Best WordPress Video Plugin – Most Effective Video Plugin in 2021

Best wordpress video pluginWebsites have been changing over the last few years and they’re no more text based brochures or a static page.

Brands are focusing more on creating a compelling experience for their visitors by integrating videos about their service, products, and promotions and they’re using the best WordPress video plugin at their disposal.

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The sole reason why people are looking for the best WordPress video plugin is the importance of videos in branding. Video promotion is an important part of digital marketing because 59% of executives agree that if text and video are available on the same topic, they will prefer video over text.

Video content on social media is 12 times more likely to be shared than text and image based content. Therefore, videos are becoming an integral part of marketing There are many ways to embed a YouTube video on your WordPress site.

However, if you are serious about your brand representation and customer experience, you will need a WordPress video plugin to upload the video directly on your site instead of embedding a YouTube video link. This makes your website look professional and legitimate.

Top WordPress Video Plugins

Here are the 7 best WordPress video plugins that you can use for displaying video content on your website.

1. TubePress

best wordpress video plugin

TubePress is a WordPress video plugin with more than 500,000 downloads. It is an easy to use plugin for video which helps you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos on your site. With this video plugin, you can create a video gallery on your website or use it as a sidebar widget.

It is quite easy to configure and setup this plugin. You don’t have to know coding or web development. All you have to do is use the code of TubePress in your post or page and your video will be displayed in the gallery via TubePress.

Talking about the pricing of this plugin, it is available in a premium version as well as a free version. The free version provides basic features just enough to get the job done and is suitable for website owners on a budget.

However, if you really want to unlock all the features, then the premium version (Tubepress Pro) is the way to go since it provides more features and is better in accessibility.

You can get the plugin for as low as $39.99/year for a single site or buy a developer’s license for $99.99/year if you own multiple websites.

Top Features

  • Free of Cost
  • It comes with a premium version
  • Easy to configure
  • Can be customized

TubePress is in our 7 best WordPress video plugin list, however TubePress does not integrate into a responsive design. You still can do it by editing the CSS code of the theme you’re using on WordPress. All in all, it is a good option for those who are at a budget and prefer a quality plugin.

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2. Contus Video Gallery


This plugin is in our list due to the plethora of features it has to offer. Contus is the best video plugin for you if you have a tutorial website or a blog. Contus is also a good video plugin choice if you want to upload and manage a video gallery.

You can categorize the uploaded videos according to features, most watched, and recent. You can also control the order and number of added videos on your site. Bookmarking, and view count are extra features that make Contus one of the best WordPress video plugins.

Additionally, a responsive design along with an RTL, and a social media comment feature makes Contus a better video plugin than TubePress.
Contus also allows you to include a number of video formats in your online video gallery. You can upload MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v and F4V formats. With multiple supported video formats.

You are at ease of uploading the type of video format you want and save the time to convert it into one specific format. With all these features, this video plugin gives your website the potential to look like a professional video platform like YouTube or Dailymotion.

Top Features

  • Supports Multiple Video Formats
  • A Responsive Design
  • RTL and Social Media Comment Feature
  • Video Bookmark

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3. Responsive Video Embeds

best wordpress video plugins, responsive video embeded

If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to use video plugin, Responsive Video Embeds is the perfect choice for you. This video plugin is compatible with multiple

websites and you can embed all kinds of content (Audio, video, etc.) from a range of sites easily. This video plugin also resizes the video according to different screen sizes in different devices. It’s a huge benefit as it would make your website user friendly.

Top Features

  • Works swiftly
  • Supports content from multiple sites
  • Resizes video according to the device
  • Free of Cost

4.Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

video gallery wordpress pluginWith over 10,000+ active installations and numerous positive reviews, next on our list of best WordPress video plugins is Video Gallery WordPress Plugin.
This is a totally customizable WordPress video plugin loaded with features that would make it easy for you to upload and manage videos/audios on your site.

This plugin gives you the liberty to replace the YouTube trademark with your own logo. You can also change the appearance and skins of the video player. The plugin allows you to share the videos on social media via clickable buttons on screen.

