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best wordpress themes for authors, wordpress author template, wordpress writer themesBeing an author in this day and age can be a tricky thing. Because of that, you will most definitely need a website.

A personal website or a profile on another website; it’s still a great way to make a presence online.

Today, I will show you a handpicked collection of the best WordPress themes for authors.

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At the same time, these themes are useful for libraries and publishers as well. With a website, you can show your work to your viewers, sell directly to them, and have a more direct connection to your readers.

Some of these themes are for authors or writers who want to start a blog and still show their work, while some of them have eCommerce integrations, so you can begin to sell your creations.

If you have no idea what you are looking for, you can go with the themes that are made for everyone and have a massive template collection.

The Best WordPress Themes for Authors list:


Publisher WordPress Theme, best wordpress themes for authors

A theme made specifically for authors, publishers, and libraries. With this theme, you can showcase your entire portfolio. Publisher comes packed with many beneficial features and many different plugin integrations that will make your life easier.

Among these features are the WooComerce integration, user registration page, WordPress Multilingual Plugin support, coupon, and discount code support.

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2.Author Pro

Author Pro Themes

Another professional theme is made for authors and writers. It comes packed with a lot of plugins that will make the display of your books more accessible. With a large widget selection, you can make your page feel your own.

It’s mobile responsive, so that’s going to be a massive bonus for you. Another good thing about Author Pro is that you can get a great deal if you buy the hosting from WP Engine.


Divi WordPress Theme, wordpress themes for authors

Divi is one of the best-selling WordPress themes out there. This theme includes everything an author could need. Because of the variety of their pre-built websites, you are sure to find the best fit for you. For authors, there are quite a few of these templates, so you’ll also find a variety of those.

And since this theme is so popular, the creators have taken extra steps to guarantee an easy setup process. The theme is compatible with all sorts of plugins, so you’ll not have any problems with them.

Despite it having already pre-built websites, you might want to change things to make it your own. That is pretty doable thanks to the Divi builder tool that is included with the theme. With massive modules and elements collection, you can find everything you will need.


Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is another WordPress themes for Authors that is made for all sorts of different use cases. Just like Divi, Astra has a big collection of templates that can be used for specific things. Especially for authors, their templates are some of the best.

They come equipped with all the features you could fancy so that you won’t need anything else. Just be sure to check which license you buy since themes are grouped in different license options, so you might end up buying the wrong one without the templates you need.

5.Monochrome Pro

Monochrome Pro WordPress Theme, author wordpress themes

Minimalism is the main focus of this theme. Despite the minimalistic design, it still comes packed with many customizable headers, different templates, and a lot of other widgets. This is compatible with a bunch of plugins, so you’ll be set. And just like Author Pro, you can get a great deal with WP Engine hosting.

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Auteur Theme

Just like the name, this theme seems fancy. Auteur was built with elegant design in mind. If you are an author, writer, this is the theme for you. The premade templates are all very well crafted, and even if you would like to make changes to them, you can do so by using the page builder that comes with the theme.

Auteur also comes with four different homepage layouts so that you can choose the right one for your specific use case. It’s a very customizable theme, and you can truly show your creative spirit with it.


ChapterOne Theme

The ChapterOne theme is made for those authors or writers who plan to sell their books or eBooks directly on their page. Because of its design, this theme makes it easy for you to feature your books in it. The built-in tool and plugins will give you a smooth and pleasant experience.

You can add reader reviews, which will help other people make up their mind about purchasing from you. Despite its great layouts, you can still customize it to your liking. You will also have no problems with responsiveness since the theme is made for every device.

This is made for the authors and writers who will sell their creations on their website. It’s the WooComerce integration, which will help you deal with that particular thing.


Impose Blog WordPress Theme, wordpress writer themes

The Impose theme is made with a different use case than others. If you are a writer who wants to have a blog and also showcase your books and have a resume, then look no further. Just like Monochrome, minimalism is also the main focus of this theme.

And since this is more on the blog themes section, it has some useful features that a blog theme will have. Like newsletter widgets, related posts below each blog post, a sidebar with highlighted articles, and many more of these small tools will help you.

You also get specifically build pages for you to show your life’s work and talk a bit about yourself. Customization’s very easy with the provided tools, so if you fit the writer this theme is aimed at, you should take a look at it.

