GreenGeeks Review – Green Rated Hosting for Your Business

Greengeeks Review, greengeeks hosting review, greengeeks wordpress hosting reviewIf you are wondering how effective and great GreenGeeks is, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, I will mention my GreenGeeks Review.

There are thousands of hosting provider companies in the online market, who are providing great services to their clients. There is a lot of competition between these hosting companies.

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Every hosting provider company always try to give best user experience to its customers by providing them great features and price. Choosing the best hosting provider is a heavy task because it’s too important for you to choose the right hosting provider to build a successful website.

Whenever you search in google for the best hosting providers list, you get many hosting companies. But if you don’t know which one is good for you then you will be confused.

I will suggest you to pick up all the details or points which should be in a good hosting provider company. Contact their customer support to get all the answers to your questions.

GreenGeek is an excellent hosting provider company with great price levels, up timing, customer support, and speed. In this GreenGeek Review, you will get all the details of magic that GreenGeek performs for its customers.

GreenGeeks Review

Trey Gardner was the founder of GreenGeek. He worked with almost 8 different web hosting companies. GreenGeek is a website that provides its customers with a complete solution to get their website Online.

Also, Provide complete satisfaction to their customers. There are several kinds of web hosting that GreenGeek provides. Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Website Builders.

Also Provide App Hosting which are WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, CPanel Hosting,  Joomla Hosting, CMS Hosting, Magento Hosting.

Apps: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, cPanel, Magento

Rank:10 out of 32 web hosts
Hosting Plans:VPS, Reseller, Shared hosting
Support:24\7 Live Connectivity
Speed:495ms (March 2019)
Uptime:99.96 %( March 2019)

GreenGeek has many great and sufficient services. Here are some details.

1. Quick Response

quick response, live chat support, greengeeks hosting review

The response is one of the major factor counts in reviews. The customer care agent should be online for the quick response. GreenGeek also has a responsive and supportive team for the customer’s queries. Their team is working 24 hours to answer the questions of their customers. Every hosting providing company needs to pay attention to its customer service center.

All the agents who are working in the service center of GreenGeek, are very talented and educated. They know how to behave and answer all types of questions. Some hosting provider companies do not pay attention to their customer service center, they do not know how their agents are behaving with their customers.

That fracture can damage the sale ratio and usage ratio of a company. Now in these days with the advancement in the technology and working pattern of humans, most of the hosting providers are providing online chat button option, where a customer can contact the agent to solve his/her issues.

2. Reliable Hosting

GreenGeek is reliable for you. Its import for a hosting company to provide reliable hosting. Speed, Security, and power are important factors to consider in hosting. GreenGeek provides peculiar security to data of its clients, by storing them at different locations. All the Data centers of GreenGeek are fully reliable and provides great energy to websites.

3. Security, Uptime, and Backup

Well if we talk about the security of the website GreenGeek also provides great security. It’s most important for hosting to be secured. Creating a website and then managing that website both are very important and hardworking tasks for a person/company.

The hosting provider must make it’s secure that no one could breach into the server. Millions of hackers are working with different hacking techniques to harm/destroy the work of others. There are thousands of websites, which got hacked daily. GreenGeek provides great protection to its customers.

It’s too important for a website to load on time. GreenGeek servers response on time, but there are other factors in a website that are also effective in the load time of the website. But if we see the server load time (Sending/receiving requests) GreenGeek is fabulous.

It also has an internal cache system which makes the response fast. Many other platforms could be used for the backup of the website. Every hosting provider provides the backup option in its cPanel, but some hosting providers are not that reliable to handle the backup process.

But GreenGeek is a great platform to perform backup of your website in simple clicks. They ensure the security of your website’s backup and do not delete your files until you ask them to do so.

If you were searching for a way to make your WordPress site private follow this article you would be able to know, how to make WordPress site private properly.

4. Servers Quality

multiple data center locations, server quality, greengeeks reseller hosting review

Every Web Hosting service provider websites have more than one server in different locations. Because they deal with bulks of data daily. GreenGeek has a huge chain of customers from all over the world. So they set up the Data Servers on four different locations.

