Best WordPress Widgets – That’s Very Popular for Websites

Best WordPress Widgets – That’s Very Popular for Websites

If you have a WordPress website, and your sidebar or footer area is empty, then it’s time to add widgets to take your site to the next level.

Widgets are WordPress’ most acceptable features that give your site another layer of functionality and convenience.

Am I right? Let me help you explain how a widget works. For example, let’s just think about “Testimonials”. It is one of the best WordPress widgets that you can add to your WordPress website to increase your customers’ trust.

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You can display your customers’ reviews anywhere you want to – while using sidebar, list, or videos. In today’s article, I am talking about the 10 best WordPress widgets that you can add to your site and increase the user’s experience a lot. Let’s get going…

Best WordPress Widgets

1.WP Contact Form

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Let me kick off the list with the best WordPress widgets contact form. When having a full-fledged website in place, your priority would definitely be doing time-to-time interaction with your users and potential customers, right?

WordPress has solved this problem. What you can do is easily install and use the WordPress contact form widget and place it anywhere on your website. Wherever it suits you by placing it on the sidebar or in the footer.

The widget is 100% responsive and can easily be customized. Using these contact forms, you can easily collect your customers data be it their email address, phone number, or anything you want.

Top Features

  • Easy to use & install
  • Auto responder functionality and is fully customizable with 37 or more animation effects
  • Compatible with all versions of WordPress
  • It comes with 16 different field types
  • Ability to insert Text, Email, URL, Telephone number, Password, Text Area, Calendar, Check Box, List Items, Radio Button, Heading, Divider & reCaptcha fields

If you have decided to install it, you can have the state of the art customer 24/7 support in almost 30 or more languages.

2. WordPress Popular Post

wprdpress populat post

The wp popular posts is a highly customizable widget with over 300,000+ active installations. It helps you display your most popular posts on the sidebar of your WordPress blog or website. Sometimes your website is loaded with a lot of content – and you are not sure how to redirect your users to your most viewed and popular post.

The WP popular posts widget helps you post your most rated-posts for your visitors.

Top Features

  • It’s free to install
  • You can customize the popular posts widget as per your needs
  • It gives a user-friendly look to your users to reach out to your most popular posts
  • You can place multiple widgets on your web page

The WP popular posts widget is fully functional and a thought-out widget. It is fully documented, customized, and has easy-to-follow steps.
You can show up to 5 or more posts while using this wp widget. It depends upon the number of your popular posts.

Interestingly, you can set an updated range for your popular posts. You can show posts from the past day, week or month, etc.

3.Simple Social Icons or Social Count Plus

best wordpress plugins, simple social icons

The wp simple social icons is an easy-to-use and customizable wp widget. What it does is, it connects your visitors to your various social profiles. With over 200,000 active users, the wp simple social icons is the most popular and the best WordPress widgets.

It comes with numerous social media icons such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Not only this, it covers 200 or more other social platforms. It is available in 16 or more different designs and themes.

The best thing about it is that you can use each simple social icon for several purposes. Let’s take Facebook’s social icon into account.
By doing this, you not only ask your visitors to visit your Facebook page but also redirect them to like it as well.

Top Features

  • It comes with simple social icons together with some animation effects
  • Allows your users to subscribe to your weekly newsletter
  • The wp customer widget works well wherever you want to display it – whether at the end of your post or right at the start of every post.

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4.Optin Monster

optinmonster photo

Have you ever thought of using your webpage empty sidebar area with something that increases your subscribers’ list? If not yet, let’s now think of placing the wp Optin monster. It is a powerful lead generation wp widget that converts your visitors into your subscribers.

It is one of the best WordPress widgets and is considered an ultimate popup builder. By placing the Optin monster on the sidebar of WordPress website sidebar, you can turn each of your web page’s visitors into lead generation opportunities.

It helps you grow your site, increase sales, and enhance the subscribers accordingly. It helps you start a winning marketing campaign and you can add up to 100 or more subscribers each month.

Top Features

  • It does not replace your existing email marketing structure and WordPress built it to complete it
  • It comes with a user-friendly drag and drops form builder with multi designs and formats
  • You can also add analytics to track progress

5.Testimonial Widget

 Testimonial plugin

Testimonial is one of the best WordPress widgets and has over 30,000+ installations. It helps you build your web page credibility and popularity. For example, if you are providing any kind of services or selling products, the testimonials and reviews build your website integrity. And this is how you convert your visitors to customers.

WordPress testimonial comes with sliders, widgets, ratings, lists, shortcodes & more. It helps users submit their testimonial via widget or shortcode front-end form. You can place it on your web page’s sidebar area – where it is obvious for users.