9.Daniel Green

Daniel Green Theme

From the name, you might think I’ve put the wrong theme on this list. But this theme fits perfectly with the topic of best WordPress themes for authors. Its wide range of use cases varies from writers, bloggers, copywriters, or even bookstores.

Its classic design offers six different blog styles and various options for menus. Suppose any of the pre-built isn’t what you’re looking for. WPBakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, and Essential Grid are some of the plugins that I think you could use to edit those.

With these plugins, you can truly make this theme feel your own. As for integrations, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce. The Daniel Green theme is an excellent option if you want to use it as a portfolio, a store, or a blog, so in simpler words, a tremendous all-around theme.

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Leona Theme

Offering one of your viewers’ best experiences, this theme will take your website to another level. With its minimalistic but modern design, you are sure to get your viewers hooked on your website. Authors and writers should really pay more attention to this theme. Showcasing your work is one of its main focuses. You can also use it for sale purposes.

Among other exciting features, you can make free samples for your books so that the readers can get a taste of your creation. With its easy one-click install, your life will be more comfortable with this theme in it.

If you are not happy with how the ten templates that come with this theme look like, you can easily edit it with the Elementor page builder plugin. You can also find other integrations that make your experience even better.


Modules Theme

A well-designed and straightforward theme. Modules come with a modular design, which makes it stand out from the rest. The theme is packed with an extensive collection of ready to use modules, which are very easy to put on your page, with just a simple drag and drop.

Apart from the module collection, you also have many templates with several different widgets, sidebars, etc. Modules also has WooCommerce support, so it can be perfect for authors to sell their work; it also can be a good option for book stores.


Ink WordPress Theme, author themes by wordpress

The Ink theme with the boldest and expressive designs on this list. Ink looks to be a good fit for adventure writers, but that doesn’t mean other writers can’t use it.

It might not be the best theme to showcase your books, but if you need a website to share stories or keep it as a blog, this is the theme to do it. A good theme with a ton of features and a ton of customizability.


Fotomag is one of the best themes for writers and authors since it has a minimalistic look combined with modern elements. You can showcase your stories there really easily, and with the addition of pictures, you will have an engaging post.

This theme is grid-based but features large thumbnail images that easily grab attention. The loading speed is really fast and works well with the responsiveness of the overall theme, also when you are on mobile, it’s the same since the blocks are displayed correctly and quickly.

You can edit and modify the theme elements so that it fits your vision for the website. It’s simple to customize, and you will find a lot of layouts available for you. Starting from the layout of the header and to the front page one.

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Narratium WordPress Theme, wordpress themes for writer

Narration is one of the most unique themes that I have featured on this list. This theme is of a grid type, but it’s a bit different, as you can clearly see from the image above. It has a modern look with responsive design, and you can read a short brief of the articles from the homepage.

You can see there are a lot of features for the posts, and I personally think this is what gives it the edge and makes it a solid theme for authors and even bloggers.

You can have so much information displayed at all times in the homepage posts, and this makes it great even for guest posters or co-authors to get the recognition they deserve upfront.

The Narratium theme has several color themes already picked for you, and you can make changes globally or even for individual posts this offers excellent customization.


Odrin Theme

Odrin is a modern looking theme with great design aspects that will help you sell your books. It has already pre-configured and pre-installed the WooCommerce plugin so you can start selling as fast as you want. There are several layouts of which you can choose from, and the best part is that you can also modify them to your liking.

The elegant typography mixed with the graphics choices that this theme uses makes it really smooth in the eyes of a visitor. The features on the Odrin theme are overwhelming, such as custom popular posts widget, social media icons, Mail Chimp integration, and many more.

It’s really easy to customize this theme and make it according to your preferences, so I suggest using this one since it has a lot of things going for itself.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the best WordPress themes for authors that you can find. They all can do the basics very well, but for more special features, you have to look at them separately to figure out which suits you the most.

Whatever it is that you are looking for I’m pretty sure you are going to find it in this list. Whether it is just a theme to promote your work and articles to a theme that helps you sell your book, I have it all covered.

All the themes that I have mentioned here are well optimized and load really fast. Tell me in the comments down below which of the themes was your favorite and why.

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