  • Chicago, US
  • Toronto, CA
  • Phoenix, CA
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

IF you choose the server closer to you then you will get fast speed. It will pay a huge impact on your website SEO. They always keep their Data servers up to date.

There Are the Following Specifications

  • Connectivity in Gigabit.
  • No Desktop Hardware.
  • Name Brand Server parts.
  • Minimum of 64 Gb DDR3 ECC-Registered memory
  • Latest Generation Energy-efficient Intel Xeon Processor
  • Solid State Drive

All the servers provided by the GreenGeek are very strong in performance and user/environment-friendly. All the engineers who are working 24 hours are well trained and know how their computers (servers) should work. Their servers and their operating systems are automatic according to the environment.

5. Free CDN

cdn, content delivery network

Daily routine, we check out different websites, News sites, Social media Pages, etc. SO, daily, we interact with CDN. CDN is an important factor to increase your website’s performance. GreenGeek provides the CDN of Cloudflare. Cloudflare is the largest and no one platform in the world which provides security to websites.

CDN (Content delivery network) help cache content at the network edge, which improves website performance. CDN improves the website load times, reducing bandwidth costs, Increase content availability and redundancy, and improve website security.

6. Average Uptime

GreenGeek claims that that has 99.9% uptime. Different companies analysis this claim for several months to check the uptime of GreenGeek. After this analyzation, they adopt the GreenGeek Web Hosting Services. During months of tracking the GreenGeek didn’t down there uptime.

Here is the List of the 8 Months Tracking Average Uptime

  • November 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 99.95%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • January 2019 average uptime: 100%

7. Money-Back Guarantee

money back grantee

If you moving over GreenGeek and after some time you realized that GreenGeek is not suitable for you then no problem. You can easily shift back. There will be no deduction for your money. You have full 30 days to test this platform of hosting. Sometimes we face some issues or have a change in modes after an interval.

GreenGeek provides the 30 days money back grantee to its customers. You can get your all money in 30 days if you do not want to continue with GreenGeek. You just have to tell them a reason to leave and you will get your money back after some time (Days). Other hosting companies do not care about your money, like GoDaddy.

They go not care about your money, if you have purchased their hosting domain and changed your mind after some time, you could not get your money back. Their customer service will make lame excuses about the payment transfers.

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8. Page Loading Time

Companies also tested the page loading time of GreenGeek. Is it faster than others or not? GreenGeek Loading speed is better and faster than the Industry average time and its 45% faster than others. GreenGeek is now among the list of top 10 fastest hosts.

There is a List of GreenGeek 8 Months Page Loading Time Average

November 201999.98%377ms
October 2019100%580ms
September 2019100%536ms
August 2019100%302ms
July 201999.95%375ms
June 201999.99%409ms
May 2019100%332ms
April 201999.70%579ms

Page load time factor not only depends on the hosting. It also depends on other factors like images used on the page, cache plugin, page content, and videos, etc. If there are pictures and videos on your page and all are stored in your hosting and all are of heavy size then this may take time to load.

That’s why most experts prefer to embed the videos and pictures on your page/posts. It saves your bandwidth and load time also. The cache factor is much important to increase the load time of a website page.

A website should have a cache plugin in its list to make sure that the visitors are enjoying good load time. In the cache process if a visitor loads your page one time then loads it after a day or week he/she will get that page loaded fast next time because of the cache process.

9. SSL Certificate

ssl certificate

SSL certificate is too important for a website to survive on the internet. This SSL certificate tells google that this website is secure for visitors so it should be indexed. By attaching the SSL you can make hide your information from the hackers or those peoples who can harm you by getting the details about you.

In the list of great SSL certificates providing companies Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate and Cloud Flare SSL certificate are on the top. They provide great security for your website. Greengeeks do not share the information on your website to anyone. They hide all the details about your website registration form every one until you are following the DMCA copyright act.