Top Features

  • It comes with responsively slide images, video, and text
  • You can publish and create testimonial submission forms
  • Also, by using widgets or shortcodes you can add testimonials
  • It comes with custom styles

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6.Wp Live Chat

wp live chat

Wp live chat widget works amazingly and allows visitors to chat with your business in real time. You can add the widget to the bottom of your WordPress website. The widget is ideal for satisfying your customers and increasing more sales. It is among one of the best wp widgets and designed for greeting your visitors live.

Upon visiting a website, the visitors can see a nice chat box at the bottom of the page and can start live chat with the website agents. Once the conversation is done, your visitors can leave their feedback about their conversation with the website agent. It all takes place effectively and easily!

Top Features

  • It gives you an option of initiating discussion with your customers
  • It is fully customizable and comes with different layouts and design
  • You can handle multiple conversations with your customers at a time
  • Different colors can be used to mark your interaction with different customers at a time
  • It’s a paid wp widget but comes with a 14-day trial version

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Rating widget photo

Packed with a set of cool features and fully integrated into your WordPress website, the WordPress rating widget is a user-friendly 5 star widget. You often require rewards for your great work in the forms of feedback and rating, correct?

So, installing and using the WordPress rating widget is the best way to engage your customers and visitors. You add this widget with just a single click in the setting. You will enjoy more than 70 five-star themes and layouts.

Let’s integrate it today and decorate your website with some beautiful ratings. And the best part is, these rating themes are mobile-friendly too. Both on the web and mobile, they give a catchy look to your customers and visitors.

Top Features

  • You can customize it according to your need – you can change the rating type, its theme, color, etc.
  • While using the rating widget if you come across any issue or questions, you can enjoy continuous customer support to fix your problems and issues
  • As discussed, it is optimizable for both Android and iOS devices
  • Also, it comes with advance rating analytics

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8.Maps Widget for Google Maps

map widgets

Map is a simple-to-use wp widget. You can place it anywhere on your WordPress website to display any kind of map. The WordPress map widget for Google maps is 100% free. It easily converts your per view option into a mag image thumbnail.

Google maps widget comes with a lightbox and thumbnail and takes hardly a few seconds to load on your website compared to other Google maps. It comes with different options. For example, if we talk about the general Google maps, it contains the title and the address bar.

And thumbnail Google maps include map size, satellite map, road map, color scheme, map pin icon, and custom URL. While the interactive Google map consists of maps width and height, road and satellite, header and footer text – and many other options.

It’s all about installing it and using it to see its cool set of features on your WordPress website.

Top Features

  • It’s easy to use. Right after you install it, you have it on your website in just two minutes
  • In no time, you can add as many maps and pins as you can
  • You can use Google maps anywhere on your website, in post, sidebars, footers, and headers
  • It’s mobile-friendly

9.Ad Inserter (FREE)

best wordpress widgets, ad inserter

This wp widget comes with many but advanced ad features to insert ad codes at ideal positions. This widget can be added at the header or the footer of the WordPress website. Ad inserter supports all kinds of ads including shopping ads for Amazon, ads, Google ad manager, Google AdSense.

Don’t just take my word for this; 200,000+ users are enjoying displaying AdSense and Amazon ads on their website using Ad inserter for free. Let’s discuss how it works. And, you can display this powerful WordPress widget in your posts while inserting any HTML/ PHP JavaScript code.
It comes with 16 blocks you can add up to. Going with each block, you can decide how and where it should be displayed. Whether before or after the content. The best thing about it is you can insert post tags or categories into the code of the ad.

Top Features

  • You can display and adjust Ad inserter the way you want – before and after the content or post
  • You can come up with categories and tags to create the contextual advert
  • It can easily be debugged and troubleshoot
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted customer support anytime you want

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10.WP Image Widget

best wordpress widgets, wp image widget

Finally, I have a wp image widget for you to give you the best review. What this widget does is that it uses WordPress native media manager to add images. Without using HTML code, you can easily add images to your website. And, If you want to upload or add images on your site from anywhere – then this widget works amazingly.

You can easily add this plugin to your WordPress website on your sidebar area and enjoy its easy-to-use functions. And, you can easily spin off or customize the new image-based widget since it comes with templates and a design hierarchy.

But you can not only align or resize the image but also like the image to your relevant content as well, because while editing this widget you can add a title and description of your own choice. Not only this, you can fix its height and width.

Top Features

  • Easy to install and use with 300,000+ active installations
  • Available or 3.5 or more WordPress version
  • It comes with 27 languages and uninterrupted customer support

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Final Thought

Numerous WordPress widgets are in use because it’s very hard to tell you which you need to install and use it accordingly. But what I did in this article is, I came up with just 10 must-have best WordPress widgets that are most famous and are widely used.

These widgets are easy to add to your site and increase users’ convenience. Let’s say thank you to WordPress widgets that helped us add features according to growing needs!

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