Cloudways Promo Code 2021 – Best Ever Deals With $30 Hosting Credits

Cloudways Promo Code, promo code for cloudways, cloudways discount couponIf you have decided to purchase the Cloudways services then you may want a discount.

Now we will provide you with some great Coupon Codes announced by Cloudways.

By using these codes you can purchase Cloudways hosting with a special discount.

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Best Cloudways Promo Code – For WPEra Readers

For WPEra readers have exclusive Cloudways promo code “WPE30“, that give you $30 credit and 90 Days Free Trial. If after signing-up, you change your mind and try to upgrade the resources, then your discount will be automatically applied to upgraded resources.

$30 Credit or 90 Days 100% Free

Simply add this coupon code Get $30 Hosting Credit which can give you 3 months free ( 100% ) hosting of Digital Ocean servers provided by Cloudways.

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Exclusive Cloudways Promo Code – For June 2021

Cloudways is providing fully managed servers of DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Computing Engine. If you are a business owner then Cloudways is the best option for you. For all of you, who want to purchase the Cloudways hosting, we are going to share the exclusive Cloudways hosting discount.

While check-out, insert the Cloudways Hosting Promo Code to purchase the hosting. After providing the $30 and 40% off Coupon Codes, there are other extreme offers provided by Cloudways for its upcoming customers. You can save a large amount of money by using these coupons.

Promo CodePromo DetailsCoupon Link
WPE30 Get $30 Free Credit or 90 Days 100% Off
TREAT19Halloween Coupon 20% Off for 3 months
MAG25 Get $25 Hosting Credit Free

Most Popular Cloudways Coupon Code: $30 Credit + 3 Months Free Trail

This is a gift from me to all my readers. Enjoy a $30 Credit on Cloudways, by adding these to Promo Codes in the “Got a Promo Code?” box and spend 90 days free with Cloudways. By adding these codes you will get $30 Credit which is equal to purchase the Server of Digital Oceans for 3 months.

$30 Credit or 90 Days 100% Free

Simply add this coupon code Get $30 Hosting Credit which can give you 3 months free ( 100% ) hosting of Digital Ocean servers provided by Cloudways.

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$30 Cloudways Coupon Code: WPE30

CL_WPE30, Cloudways Funds, promo code for cloudways

You can also use the “Black Friday and Cyber Monday” offer. Use this code and enjoy it.

How to Use Cloudways Promo Code (Step By Step Guide)

If you do not have enough budget and want to start an online business with Cloud Hosting then I think you should take a start from Cloud Ways. Choose any of the coupons listed above while signing-up and get a discount. By using these coupons you can test Cloudways performance according to your needs.

If you think Cloudways is best for your future business and you are ready to make a start with it by storing your data in its hands, then sign-up today by using these coupon codes. Don’t know how to use the Coupon Code? No Problem! Just follow the steps given below:

1) Visit Cloudway’s main website by linking here => “Cloudways“. (It’s a Deal Activation Link. Visit Cloudways by using this link).

2) After a second you will be on the website of Cloudways. You can see a button saying that “START A FREE TRAIL“. Just click on it.

Get Started Cloudways, cloudways discount coupon

3) After clicking the green button, you will be directed to a sign-up page. Where you have to add your details to create an account.

4) Put “First Name“, “Last Name“, “Email“, and “Password“.

5) Choose an option which is fit about you, from the drop-down list “I would best describe myself as“.

6) Choose the cost you can spend monthly on the hosting services from the drop-down list “My monthly hosting spending is“.

7) Now its time to put your selected Coupon Promo Code. Click on the blue text “Got a Promo Code?“. An empty box with the shade of text “WPE30” will appear.

8) Just put your selected “Coupon Promo Code“.

9) Tick the box “I agree to the Cloudways Terms of Service & Privacy Policy“.

10) At the end click on “START FREE“.

That’s it, now you are ready to use Cloudways services. Cloudways has changed and made it easy for every non-tech. person to create and manage his/her website in some simple steps.

You can sign-up on Cloudways by using Github, Google, or LinkedIn. But I would recommend you to sign-up manually buy putting your details and Promo Codes.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal – 2020

40% OFF for 4 months

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Cloudways is providing a “Black Friday and Cyber Monday” offer. By using this offer you can get any hosting package of Cloudways with a 40% off the price for the first 4 months. Cloudways want everyone to test its BFCM deal worry-free.

With its managed hosting platform Cloudways challenges in the market to provide super-fast performance, speed, reliability, and uptime like it. Just Click given below while signing-up, and enjoy 40% off Cloudways performance for 4 months.

Don’t waste time this offer is for limited time. Just Visit the Cloudways and put coupon code, and enjoy unlimited features. There is no limit for you, you can increase your server resources as you want.

Some More Cloudways Promo Codes

Some other Cloudways Promo Codes are still valid to get discounts. You can also use these codes.

