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Elementor Blog TemplateElementor has made it so easy for everyone to build his/her website by applying simple and creative techniques (Drag and drop method).

You can create and import already build pages to your website with Elementor Page Builder in seconds. It is compatible with almost all the WordPress based themes.

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You can add different things in any WordPress theme like images, icons, testimonials, maps, posts, text, color, pages, landing pages, blog pages/posts, and more with live preview.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a WordPress based page builder, which contains different templates in it. But it’s not only the reason of Elementor Page Builder’s popularity. We can create or edit any page on our website.

If you are wondering about different techniques to create beautiful pages on your website, then you are in the right place.

In this article I will tell you about you how can you create an Elementor blog template and how can you import the Elementor blog template.

There is a free version in the market with the limitations in it. To create an extraordinary, brilliant and fully featured design you may need to purchase the plugin first. But you can create much better pages with the free version also.

It depends upon your skills and creativity. You could buy this plugin and use it on your website. There are millions of websites on the internet and helping readers to understand. But in the meaning of understanding, a person needs to take an interest in it.

To build the interest of the reader, the design of the website also creates an important role. If you upload quality content on your website but your website is not responsive and not fully customized then you may lose your readership.

Your website should have a great look and flexibility with great content. You can create a well-designed website with the Elementor Page Builder. There are different options in the Elementor Builder to import on the page.

You can also install Extention plugins for Elementor to add some extra options. But the pro version contains the full control over options. The free version of the Elementor Page builder is also great.

You can create beautiful pages with it, you just need to pay some attention while designing the page. All the options for normal designing are available in the free version. There are hundreds of free/pro templates in the Elementor Page Builder.

You can use pro templates after purchasing the plugin. But you can use free templates easily in the free version. Keep in mind that if your website is already indexed in Google and you want to add just one or 2 pages then you should create a full backup of your website for your safety.

You can contact your Hosting Providers to create a backup of your website, but if you do not trust them then you can create it on different cloud storage with the help of different plugins. You can also put your backup manually by downloading the zip files from your directory.

It’s important for you so that if something went wrong, you can reset your full website. There are many other plugins (Page Builders), which are popular in the market.

But not all the plugins are much flexible with free user needs as Elementor is. I would like to say about the DIVI page builder, it’s a beautiful and amazing builder to build attractive websites, but it’s not available in the free version.

You have to purchase it. But Elementor is available free in the market. It’s a great plugin to add minor or more than minor changes in the web pages/posts.

Import Elementor Blog Template

Now you do not have to put your head on your computer to create an attractive page for your website. With the help of Elementor, you can import templates that are designed by some creative any talented designers to full fill your needs.

You can import them and perform any change to them, according to your needs. There is no need to get a headache of coding to create a beautiful website anymore. Import the desired template and you are ready to go live.

There are many free and purchased templates in the Elementor page builder. If you are using a free version then you can use free templates and edit them as you want. But if you want to pro templates then you have to purchase the plugin.

These templates are available in all categories, for example, if you want a template for an online sale store, you can search it in the templates search section.

Follow these steps to import a WordPress blog template:

1) Login to the admin panel.

2) Go to “Plugins“.

3) Click on the “Add New” plugin.

add new Plugin in wordpress

4) Install Elementor and Activate it.

install elementor page builder, Elementor Blog Template

5) On the left side of your admin dashboard, you will find an option “Templates“, click on it.

6) Click on the “Add New“.

Add New Blog Template

7) A popup window will appear, “Chose the Template Type“.

8) Click select the “Page” option, and name your template.

Choose Template Type

9) A loading section will appear for 3 to 6 seconds, then you will get “Page Settings” at the right side of the page and the left side contains the page places to edit.

10) Select the “Add Template” options.

Add Template

11) A new popup window will appear, which contains all the free and pro templates. You can choose any of them.

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12) Select any of the free/Pro templates.

13) Click on the “Install” option on the upper-right side of the popup window.

Install Template, Elementor Blog Template

14) Wait for 10 to 15 seconds it may take time to import the template. After the import, you are good to use it.

15) If you want to edit that template, you are free to edit it, or you just want to publish it then click on the “Publish” and your page will become live.

Publish Template

It’s important to remember the functionality of options that Elementor Page Builder provides to you. I will recommend you all to design a desired page on Photoshop first. Spend time on the full design and then try to implement things live with Elementor on your website.