This can be the perfect video plugin for you if you manage to learn the APIs and CSS to some extent. With multiple types of content being supported in this plugin, it truly deserves to be in 7 best WordPress video plugins.

All these features do not come for free in this plugin and you’ve got to pay $15 for this video plugin.

Top Features

  • Replace YouTube logo with your brand logo in embedded videos
  • Appearance customization
  • Social media share buttons
  • Supports various content types (Audio, video, picture) to make a gallery

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5. YouTube Channel Gallery

youtube channel gallery plugin

It is a basic video plugin which allows you to add video content on your website. You can display a video library and display the thumbnails according to your niche. You can make incredible customizations to your video via Youtube Channel Gallery.

From video feed type to video quality and video dimensions, you can customize all according to your requirements. It would help you to optimize the post for the audience. Nobody wants to watch a video with a messed up aspect ratio.

This plugin provides short codes that you can use on single posts or pages. You can also use this plugin as a widget.

Although it is free of cost, the features it brings along add it up to the list of 7 best video plugins.

Top Features

  • Free of cost
  • Video customization
  • Can be used as a widget
  • Short codes applicable

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6. Vixy YouTube Embed and Download

vixi-youtube embeded and download

Vixy video plugin is quite a basic video plugin but with some good features that make it worth being on the top 7 video plugin list. You can embed videos in your website using this plugin.

The video can be embedded into a post using a short code. This can also be used to turn your website into a video gallery. Another interesting feature of this plugin is that it allows a download link for your YouTube video.

You also get to add metadata to the video which helps to optimize it for the search engine results leading to an increased visibility in Google search results. SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing and if you are getting that in a wp video plugin, that is a cherry on top.

Vixy being compatible with multiple other SEO plugins make it a good contender for the best wp video plugins. Vixy is loaded with features that make it accessible and easy to use.

You can make your own playlists from the content on the site and play them back whenever you want. The plugin also generates playlists via username and search text.

Top Features

  • Supports download link for YouTube video
  • Supports Metadata for video
  • Short code embedding
  • Free of cost

You can not only keep record of the videos you have watched but also make a playlist of your favorite so you can watch them again without having to search for them all over.

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7. WP-Backgrounds II

wp-background- 2

This one on the list is a premium WordPress video plugin with a bunch of features that would make things different for your website. WP-background is an incredible tool that can be used to add a full screen background video into your Website.

You can also put this feature at use in custom post types as well. Choosing the background, your posts will make your site standout from your competitors. You also have the liberty to assign different backgrounds to different posts as per their nature.

This plugin comes with a fluid layout that makes the background responsive to different devices like phones, tablets, computers etc. The impressive fact about this plugin is that it uses different backgrounds for different devices.

For instance, your website is being opened on a mobile phone, it will display a different background that is optimized for mobile phones.

WP-Backgrounds is a premium quality video plugin for a reason. It is an easy to use plugin with a plethora of features that are aimed at giving the best user experience.

All of these reasons collectively put it on our 7 best WordPress video plugin list.  This video plugin costs 35 Euros.

Top Features

  • Fluid Layout
  • Full Screen Background
  • Device Optimization
  • Background variation

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With dozens of video plugins in the market, it becomes difficult to decide which one is the best. The tag of best is a contingent to every person’s website and personal preference. If someone does not want to compromise their brand identity, they have multiple premium plugin options.

Another concern that arises while buying a premium plugin is whether or not they are being overcharged. In case of website owners with a limited budget, there are many free options for video plugins that they can use. However, is a free plugin actually worth it?

We have cut short your quest of finding the right plugin for video for your website by putting together the seven best rated WordPress video plugins. Features, ease of usage, and price were the deciding factors while we were choosing the top 7 WP video plugins.

It gets harder to choose one from the 7 best choices. All 7 are competitive and deserve to be on this list. Price is one of the major factors that need to be considered, however, a business needs investments to flourish and therefore our suggestions do not hold price as the only factor.

Quality, features, nature of your business, size of your business, and your budget are the deciding factors for the video plugin that would suit you.

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