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Flywheel Hosting Review 2022 – The Pros & Cons (Honest Thoughts)

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Flywheel is a rapidly growing website hosting service focused on efficient WordPress hosting. It offers a beautifully designed hosting experience with the strength to match up the good looks of professional designers, developers, and agencies.

Their dashboard has a stylish and modern design that looks great while still being user-friendly.

Below, we’ll go over Flywheel’s WordPress-specific features, how their support team performs, performance objectives, and pricing information, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using Flywheel and how they differ from other managed WordPress web hosting services.

Here is our Flywheel hosting review for WordPress to assist you in your attempt.

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Top Features:

Flywheel is known for its broad range of tools for freelancers, developers, designers, and agencies, in addition to their WordPress managed hosting services. You should consider them if you’re seeking a web host that can help you grow your website development or design firm. Now, here are some features of Flywheel.

  • Cloud platform of flywheel – Flywheel redesigned its infrastructure to improve the speed, accessibility, and security of WordPress. Customers’ websites will skyrocket because of working with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Generate a free demo client website based on WordPress – To exhibit fresh work to the prospects, fast and for free, you can create production-ready websites. Until it’s ready to go online, the demos are secret, password-protected, and free.
  • Blueprints for WordPress websites – When designing new sites, Blueprints save time by combining regularly used WordPress themes into reusable configurations. There will be no more manual installations.
  • WordPress website migrations for free – Another advantage to pick Flywheel is its free website migration policy, which is beneficial if you or your clients already have a WordPress website.
  • Local WordPress installation tool – WordPress development workflows in local settings are made easier with features like SSL support, SSH access, and shared demo URLs.
  • Account collaborations – Groupmates, clients, as well as other collaborators have full control over the website, including files, and they’re in charge of their usernames and passwords.
  • Website staging for WordPress – WordPress and plugin upgrades are safer in staging environments. With a single click, you may move, drag, or combine changes between staging and operational.

Additional features

  • It is no longer necessary to install security plugins to protect your site from malware and assaults.
  • For added peace of mind, Flywheel backs up your websites nightly.
  • The white-label premium add-on allows you to rebrand your Flywheel experience.

Flywheel Hosting Review

The aim is to build a web hosting platform that streamlines your workflow, keeps things organized, and is both trustworthy and fast. Flywheel is a miracle for managing them.

Flywheel has many features in its sleeve to make life easier, whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, or simply a normal WordPress user. Here are some pros and cons of Flywheels.


  • Sites hosted on Flywheel are primarily unaffected by exploited plugins and hacking efforts as many system files are beyond your control and can only be changed with the help of Flywheel.
  • A well-arranged dashboard can make life easier or more challenging. In comparison to another web hosting, Flywheel has a straightforward and well-organized interface — possibly the finest we’ve seen.
  • Flywheel is unstoppable when it comes to automated backups. Daily backups are seamless, and a complete website restore may be initiated in less than 5 seconds. Everything is protected, secure, and simple to access.
  • Flywheel comes with server end caching and in-built performance tweaking capabilities to help you improve the performance of your website.
  • Flywheel’s dashboard will likely stun you if you’re accustomed with cPanel or having total control. You have a clean, straightforward interface with the fundamentals instead of a lot of adjustable settings.
  • It’s a lot easier to add collaborators now than it was previously. Rather than sharing passwords, each member of your team will have their own Flywheel account. You can add as many “collaborators” as you like to each site, and you can remove access at any time.
  • It offers five hosting plans as well as a customized option, giving you a variety of hosting alternatives to select from.
  • Flywheel has free SSL certificates with all their web hosting plans, ensuring that your site is no longer accessible over insecure HTTP.
  • Flywheel offers a password-protected staging site where everything is kept safe and concealed from search engines and uninvited guests.
  • By using a “demo site,” you can create a better web server for managing client sites on Flywheel. You’ll be able to effortlessly transfer this site to a client when the time comes. Flywheel handles the billing and provides them with their login, so you don’t have to worry about either of those things.
  • Flywheel’s customer support is very quick


  • Although Flywheel advertises 99.9% uptime, this is not stated in their terms of service.
  • Flywheel isn’t always the fastest of the recognized managed WordPress hosting companies.
  • There is no built-in deployment.
  • Flywheel isn’t the ideal option for you if you want complete control and the lowest possible hosting costs.
  • Domain names are not sold by Flywheel Hosting. If you don’t already have a website, you’ll need to first register your domain with a registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  • Because of controlled security, you are unable to access SSH.
  • Flywheel does not offer email hosting, which some may find ridiculous.
  • SSL certificates can be installed on Flywheel websites by this WordPress hosting business, but they cannot be purchased.


Although Flywheel’s pricing is a little on the high side, we prefer to think of this service in terms of the time it saves us. It is not pricey, yet it is a high-end product.

Flywheel’s service offerings are relatively affordable, especially when you consider the extra features like one-click staging, hands-free security, and collaboration tools.

The bulk plans, which are ideal for resellers and creative firms, vary from 10 to 30 installations, with custom options available for those who need more.

The plans mentioned below only cover individual WordPress installs, but Flywheel also offers multi-site support.

Before buying this plan, can compare with other hosting provider price plans for WordPress hosting like Bluehost, Siteground, Liquid Web, Cloudways etc.

How is it used for creating websites?

 Creating new WordPress websites and managing accounts are both simple operations with Flywheel. Just create a free Flywheel account and then select the Create a New Site option.

You can provide a site name, a momentary domain name on the single-screen setup page and appoint an admin to the site.

You may also utilize the Blueprint functionality to apply a pre-configured website setup to a new site. If you have free slots on your account, you can also add the site to one of your current Flywheel hosting plans, and you can choose the physical server where your site will be located.

Your new WordPress website will be generated once you’ve filled in all of the needed information. The payment section is where you may choose a hosting plan and make a payment when building a new WordPress website with Flywheel.

Alternately, you can continue in demo site option and postpone providing your payment information and make the site active.

Loyalty and dependability

Flywheel offers an above-average 99.99 percent uptime for enterprise WordPress hosting users, yet this assurance is nowhere to be found in the ordinary plan descriptions.

However, the terms of service promise 100% uptime, except scheduled maintenance, necessary repairs, and unanticipated outages outside Flywheel’s control. Support agents at the organization resolved more than 105,000 problems and moved over 6,000 sites in 2013.

Flywheel expanded its availability beyond conventional business hours two years later to match competitors’ 24-hour service.

Customers who spend at least $250 per month are eligible for phone help. Flywheel offers 24/7 support by Ticket System, Phone, and Live Chat, as well as Knowledgebase Articles, eBooks, and a Free 14-Day Web Design Trends Email Course.


 Flywheel’s user interface is an excellent blend of intelligence and aesthetics, designed with developers and designers in mind. Signup and site management is simple and straightforward, with visually appealing depictions of time-consuming technical procedures.

Blueprints, also known as bundled themes and plugins, make it simple to set up new projects with tried-and-true components, while Local automates emulation when creating development environments for your workstation.

Flywheel is a superb website hosting service that provides a variety of choices for managing WordPress. Flywheel hosting provides complete coverage for new website developers and designers.

If you desire complete control and the lowest possible hosting fees, Flywheel isn’t the right choice for you. Flywheel, on the other hand, is a fantastic option if you want your WordPress sites to simply work, be simple to maintain, and load rapidly.

From Flywheel hosting review in our opinion, Flywheel hosting is unbeatable because it is less priced than Kinsta and WP Engine and provides more knowledgeable support than GoDaddy and WPX Hosting.

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