If your website is violating the act then a request from the copyright owner can unhide the identity of your website. GreenGeek provides the Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate to their customers but if you want to use the Cloud Flare SSL certificate on your website then you can also add it manually by following the simple steps provided by Cloud Flare.

10. Web Builder

greengeeks web builder, greengeeks web hosting review

Not everyone is an expert in coding. That’s why there are multiway to build beautiful websites without performing any headache of coding. GreenGeek is now providing a builder in its hosting package so a non-tech person could easily create a website in minutes.

There are millions of templates in the market which are free and paid also, you can use them and edit them to get a desirable website. You can create desirable website by using the GreenGeek web builder by performing drag and drop process. All the template provided by the builder are user device friendly.

11. High-Speed Technology

Not technology is being changed from time to time. The new advancements are great and reliable. Do you know that there is 2 type of computer hard drives where we store our data? 1st one is HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and 2nd one is SSD (Solid-State Drive). SSD is the latest and expensive technology.

In this drive, the computer reads the information only on time that’s why the multiple tasks could perform fast. In HDD computer reads the information again and again which makes it slow. GreenGeek computers are using SSD drives to perform the great speed for their users. LiteSpeed and MariaDB are also used by the GreenGreek to increase the page speed up to 50%.

They are also using the latest and fast reliable computers which have great flexibility to perform great tasks. All these little things make you’re hosting reliable and fast. Check all the technology advancements used by the providers in their hosting then purchase it.

Hosting Plans

GreenGeek is providing many hosting plans according to the needs of their customers. All the plans have a great price level that everyone can purchase them easily. GreenGeek is providing Hosting services like Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. GreenGeek is also providing app hosting like WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting, cPanel Hosting, CMS Hosting, and Magento Hosting.

Price levels are changing according to the needs of customers. The more flexibility you want the more money you have to spend. But if we look at the starting prices, they all are very friendly to those peoples who are not able to start with a high budget.

Web Hosting Plans

Greengeek's hosting plans, greengeeks wordpress hosting review

The web hosting plan is starting from the Lite package whose price is $2.95/month. Lite package is for those websites which are new in the market and getting started. There millions of websites that are being introduced daily. All they need and prefer to buy a lite package because most of the peoples could not purchase high performance hosting package at the start. So they prefer to purchase the lite sheared hosting packages.

In Lite Package by GreenGreek You Will Get

  • 1 Website
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Standard Performance

In shared hosting packages, there is are many websites that are using the same computer space. In simple words, the on hosting is shared between different users. It looks like 4 or more peoples are eating food from one plate. By purchasing the starter shared hosting plan you can arrange a good start for your website.

There are more extra features in web hosting package, you just have to purchase them. If your website is going well and you are getting responses from the people then you may need to increase your hosting limits. There is a Pro package provided by GreenGeek only in $5.95/month. The Pro package is great for growing websites that need more speed and resources.

In Pro Package by GreenGeek You Will Get

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • 2X Performance
  • PowerCacher Included

Now if your website has become famous and you are getting high traffic then you may need to update your Pro plan. You there is another plan provided by GreenGeek named Premium. This plan is for those business website (stores, blogs) which being very famous. This plan is perfect for very busy websites or online stores. You can purchase that package is only $11.95/month.

In Premium Package by GreenGeek You Will Get

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Premium Wildcard SSL
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • 4X Performance
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • PowerCacher Included

All the packages provided by the GreenGeek are with great uptime and reliability. If you have questions about anything you can contact their customer care service as I mentioned above.

Reseller Hosting

greengeeks reseller hosting plans, greengeeks shared hosting review

Most people do not know about the Reseller Hosting packages. Don’t worry let me explain this to you. Most of the big hosting providing companies are providing the reseller hosting packages.

If you want to sell hosting or want to create your hosting platform but you do not know how to create your servers and all that headache. You just have to purchase reseller hosting and you can sale it to your customers.

You can create multiple packages on your own for customers. GreenGeek is providing reseller hosting packages which are with great price and multiple packages.

In GreenGeek reseller hosting packages, you will get 5 packages which are different in prices according to the accounts which you can sale to your customers. For example.

