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Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs, intro photoOne important and effective way that travel enthusiasts keep and share their experiences is by creating a catalog of them through a WordPress blog that features the best wordpress themes for travel blogs.

Traveling is a gift that keeps on giving, but this is only if you keep a firm hold on all the memories and memoirs you had of the trip.

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After all, it can be difficult to express the significance and the distinctiveness of these experiences if you’re not using the most suited travel blog WordPress theme. Sometimes, it boils down to how good your choices are.

You see, the best travel WordPress themes can make your content more cohesive and your blog may acquire a growing audience over time. However, there are many blog themes to choose from, and we’re here to help you find the one that is most ideal for your goals.

Our Handpicked Favorite Travel Themes in WordPress

There are a lot of travel blog themes to choose from, so taking your pick can be quite a difficult task. You might even be convinced to take the one at the top of the list because since it worked for many people, it can work for you as well, right?

This may not always be the case. You see, WordPress can keep track of the installs, but not of how long the users utilize the theme.

With that, we should sift through the best ones and handpick the travel blogs WordPress themes that work most efficiently. Here are the ones that worked for us.


zermatt travel theme

There are a lot of things in store for the users of Zermatt, but one thing that captured our eye is how ideal it is for tourism websites and blogs. At the first glance of their featured templates, anyone can attest to how streamlined, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing the entire interface is.

Even with its fine design, it does not limit the preferences of its users by allowing endless options for color schemes, a plethora of custom widgets, and even a color-coordinating feature for your photo gallery.

Additionally, this theme includes a weather module and a booking form that allows for better engagement. Everything about this just screams top quality WordPress themes for travel blogs, and that has been attested to by many bloggers, designers, and website builders.

In fact, it might as well be the ideal theme choice for print catalogs, documentation libraries, and photography portfolios. Zermatt is also an SEO ready theme, so if you’re planning to build a network, it has a solid foundation ready to go.

To seal the deal, you are also availed of the ease of use and the optimized speed, so you are guaranteed the best bang for your buck.

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  • This theme has an easy set-up that comes with a one-click demo import
  • Blogs with Zermatt are automatically translation ready and regularly updated for efficiency.
  • Customer support is at a premium and is accessible to inquiries at all times.


  • Their premium plans are quite expensive compared to the rest in this list.
  • This theme works best if you are experienced in blogging or website building.

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Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs, astra theme

Among the most popular and most commonly used themes, Astra is one of the top choices by many designers, page builders, and bloggers in WordPress, and what makes it stand out is how long people stick with it.

Not only is it highly adaptable and compatible with the continuously evolving tech, but it also remains easy to navigate despite the efficient performance and visually pleasing sectioning. Because of this, bloggers find the content in Astra quite readable, thus can be appreciated more, making the theme a recommended choice for travel agencies and tourism websites.

What qualifies Astra as one of the most ideal and one of the best inexpensive themes for travel blogs is how conveniently easy it is to use, even for those who have no coding experience. It comes with a large library of pre-built templates for starters but does not limit your creativity as a page builder.

You can also make the most out of other useful tools from other websites using their seamless integration. This way, you get the most out of your hard-earned money and maximize your opportunities as both a blogger and a traveler.

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  • Astra has a lightweight interface and loads quickly with great performance.
  • The theme has reliable longevity in its layout and design.
  • Its popularity has vouched for its reputation as an effective and efficient theme for most WordPress users.


  • To unlock their premium features, users have to upgrade to the Astra Pro plan.
  • The theme is known to have used affiliate links.

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Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs, zoom theme

Showcasing the best of photography and minimalism is what this visually pleasing theme named Zoom does best. What makes this theme one of the best for travel bloggers is that it provides you with enough space for things that matter. In fact, because of its HD wide welcoming header.

It is rather an ideal choice for those who are planning to put up a tourism website, or a travel photography portfolio. A few of its key features come with the drag and drop editor, homepage builder, widget inclusions, and grid layout option.

However, one of the things we love about this theme is how quick it is to set-up, and not a lot of customization is need because of how sleek and streamlined the interface already is. Another venture you can try with this theme is to sell prints and postcards of your travel using their Sell Media plug-in.

With that said, the functionality you can experience with this theme has made many consider it as among the best inexpensive themes for travel blogs available in the market.

