is divided into two different plans.

The first one is for only one website, and it’s priced at $50. On the other hand, the other one is for ten websites, and it’s priced at $200. These prices are for a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about paying annually or monthly.

Just like with everything, there are a few differences between the free and paid versions. One of the most notable ones is the support for WooCommerce, which is only supported on the Pro versions.

Other differences are not as significant as that one, but they are mostly focused on customizing what information you get from your users and how their profiles will look like. Another one is the ability to add roles to your users.

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7. Pixel Cat – Conversion Pixel Manager

pixel cat social plugin

The Pixel Cat plugin has an exciting feature that puts it in a different category from the rest. This plugin’s primary focus is advertising. Since Facebook is one of the most used places to make advertising campaigns, this plugin will be very beneficial to you and your website.

Using this plugin, you can create highly-converting retargeted ads, which means you can show people products that they have viewed on your website, which might increase the chances of product sales.

With everything in one place, you can create these targeted ads without too much hassle. Managing your Facebook Pixel can be a hassle sometimes, so this plugin makes that very easy for you.

Pixel Cat allows you to build and customize your event parameters, also segment visitors by pages viewed. Another great feature is the ability to exclude people, such as your team, which will make it easier for the plugin.

It will increase the number of users impacted by this ad campaign. This plugin has a free version and has some paid plans, which follow some of the same methods as previous plugins on this post.

If you want to have this plugin on one website, the price for it is $59. For the two to five websites version, you have to pay $99. While the unlimited website version will cost you $169. The Pro plans come with some handy features that can be very useful to you and your website.

Among these features are WooCommerce integration, the ability to track valuable user info, multiple Pixels, easy digital downloads integration, and video events. These are just some features included with the Pro versions.

With them, you get email support, and if you get the unlimited websites plan, you get priority email support, which might be crucial depending on the situation.
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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a lot of different Facebook plugins for WordPress. Some of these plugins are focused on just one thing. So depending on which you like, you might have a few of these plugins added to your website.

Another thing to keep in mind when taking a look at these plugins is the differences between the free versions and the paid plans. Because if you are interested in one of their features, you might get surprised when you download the plugin and find out that the part you wanted is only available to paid plans.

Other things to keep in mind are the number of websites you will need the plugin and if you need the pro version. As you saw on most of the plugins, they have paid plans, with some being for a single website and some being for unlimited numbers of websites.

This thing is mostly useful for developers or businesses who need all those features on all their websites. A great thing about the plugins on this list is that since they have free versions, you can try it before deciding if it’s something that you can get used to quickly and if it has the things you need.

After you can decide if you need the pro features, and proceed with it. Just keep in mind that some pro features that one plugin might have, another one can have them on the free version, so take a close look at them to see which will be the best for you.

After making up your mind about which plugin or plugins are best for you, all that is left is for you to download them and give them a try. So, congratulations on implementing a Facebook plugin on your WordPress website.

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