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best wordpress paypal plugin, paypal plugins for wordpress, wordpress paypal payment pluginRecipe for an intuitive and engaging website is the inclusion of all the right features demanded by the users. In the era of WordPress? The right plugins.

If you have an e-commerce store, the main ingredient in the recipe of your perfect e-commerce website is WordPress PayPal integration. With the rise of the e-commerce industry, most online stores have switched towards cashless payments.

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And for this matter, nothing is faster and safer than PayPal to make an online payment. PayPal is very popular and has millions of users around the world. Consequently, it is a broadly trusted online payments system.

Having PayPal plugin integrated on your website will make your customers feel safe and help you boost your sales. But with 55,000+ plugins to choose from, picking the right WordPress PayPal plugin is a difficult task.

Best PayPal Plugins for WordPress

So, let’s not wait and take a look at the best WordPress PayPal payment plugins you should consider using for your website.

1.WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept Plugin, best wordpress paypal plugin

WordPress Easy PayPal Payment Accept is designed to collect payments for the products and services through your WordPress based website. The plugin can be incorporated anywhere on the sidebar, post or page through different ways.

Shortcodes with custom parameters can also be used for adding multiple payment widgets for different products and services. Further, you can also configure the plugin to accept payments by just ‘one-click’.

The plugin has been updated to support multiple currencies and different languages through the input of country code. For donations, you can configure it to display a ‘donation’ button or any custom icon you want.

Moreover, you can set up to either accept any variable amount or fixed. One drawback, however, is the lack of support of shopping cart or e-commerce functionality.

2.WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

Simple Pay-Pal Shopping Cart Plugins

As the name suggests, this WordPress PayPal plugin is targeted to the e-commerce community. It lets you add the ‘Add To Cart’ button virtually everywhere on the website. Through the integration of PayPal, this plugin keeps the user within the site and doesn’t redirect to a third party service provider.

You can receive payments with just one-click, without making your visitor leaving your website. The advanced shopping cart feature embedded in the plugin shows you the current status of your cart. In addition, it has multiple options related to order quantity, pricing and shipping.

Support for ‘NextGen Photo Gallery Plugin’ is another nice addition to display your products. It can also be used to sell digital products. With smart payment buttons, the buyer will be greeted with a pop-up window for payments and confirmation mail with the link to download will be sent to the customer.

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3.Quick PayPal Payment

Quick Pay-pal Payments

Quick PayPal is one of the few plugins which is built around businesses requiring variable payments like guest houses and domestic service providers. The plugin is GDPR compliant, supports custom form and has a neat instant payment notifications feature.

It also supports multiple languages and has the option to download the payment records. The plugin can be setup easily via shortcode and accepts payments in all currencies accepted by PayPal, fixed or variable.

With fully editable responder and multiple styling options, flexibility is one of the key areas of this PayPal plugin.

4.WordPress PayPal

WordPress PayPal PLugin, best wordpress paypal payment plugin

With support for recurring payments, this is a great plugin if you are looking to sell subscriptions on repeated intervals i.e daily, monthly or yearly basis. You can create different buttons ranging from ‘add to cart’, ‘subscription’ and ‘buy now’ using a simple ‘shortcode’. allows adding PayPal buttons to posts and pages. The method is simple: ‘shortcodes’.

Ability to add charges on shipping and taxes on products is also provided for ease of business. PayPal Sandbox – a simulated environment where you can test demo purchase and sales transactions before making it live is another feature supported by WordPress PayPal plugin.

5.PayPal Buy Now Button

Pay-Pal Buy Now Button Plugins

The task of this plugin is simple: add a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button. The plugin adds ‘PayPal Buy Now’ button inserter on the editor, from where Buy Now button can be placed anywhere on the site.

This plugin works with virtually every WordPress theme and offers PayPal sandbox button – which lets you set up a fake PayPal account for testing purposes.

In regards to flexibility, this plugin has built-in support of 18 languages and accept 25 currencies. has four button designs.

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6.PayPal for Digital Goods

PayPal for Digital Goods Plugin

True to its name, PayPal for Digital Goods is the ultimate tool to sell digitals contents like images, videos, documents, audio files and executable files.

The checkout process takes place through an instant pop-up window so that the customer never leaves the website thereby streamlining the experience.

The digital file will be provided to the user once the transaction completes. It is safe to say that this is the ideal plugin to sell digital goods via PayPal.

7.Sell Digital Downloads

Sell Digital Downloads Plugins

Developed by WP eCommerce, ‘Sell Digital Downloads’ is another plugin targeted for selling digital products via PayPal. With an easy interface and simple controls, this plugin lets you upload files via directly via WordPress files uploader or through your own FTP.

It’s a simple yet developer-friendly plugin that can be extended by using filters and hooks. The digital downloads are sent to the customer as an encrypted link via email after the PayPal payment.

The plugin works with the latest WordPress and nearly all of the themes, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

8.Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

Easy Pay-Pal Shopping Cart

This plugin is similar to the PayPal Buy Now Button but it is more skewed towards e-commerce sites. The task of this plugin is to add ‘Add to cart’ anywhere on the website where you want and the customer can proceed the transaction by paying via PayPal.

You can create a button via button inserter feature where you need to enter items’ name, price and related information and ‘add to cart’ button will be created. There is also a pro version of this plugin for extra features like support of charging taxes, charges, discounts and rates etc.

