Elementor Vs Visual Composer – Most Popular Page Builders for WordPress

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Using a page builder has been one of the most popular ways people have used to create their websites. Here we will compare about Elementor Vs Visual Composer of the most used page builders.

Elementor Vs Visual Composer are great on their own, but here we will see how they compare with each other. But before we do that, let’s talk a bit more about what is a page builder and what it does.

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Page Builders

Elementor and Visual Composer are just plugins, which you can download on your WordPress website. These page builders allow you to create and modify the pages on your backend. Most of the time, you can do this by dragging and dropping the elements you need.

By using these plugins, you can make your website genuinely feel your own. Even though from what we described it looks to be very easy, there is more to page builders.

What Makes a Good Page Builder?

Behind a page builder, many different things will decide how good it is. One of the most important things that we’ll show you is how easy it is to use the page builder.

In itself, creating a page is complicated enough; having a page builder that is supposed to make your job easier still might make things more confusing.

Pricing is another aspect of it; having to only pay for just one plugin and making everything on your own saves you time and money. This, of course, is mostly for the people who want to do it hands-on.

These and some other reasons usually make page builders a good choice for most people.

How Does a Page Builder Impact My Website?

Using a page builder certainly helps with the creating process, but many other things can make your website worse by using these plugins. Using a page builder sometimes can make your page feel slower, primarily when you use many elements, images, and other things from these plugins.

Bad SEO (what is SEO) is another side effect of page builders since they usually contain a lot of markup and non-semantic code, which can make your page harder to read by search engines.

But rest assured that most of the page builders out there are always working on improving these things and making your experience better.

There is another aspect of page builders, since you are creating everything on your page, and if you don’t have the knowledge to do it, you might waste more of your time and money.

Just because you can make everything yourself, it doesn’t mean that you have to.


elementor vs visual composer, visual composer vs elementor

Being a free page builder has certainly helped Elementor gain a lot of users. You can still get a pro version that unlocks many more features, and it will make your job even more comfortable. Elementor has helped create more than 600,000 websites, and when you look at that number, you know that you will get a great plugin that will help you.

Top Features

  • An extensive collection of templates and elements. This is very important if you want a wide variety to choose from. The free version has a fair amount, but this collection will be extensive if you go with the pro version.
  • Maintenance mode, this feature can help you alert your viewers when they open up your page that you are working on it. This is great, especially when working on your page and making live changes while users are on your page. Because of this, you will be able to avoid a bad experience for your viewers.
  • It’s free; this is one of those things people overlook often. Even if you are actively looking to pay for a page builder, having the option to use one for free is always good. And the free version is not just another demo; it’s an almost complete version. You are missing only a few features that are not really necessary when making your page for the first time.
  • Compatibility with most of the themes on the market. Having a compatible plugin makes your life much more comfortable, and with Elementor, this is the case for a lot of themes. Being supported by a large number of themes makes Elementor an easy option to recommend and use.

User base

Being one of the oldest page builders in the market has certainly helped with this aspect. By looking at the download page on WordPress, we can see that Elementor has had more than 5 million active downloads, making it one of the most used plugins in the market.

Another thing to look at while you’re there is the 5-star reviews they have had. All this goes to show that Elementor can’t afford to have a lousy product. With frequent updates and good support, Elementor has managed to get itself on top.

Visual Composer

 visual composer page builder

Visual composer page builder that has helped many people make the best website they can. Just like Elementor page builder, you can get this plugin for free, but the pro version offers a lot more. The free version is good, but with the pro version, you get so many more features that make it worth it.

Top Features

  • Decent collection of free templates and elements; even though it’s not as big as the collection from Elementor, it’s still pretty decent. With the pro versions of Visual Composer, you get many more templates and elements, but still, it does not compare to the amount that Elementor has.
  • Just like Elementor, Visual Composer is free, which makes it an excellent option for everyone. Even though you don’t have a ton of free templates and elements, the ones you get are very high quality.
  • You can build almost anything you wish with the free version, so if you want to try it, you can check it out without paying a penny.

User Base

Having a small number of users is not always a bad thing. And when we say a small number of users, that is in comparison to Elementor. Visual Composer still has a very respectable amount of users.

If they want to compete with the big guys, they need to keep bringing improvements and new things to attract more users.

And so far, they have maintained a very high-quality product that is worthy of competing with the big guys.

Elementor vs. Visual Composer

As we can see from everything we have said so far, Elementor Vs Visual Composer page builders are excellent and offer a ton of features that can be useful to everyone. Because they both have a free version, they are already ahead of others who don’t.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor both are best for development, Some might argue that Beaver Builder is more suitable for developers, but that is subjective. You can check this write-up to find its features.


Elementor Vs Visual Composer plugins have a free version, which comes packed with a small collection of templates and elements; as for the paid version, both of them have three plans for it.

The cheapest of them has a license for just one website and is priced at $49 per year. The second plan is the one that is available for three websites, and it is priced at $99 per year.

The most expensive plan, which includes 1000 licenses in it, is priced differently, in Elementor, you can get that plan for $199 per year, while in Visual Composer, you can get it for $349 per year.

You get all their features for the paid plans; the only difference is how many websites it supports. One of the most significant differences is the most expensive plan that both these plugins offer.

Visual Composer has a far more costly plan, so if you want to use a page builder plugin for more than three websites, Elementor is the cheapest option among the two.


Having a page builder is sometimes not worth it if the theme you have on your page does not support it. Among these two plugins, Elementor has the biggest library of compatible themes.

Visual Composer is not that far behind, with a library that gets more extensive day by day; at one point, Elementor Vs Visual Composer plugins will become supported by every theme on the market.

But if you want a more reliable theme as far as compatibility goes, Elementor has the edge over Visual Composer for now.

Which One is Better?

As for which one of these page builder plugins is better, that’s a tough choice. If we compare the two, they are great and offer plenty of useful things. But Elementor seems to be the more reasonable choice.

The reason why Elementor is still better is mostly because of its compatibility and the extensive collection of templates and elements. Pricing at the highest plan is also a thing that makes it a better option.

Visual Composer is still a great alternative, and it can be another good option, especially if you don’t plan on buying the most expensive plan.

You can create and import elementor blog template that already build pages to your website with Elementor Page Builder in seconds, just check it out!


Before you make your choice for which page builder to get, you should start using their free versions first and see if you like it or not. Because whatever we say, it’s not going to be useful to you if you find it hard to work with one of these plugins.

In conclusion, Elementor seems to be better, but we highly recommend that you start with the free version first and see how things go; if you like it, go ahead and buy it.


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