How to Change Site Title and Tagline in WordPress Website

How to Change Site Title in WordPressIf you want to create the identity of your website or wondering how to change site title in WordPress, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to change the site title in WordPress and why it’s important.

The site title represents itself on the head to show the identity of the website. It makes your website a unique one in the market of the internet.

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Importance of Site Title

Site titles help the user to understand, what the website is about. The site title and description givers your website an identity. It increases the related users. It’s too important for the user to know about the identity of your website or what the website is about.

People search the website based on its name, not on its content. Remember that your identity should be a unique one. Chose a special name that is easy to remember and attracting.

Importance of Site Description

By putting site title on your website, makes easy to understand the website and creates people’s interest to search it. Site description is the definition of your site title. It describes the meaning of your title. Most people’s use Meta descriptions for their websites to tell google about their website. It is the 100 to 150 words detail of your website.

The site tagline is the meaning of your title. It informs peoples about what is your title providing them. It’s better to use your keyword as the name of your website. It’s good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine like Google considers it important and increases the ranking of those websites which are flexible in their keywords arrangements.

If you are using a keyword in your title then make sure it’s at the start of your title. Do not use too many keywords in your website. This may lead your website to spam. Do not use the long titles on your website.

There is a place to show the website in search results if you will use long titles this may not show your website’s full name in the search result. Usage of long title on the website can lead the searcher to stop visiting.

There are 2 methods to change/create site title on the WordPress website, by following them you can easily change or put the identity of your website. It’s on you to choose any of one.

I will suggest you choose 2nd one because the second method will provide you more control over your website customization. You will have many options to make your website good looking and better.

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Step 1: How to Change Site Title in WordPress

1) Login to your admin dashboard.

2) On the left-hand side click on settings.

3) In “Settings >> General” you can change all of the details of your website.

wordpress setting option, how to change site title in wordpress

4) At the beginning, you have the option to put your site title.

5) After that put the tagline of your website. Tagline is the meaning of your title.

6) After that, you have the link to your home page by default. Let it the same.

general setting option

7) Put your email address that you want to use for your WordPress.

8) You can let everyone to register on your WordPress by simply tick check the “Membership” option.

9) You can lead the new registrar as a Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, and Administrator by selecting the options from “New User Default Role

10) You can change the “Site Language“.

11) You can also change the “Time Zone” and arrange the “Time-Date Formats“.

how to change site title in wordpress

That was the way of changing your site make including all the details about your website from your admin dashboard. Remember that when you will change your user Email address to a new Email, it calls for the verification.

Follow the verification mail and you are ready to identify yourself with new mail. You can also change your site title and details from the customizing page. On the customizing page, you can add furthermore things to your website, which can increase the attraction of your website.The more your website will be good looking and informative, the more users will interact.

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Step 2: How to Change Site Title in WordPress

In the admin dashboard, move your mouse to the “Appearance” option on the left side of your dashboard.

1) Click on the “Customize“.

Customize option in wordpress

2) By clicking on Customize you will get a new page with the options to customize the look of your website.

3) If you have the option named “Theme Options” click on it. If you do not have this option then simply search the “Site Identity” and click on it.

4) Here you can put the title of your great website and its tag line.

5) You can also allow your title and tag line to show on the home page or just show it on the tab details for Google and the browser.

6) You can put your logo with the site title.

how to change site title in wordpress

7) You can change the color settings of your website from here. It depends on the settings of the theme.

8) You can change the font of your website. For font changing, you will have many options and different types of fonts to show.

9) You can change your heading fonts and their sizes and the content fonts and there sizes separately.

10) You can add details at the end of your website (Footer). Head section and Footer section are work as an important part of designing the website and creating a great look.

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There are millions of developers who are working day and night to build beautiful themes. The customization settings are dependent. You could not arrange them according to your desire. It depends on the developer to build a flexible theme enough to be editable from every single part.

In the themes market, there are millions of free themes, you can use them if you do not have enough money to buy a new one. But free themes have their limitations, which you have to follow. I hope you like my article. If you still have questions or suggestions, just hit a comment. It’s my pleasure to serve you out.

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