There are chances that you may not found a template of your desire in the given list, so you have to design it on your own. Follow the steps below to design your template. By following these steps you can create a full-page from scrap.

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Create Elementor Blog Template

If you think you are a creative person and you can create a beautiful website with Elementor Page Builder then there are many options/widgets available in the Elementor. You can use them to put your ideas from imaginations to reality.

Follow these steps to create a WordPress blog template:

1) Login to the admin panel.

2) Go to “Plugins“.

3) Click on the “Add New” plugin.

4) Install Elementor and Activate it.

5) On the left side of your admin dashboard, you will find an option “Templates“, click on it.

6) Click on the “Add New“.

7) A popup window will appear, “Chose the Template Type“.

8) Click select the “Page” option, and name your template.

9) A loading section will appear for 3 to 6 seconds, then you will get “Page Settings” at the right side of the page and the left side contains the page places to edit.

10) Go to the “Settings” and select the “Page Layout“.

Elementor Template publish

11) If you select the “Default“. Then you will get the page layout as it is according to the theme settings.

12) If you will select the “Elementor Canvas“. Then you will get the full page to edit. You have to add all the things like Menu and lists and post grids etc, every single thing that should be on a page, you have to design in on your own.

13) If you will select the “Elementor Full Width“. Then you will get the full width of the page with the default Header and Footer arrangements (The arrangements made in the customization section).

14) It’s on you to select any of the “Page Layout“.

15) Right after the settings tab, there is a tab for “Style“. You can select the Body style from that section. You can put the background color or image.

16) You can change the “Padding” of that image.

17) You can change the location, type (Radial, Linear), and Angle of the colors.

18) In the “Widget” section, you will get all the Basic, General and WordPress widgets. You will use them to create a beautiful page. These widgets are limited in the free version of Elementor, but if you will purchase the plugin then you can use all the widgets which are provided by the Elementor.

19) You can add any widget on the page by simply drag it and drop it on the page.

Add Widget, Elementor Blog Template

20) You can change the “Color Settings” and “Font Settings” from the Style settings.

21) After designing the page you can save it as a template or just publish it to your website.

By using the free version of Elementor Page Builder you can create beautiful pages. If you want to add some more widgets you can install other widget plugins like “Essential Addons for Elementor“.

But if you want full access then you have to purchase the plugin. I will suggest you to purchase it. The free versions are very limited. Yes, Elementor has very rare limitations.

But purchasing the plugin you can increase the tools for your creative designing.

Elementor Themes

I would like to inform you all that there is also another thing you should use, it’s the theme which is completely build by the Elementor. There is a difference between the Elementor blog template and Elementor Theme.

Elementor templates are specific pages that you import or design for your website. But the Elementor theme is a full website designed with the help of Elementor Page Builder. There are many Elementor themes in the market you can purchase them to build a beautiful website.

Elementor themes contain different and latest functionalities for your website. They are more flexible than any other theme and easy to edit and add up things. It comes up with all the basic layout design and features to create a website, blog, or online store.

Many free and premium WordPress themes are designed accurately to work with the Elementor like OceanWP, Astra Theme, Atmosphere Pro, Hestia Pro, GeneratePress, and Essence Pro, etc are one of them.

I will recommend you to purchase the theme and do not use free themes, and check carefully if it’s compatible with the WordPress versions or not.

Because if it is not compatible with WordPress versions then it may cause issues in the future. The same is advice with plugins.

It’s very easy to Activate Maintenance Mode in WordPress Website for development purposes. This article shows you the best ways to do that.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to check while purchasing a theme or building a theme, responsiveness is one of them. You should check the responsiveness of your design while purchasing/creating it.

There is an option in the builder to check your website design in a mobile/tablet/desktop view. You can check that either your design is working perfectly on mobile and tablet also or not.

Because it’s too important for a website to be responsive with all the devices, most people read blogs on mobile (like students). Create a responsive design to increase your readership and stay time.

So, install the Elementor Page Builder and create beautiful blogs with Elementor blog template features, or buy the theme and edit it with Elementor. So, hope that this article was informative for you and you learned a lot from this.

If you have some questions or suggestions then share them with me and all other readers. However this may increase the level of information for other users. Share your experience of using Elementor Page Builder with us.

Comment the reviews about this article. It’s my pleasure to help you out and spread more information to build a better platform.

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