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9.PayPal Events

PayPal Events Plugin, wordpress paypal plugins

Looking to sell tickets of concerts, events, meetings, gathering etc? You don’t need a 3rd party platform for that. Just install this plugin on your website and enter your PayPal information, create the event and you’re ready to go. The whole process is simple: customer books the ticket and makes payment via PayPal.

Upon payment, an e-ticket containing a QR code will be generated. It’ll be sent to the customer via email, who can check-in the event by scanning the ticket via a QR reader. You can view the number of tickets sold in the WP admin panel. Easy.

10.PayPal Donation

Pay-Pal Donation Plugins

Looking to receive donations? This PayPal Donation WordPress plugin is specifically made for collecting donations via PayPal. With this plugin, you can place a donation button on your website. You also have the option to add this as a sidebar plugin. Donors can make donations either through PayPal accounts or credit cards.

In terms of flexibility, PayPal Donation lets you customize each button separately in terms of currency, icon, PayPal account and language. For testing purposes, the plugin also provides support for setting up a PayPal Sandbox account.

11.PayPal Express Checkout

Pay-Pal Express Checkout Plugins

If you’re a WooCommerce user then PayPal Express Checkout is a must-have plugin to integrate PayPal payments solutions. Designed by WebToffee, This WordPress PayPal plugin accepts payment through PayPal Express Checkout – a secure gateway for making payments in fewer clicks.

The plugin also accepts debit and credit cards to ensure a smooth experience. The plugin is customizable and supports custom checkout fields. The premium version of it has additional exciting features including the feature to hold and capture payments till the service is completed.

12.CP Contact Form with PayPal

CP Contact Form with PayPal Plugin, paypal plugins for wordpress

If you wish to provide the customer with a form to gather information such as contact number, email, order number then CP Contact Form with PayPal is the right tool for that.

Once the form is filled and submitted, the data will be stored in WordPress and it will redirect the user to PayPal to process the payment.

The submitted data will be sent to you via email and a confirmation email will be sent to the customer. The form with information filled can be accessed through the WordPress settings area marked paid or not paid.

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13.Ninja Forms Contact Form

Ninja Forms Contact Form

Regarded as one of the most user-friendly drag and drop contact form builders, this features packed plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to integrate contact form with PayPal.

This plugin has tons of ready to go form templates ranging from a contact form to PayPal form and more.

You can also import and export forms. Ninja Form is SEO and mobile friendly and has over 1m+ active installations. It also has a few neat features including spam protection and regular updates.

It has 27+ field types and tons of customization options that can beautifully match your website’s layout.

14.WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Pay-Pal Checkout Payment Gateway

A more secured way to process transactions is through the use of PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway plugin by WooCommerce. With this plugin, all the transactions take place on PayPal’s server, thereby providing a secure way to customers for entering their confidential information.

Also, with Integrated PayPal Setup, you can connect your PayPal with a few clicks. This plugin does not only work with PayPal, but with both credit cards and debit cards as wel. Support for cart view and PayPal Sandbox is also added.

Upon checkout, an overlay window appears for entering credentials. The whole checkout process takes place on PayPal’s own servers, thereby making your customers feel safe and not slowing down the website, keeping you and customer at peace.

15.PayPal Pro and PayPal Express

Pay-Pal Pro and Pay-Pal Express

Offered by Easy Digital Downloads, this is another plugin that allows receiving payments through both PayPal Pro and PayPal Express. For a refined experience, this plugin let’s customer completes the transaction without leaving the site.

This is a premium plugin and is rightly filled with premium features. It also supports recurring payments extension required for selling subscriptions. A strong customer management tool is built-in for maintaining customer records and tracking customer activities.

Another interesting addition is Discount codes which let you apply flat or percentage-based discounts, set start and end dates and include/exclude products eligible for discount and more.

A separate section is also dedicated to Data Reporting which provides a detailed insight into your earnings, taxes, sales and even let you arrange it by category.

16.Subscriptions & Memberships for PayPal

Subscriptions & Memberships for PayPal Plugin, paypal wordpress plugin

This plugin needs no introduction. As the name says, it is purely made for selling subscriptions and memberships via PayPal. It can be used to sell subscriptions, memberships and limit the content on the site.

You can sell subscription in terms of the number of days, weeks, months, for a specific number of days or forever, if you want to. It has even a free trial option.

The extra goodies like Sandbox Mode for testing purposes, multiple languages support and support for all supported currencies is taken care of.

Customization is another area where it shines with an option to choose from 11 unique PayPal Buy Now buttons.

Premium version of this plugin offers even more flexibility and premium features.

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17.Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce Plugins

Regarded is one of the most highly-compatible plugin, Mollie Payments by Mollie is the finest plugin if you’re looking for a reliable WordPress payment plugin. This plugin supports all the major payment methods including PayPal in a very secure manner giving your customer trust and confidence in your business.

A powerful dashboard on allows strong control over the plugin operations. Arguably the most distinctive feature about Mollie is their strong customer support, meaning there will always be someone to troubleshoot your problems.

Warp UP

The times are changing and the cashless payment system is a part of it. Therefore, you should prepare your business for the inevitable change in technology and having the best-in-class PayPal payment system which works seamlessly is the first thing you need to consider.

Which WordPress PayPal plugin is the best? Well, it depends on you and your needs. The comprehensive list we have provided you with will come in handy. It’s time to try and choose the right one for you!

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