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  • The theme comes with unlimited galleries and an automatic update.
  • The design is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Its responsive design allows for it to be compatible with any screen or device.


  • Updates are only set to be automatic if the user is regularly active.
  • The theme is not highly customizable because it is limited to a single column layout.


Hive theme

Designed with a layout skin to a magazine, Hive is one of the best themes for travel blogs if you prefer a look that is familiar, timeless, and practical. Highly customizable and ideal for the lifestyle blogging aesthetic, this theme works best if you like to write long paragraphs in columns about your travels, and if you want your content to be assigned a particular image and an excerpt.

One thing to love about this theme is how the typography works as the primary focus and their effective font choices as a strong supplement. Users can also easily categorize their content, and even mix and match the images so the best image can be used for the articles.

Highly compatible and customizable, Hive comes with several other features that give the user the freedom to color palettes, fonts, and layout with their publishing editor. The last thing we truly appreciate about this theme is that it is racially inclusive, and it comes with a feature that translates language.

This way, you can not only invite people of other cultures to share their experiences, but you also get to master your communication speed with less hassle. This can easily qualify as one of the most professional WordPress themes for travel blogs in the market.

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  • No coding is required to use this kind of theme.
  • The header and the swipe bar design is simple and efficient for quick work.
  • Their customer support personnel are accommodating and can be accessed in real-time.
  • Hive is reasonably priced and fit for longevity


  • The theme can get quite buggy after longer use
  • This is not the best choice for those who are big on customization

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Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs, peak theme for travel blogs

If you want elegance to be part of your travels, then among all of the best WordPress travel blogs themes, Peak should be your top choice. With the minimal grid layout that efficiently responds and adapts easily to any screen size, you can place all your photos and have them look like a professional photography portfolio.

Users are also give the option to customize the tile layout or opt for the automatically generated layout for more ease and convenience. The Peak theme also comes with a menu that grants users access to existing layouts, eCommerce support, and slide-out widgets that can make blogging so much easier.

This is one of those travel blogs themes that have a strong emphasis on imagery, so this can also work as a photography portfolio. If you’re also planning to take the business route and put up an online shop for your photos.

Once bought, bloggers get to have a 30-day trial and if they don’t find the theme satisfying to use, they can still get their money back. This way, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

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  • Users get up to a year of customer support and theme updates
  • This theme has unlimited use when re-installed on different websites
  • Powerful and responsive if opened in various gadgets


  • Because of its high performance, it may take longer to load the pages.
  • The theme will require constant updates, and it will have additional costs for updates after a year of use.

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Quick Guide on Themes and Travel Blogging

A theme can make or break your travel blog, and it’s worse if you’ve made an unsavory choice and you have to stick to it for months, and even years because of a premium you signed up for. With that, we’ll help you with a few points to consider before making the final choice.

Goals and Purpose

First and foremost, identify the real reason why you want to do this blog, and what you want to showcase to people. Remember that, although there are plenty of multipurpose themes, finding one that works in the most ideal way for you can easily trump all the rest. Be sure with what you want to display and focus on that for starters.

Weighing the Cost and the Premium

Just to be clear, you do not need to spend a lot to get what you need. There are many great WordPress themes for travel blogs that can be uses for free. Take these into account and you can save yourself some bucks in the long run.

Plug-in Support

A theme on its own will not have its full use maximized. With that, you must choose a theme that includes all the plug-ins you consider necessary for your blog. This does not mean you have to choose the most popular theme. It means that you have to choose which theme gives you the most value for your money.

Less is More

Remember that your theme and your content take equal parts in your cocktail and having too much of one thing can water down the other. This is why choosing a simple and straightforward theme is always the way to go.

Choosing a powerful and dynamic theme may keep people glued to the screen, but it will take the attention from the content to the visuals. One key element found in the best WordPress travel blogs themes is respect for balance, so you, as the creator, can practice it.

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In summary, we need to always weigh our options when taking our pick from all the beautiful themes that promise to put a high value in our content, and by extension, our experiences. As such, we should always make it a point to do the necessary research so we can make well-formed choices.

So, that concludes our list of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs that worked for us and our team. We hope that you consider our recommendations, and you can still check all the other options you have in the market.

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