You have only 10 customers then you can purchase an account only in $19.95/moth. If you have 20 customers then you can purchase the 20 cPanel account package in $34.95/month.

When you have 30 customers then you can purchase the 30 cPanel account package in $44.95/month. If you have 40 customers then you can purchase the 40 cPanel account package in $54.95/month.

If you have 50 customers then you can purchase the 50 cPanel account package in $59.95/month.

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You Will Get the Features in the Reseller Hosting Packages From GreenGeek

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10, 20,30,40,50 cPanel Accounts (It depends on the package you purchase)
  • Deployed on our Platform
  • WHMCS License Included

There are some hidden feature which you will get when you will purchase the reseller hosting packed from GreenGeek. These hidden features will be plus for your customers if you want your hosting provider website.

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Free Drag n’ Drop Builder
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Sub & Parked Domains
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy
  • Hardware & Power Redundancy
  • Container-based Technology
  • Hosting Account Isolation
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring
  • Real-time Security Scanning
  • Automatic App Updates
  • Enhanced SPAM Protection
  • Nightly Data Backup
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • Free Shopping Cart Installation
  • Premium SSL Certificates Available
  • PCI Compliance (on Pro/Premium)
  • Multiple PHP Versions (7.1, 7.0, 5.6 and more)
  • Free SSH and Secure FTP Access
  • Perl and Python Support
  • MySQL Databases
  • FTP Accounts

There are many other features that you and your customers will enjoy it when you will purchase reseller hosting from the GreenGeek.

VPS Hosting

greengeeks vps hosting plans, greengeeks cheap hosting review

Virtual Private Servers Hosting contains a fully private system in which to store all of the files. VPS hosting is in between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Managing the VPS hosting is bit a difficult task. Mostly the prices of VPS hosting are very high but GreenGeek is providing great packages for its customers to enjoy the best VPS hosting.

Their prices are changing according to the ram slots and storage slots. If you want to purchase the VPS hosting with 1 GB ram the price will be $5 Per Month or want to purchase 2 GB ram the price will be $10 Per Month by GreenGeek.

4 GB ram VPS hosting price will be $20 Per Month by GreenGeek. Also have VPS hosting with 8 GB ram the price will be $40 Per Month by GreenGeek.

If you want to purchase the VPS hosting with 16 GB ram the price will be $80 Per Month by GreenGeek. When you purchase their VPS hosting you will get a VPS management portal, free quick provision, full root access, provisioned on blacklist free it’s, 99.9% service uptime and 300% powered by renewable energy.

WordPress Hosting

greengeeks wordpress hosting plans, greengeeks vps hosting review

Well, if we talk about WordPress I would like to tell you that WordPress is going to be the largest CMS (Content Management System) in the world. By using WordPress anyone who does not know anything about code can create a beautiful website in minutes.

GreenGeek WordPress Hosting offers a one-click installer with automatic updates. You can migrate your WordPress on GreenGeek free. You will have access to the experts of WordPress 24/7 to get help according to any issues.

WordPress websites perform much faster on GreenGeek rather than other ones. GreenGeek uses the latest technologies such as LightSpeed, MariaDB, SSD storage, CDN and power cacher which improves page load time up to 120%.

GreenGeek takes security seriously by providing you free let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, hosting account isolations, real-time mare well detection, threat analysis, and proactive server monitoring.

Also GreenGeek provides scalability like no other host, with GreenGeek WordPress hosting you do not need to upgrade to VPS hosting increases your resources instead you can seamlessly add more computing resources while maintaining the fully managed shared hosting environment you love.

Most importantly GreenGeek is the world’s no one eco-friendly company it is 300% ecofriendly which means the website you host with GreenGeek is 300% ecofriendly too. So if you want a fast, secure, scalable site that does not harm the environment, start hosting with GreenGeek today.

GreenGeek is providing 3 packages in WordPress hosting. All the packages have great prices, starting from $2.95 Ecosite Lite. You can purchase Ecosite Pro ($5.95) and Ecosite Pro ($11.95) also.