Promo CodePromo DetailsCoupon Link
HELLO2019 25% off for 3 months
CLOUDWAYS2020% Off for 1 Months
CLOUDWAYS1010% Off 3 Months at Cloudways Coupon Code
FASTHOSTING $25 Credit When You Sign Up
SCALEINSUMMER 30% Off 2 Months All Plans at Cloudways Coupon Code
CLOUD20 20% Off for 3 Months

Cloudways Overview

World’s No#1 Managed Cloud Hosting

If you are searching for a High-Quality and Price-Friendly managed Cloud Hosting service then CLoudways is a great option in the online market. It’s too difficult to maintain your reputation in the market as a hosting provider, and Cloudways a rising star, that is trying to get a hight by providing user-friendly services at low prices.

From till 2009 to now. Cloudways can contain special workers to create and manage 12,000+ servers, 25,000+ web apps. It is one of the few best hosting companies which are providing affordable and managed WordPress hosting for you. It promises its customers to provide super-fast response time and no more headaches in WordPress.

Here is the main thing to write down. Cloudways is providing 5 different servers, which are on the top in the market. You can choose any of them to build your online business.

The price levels are fully managed according to the needs of customers. Cloudways is providing servers of DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Computing Engine.

The most affected service I like from Cloudways is, It contains the file of your website in different servers if one server goes down the file in the other server automatically comes forward to reduce the downtime. If you want to migrate your website from one datacenter to another datacenter then it is also easy to perform on Cloudways.

1) 5 Cloud Best Providers

2) Dedicated Firewall

3) Easy to use Control Panel

4) 24/7 Service

5) Managed Backup

6) Free Migration

7) Great Security

8) 1-Click Free SSL installation

9) Unlimited websites and applications

10) All PHP supported apps

Speed Performace

Well…! Speed is the main feature to not. It is too much important for your website to load on time for a reader. Herewith Cloudways your website will load fast no matter how many visitors are visiting your website at once. All the servers contain a specific amount of resources, and all of them are fully dedicated.

Dedicated means that your resources will not be used by other websites. Caching is an important task to perform if you are running a valuable online business. It loads your website fast for your visitors.

Cloudways is providing a caching plugin that is free for WordPress users named Breez. This is a premium plugin for cache and Cloudways is providing it is free with every package. Cloudways is also performing cache through built-in Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis.

Redis will increase the performance of your website by managing your Data-Bases. Now there is no need to worry about the optimization of your Data-Bases. Cloudways is providing premium CDN (Content Delivery Network), so that your content may deliver fast for those visitors who are visiting from other geographical locations.

Fully Managed Security

Security is also the main thing for every person who is building an online business. You can trust Cloudways for keeping you all the information and data free from threats.

OS-level firewalls protection, Routine patches, firmware upgrades, free SSL certificate, Two-factor authentication, and IP whitelisting are the main security features.

In bonus, if unfortunately, something happens to your website, Cloudways is providing you with a free backup facility. You can get your work back online in seconds. It filters out malicious traffic and provides you a great protection to keep out the intruders.

Cloudways provides regular parches on your server to ensure the security of the managed servers and keep away the vulnerabilities.

A website needs to have an SSL certificate. Cloudways is providing a free Let’s Encrypt SSL which improves your security and provides you all HTTPS requirements.

Cloudways provides you a two-factor authentication on your account. It provides you a verification method while logging-in to your account.

Customer Support

You can ask for help or guidelines anytime. Cloudways growing team of hardworking and experts are 24/7/365 available. No matter the problem is Plug-in or theme troubleshooting, server errors, database or email add-on, or performance optimization you are are just a few clicks away from the Cloudways technicians.

With a premium support add-on, Cloudways will assign an in-house team for you, who always on Slack, or you can call them any time. With premium support, Cloudways will provide you a Senior Support Engineers in a private Slack channel.

Also premium support, the ticket response appears very fast. High priority ticket responses in 10 minutes.

Prices with Resources

CLoudways all plans come up with suitable prices, no matter how large your business/website is, it works for everyone. With these Coupon Promo Codes, you can get these services with a discount.

Are you hoping to grow your business with email marketing? After reading this, you can pick the best email hosting for your website.

Don’t Forget to Use: WPE30 to Get $30 Credit

The prices and details of servers are listed below, you can use these Cloudways Promo Codes to purchase any of these servers.

1) DigitalOcean

Starting from $10/month and ending at $80/month, with the RAM 1 GB to 8GB, Processor 1 Core to 4 Core, Bandwidth 1TB to 5TB, and Storage from 25GB to 160GB.

  • London
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Toronto
  • Banglore

2) Linode

Starting from $12/month and ending at $90/month, with the RAM 1 GB to 8GB, Processor 1 Core to 4 Core, Bandwidth 1TB to 5TB, and Storage from 25GB to 160GB.

  • Newark
  • Fremont
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo

3) Vultr

Starting from $11/month and ending at $84/month, with the RAM 1 GB to 8GB, Processor 1 Core to 4 Core, Bandwidth 1TB to 4TB, and Storage from 25GB to 160GB.

  • USA – Seattle
  • USA – Silicon Valley
  • USA – Los Angeles
  • USA – Chicago
  • USA – Miami
  • USA – New York
  • UK – London
  • Europe – Amsterdam
  • Europe – Paris
  • Europe – Frankfurt
  • Asia Pacific – Tokyo
  • Asia Pacific – Sydney

4) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Starting from $36.51/month and ending at $274.33/month, with the RAM 1.75GB to 16GB, vCPU 1 to 4, Bandwidth 2GB, and with Storage of 20GB.

  • USA – Northern Virginia
  • USA – Northern California
  • USA – OregonEurope – Ireland
  • Europe – Frankfurt
  • Asia Pacific – Singapore
  • Asia Pacific – Sydney
  • Asia Pacific – Tokyo
  • Asia Pacific – Seoul
  • Asia – Mumbai
  • South America – Sao Paulo
  • Canada – Montreal
  • United Kingdom – London
  • USA – Ohio

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5) Google Computing Engine (GCE)

Starting from $33.30/month and ending at $226.05/month, with the RAM 1.75GB to 15GB, vCPU 1 to 4, Bandwidth 2GB, and with Storage of 20GB.

  • USA – Iowa
  • USA – South Carolina
  • USA – North Virginia
  • USA – Oregon
  • Europe – London
  • Europe – Frankfurt
  • Europe – Belgium
  • Asia Pacific – Singapore
  • Asia Pacific – Sydney
  • Asia Pacific – Taiwan
  • Asia Pacific – Tokyo

Features: All Plans Come With the Same Features Which Are Mentioned Below

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • Built-in CDN
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access

Note That

1) Cloudways charge $0.033/GB per server if you want off site backup storage.

2) There no free trial for Amazon Web Services and Google Computing Engine (GCE). You have to purchase launch to access the servers.

No Domain Name Registration

You could not purchase domain from Cloudways (Paid and free both). You have to purchase and make it secure through a 3rd party. After purchasing the domain name from the third party, you have to change the name servers and assign them according to your server.

No c-Panel and Plesk

You will not be able to use c-Penal in Cloudways. Cloudways is providing its own Control Panel to manage your servers. It contains different managing options to manage your servers, all the options are arranged according to the needs of customers. It provides dedicated console available to manage your applications and servers.

No E-mail Hosting

Cloudways hosting plans do not come up with an Email feature. This may be a negative point for those people’s whos websites are huge and need email service (at top). You have to pay extra to Cloudways for Email addon.

If you want a reliable, fast cloud hosting with zero downtime then you can trust Cloudways. Their packages are great and fill up all the needs of every website. Yes, there are some limitations in it, but you have to manage yourself with it to use the services of Cloudways.


cloudwaysbot, cloudways promo code

Cloudways provides you a full monitoring fo your website. You can manage and monitor every single thing on your server. Cloudways has introduces a new assistant named “CloudwaysBot“, which will throw notifications about everything in your server.

CloudwaysBot sends real-time insights of performance to help you optimize the Servers, Apps, and integrates with Slack, emails, etc.

It will show you a list of real-time notifications and tips about your account, server, and latest server updates. You can activate and deactivate notifications just in a click for any recommended app.

You have complete freedom to choose any channel to show notifications. Also you will get real-time event alerts.

Unlimited Application

You can install unlimited applications by purchasing any service provided by Cloudways. With Cloudways you do not need to worry about the limits of websites and applications to install. You can host many websites on one server.

Other hosting providers who put limitations on the websites and applications to install on your server, Cloudways is far away from them. It knows, what customers want and what is best for them.

Free Migration

There are thousands of hosting providers out there. Many of them charge extra from customers to migrate their websites from other servers to their new one.

But here with Cloudways, you do not need to worry about the migration. Just be care full about the details of your previous hosting provider.

If you could not perform the migration steps then just hit the contact button and get a manager to perform this task. Provide him/her with all the details about your previous hosting provider, and they will take care of it. It mostly takes 5 to 7 days for the migration process.

One of the many things you need to keep up to date is PHP, which is one of the most important things a website has. here you can see how to update PHP in WordPress

Regular Other Cloudways Coupon Codes

Promo CodePromo DetailsCoupon Link
WPE30 Get $30 Free Credit or 90 Days 100% Off
TREAT19Halloween Coupon 20% Off for 3 months
MAG25 Get $25 Hosting Credit Free
HELLO2019 25% off for 3 months
CLOUDWAYS2020% Off for 1 Months
CLOUDWAYS1010% Off 3 Months at Cloudways Coupon Code
FASTHOSTING $25 Credit When You Sign Up
SCALEINSUMMER 30% Off 2 Months All Plans at Cloudways Coupon Code
CLOUD20 20% Off for 3 Months

Final Thoughts

I hope that you are going to copy-paste these codes to use the Cloudways services. Kindly help me to manage the codes by commenting below the expired ones.

If you notice that any code is expired just mention it in the comment. I will put my best effort to replace it with a new one. If you liked this article kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.

It’s my pleasure to help you out and show you the right and affordable way. If there is anything you want to add up in this article or want to dispute, kindly comment below, or just leave me a mail with your details.

Keep visiting, Keep Reading and keep commenting. Help me to build a better place for newcomers.

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