You will get Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, 1 free Domain, Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, Premium Wildcard SSL, FREE Site Builder, FREE Website Transfer, cPanel & Softaculous, Nightly Backups, MySQL Databases, Cloudflare CDN, Hight Performance, and PowerCacher Technology.

Drupal Hosting

greengeeks drupal hosting plans

If you are a Drupal developer and searching for Drupal friendly hosting then you should use GreenGeek’s Drupal Hosting. There are very rare companies who provide Drupal hosting to their clients.

The price level of Drupal hosting by GreenGeek is very cheap that everyone can purchase it. You can get Drupal Hosting from GreenGeek in $2.95 PER MONTH.

In Drupal Hosting Provided by GreenGeek You Will Get

  • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
  • FREE 1-Click Drupal Install
  • FREE Drupal Migration
  • Drupal Optimized Servers
  • FREE Blazing Fast SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • FREE Enhanced Security
  • 24/7/365 US-Based Support
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Joomla Hosting

greengeeks joomla hosting plans, greengeeks web hosting

If you are a Joomla beginner or a great Joomla developer, GreenGeek will provide you a Joomla Hosting with great performance & reliability. In the Joomla package, GreenGeek will provide you all the things you need for the Joomla website. You can get Joomla Hosting from GreenGeek in $2.95 PER MONTH.

In Joomla Hosting Provided by GreenGeek You Will Get

  • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
  • FREE 1-Click Joomla Install
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • Joomla Optimized Servers
  • FREE Blazing Fast SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • FREE Enhanced Security
  • 24/7/365 US-Based Support
  • FREE Joomla Migration
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Magento Hosting

magento hosting plans

Magento is an eCommerce platform built in PHP, which provides an online flexible shopping cart system, which provides a great look and control over the content and the functionality of the online stores.

It is also a very flexible platform in creating Search Engine Optimization friendly online stores. GreenGeeks makes it easy to arrange Magento with its powerful hosting platform and create beautiful and eye-catching platforms.

There are 3 plans provided by the GreenGeek, which are very flexible in price and performance both. You can purchase Lite (Great for small Magento-based stores that are New) package in only $2.95/month.

There are 2 other plans Pro (For those stores that need more resources) in $5.95/month and Premium (for very busy Magento online store based websites) in $11.95/month.

Free Domain

Now I am going to tell you a great feature of GreenGeek, which you will like. Whenever you will purchase any of the hosting packages you will get a free domain name from GreenGeek. You do not need to pay for domain name, it’s completely free with Hosting package.

Many hosting providers in the marked charge extra for the domain name with purchasing a hosting, but in GreenGeek you will get a free domain with purchase of any hosting package.

Copyright Policy

Some hosting providers are flexible with copyright strikes. They provide some time to delete the violating material from your website and make it clear. But here in GreenGeek, you will not get any time to delete the violating material. GreenGeek is very strict about the copyright policy, your hosting account will be suspended immediately if your website contains the copyrighted material.

Payment Methods

There are many platforms that contain very limited payment methods and that could cause trouble for those who do not have access to the desired payment procedure. GreenGeek is providing credit cards & PayPal and debit cards as well.

Their payment methods are also very flexible according to the new users. If you have access to any online payment method then you can purchase Hosting from GreenGeek easily.

Affiliate Program

They have a great affiliate program for their users. If you are using a GreenGeek hosting and contain a great famous blog, then you can sign up for their affiliate program and earn from it.

There is a List Which Will Guide You About the Amount Which You Can Earn by Number of Signups Per Month

  • 1 sale $50 /sale
  • 2 sales $60 /sale
  • 3 sales $70 /sale
  • 4 sales $80 /sale
  • 5 sales $90 /sale
  • 6+ sales $100 /sale

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Why You Should Use GreenGeek

There are thousands of hosting providers in the market which are providing great facilities, every hosting provider has something special in its list.

Many factors are effective on a success full website, moreover while purchasing hosting for your website you should be taken care of these factors to run your website smoothly for your viewers.

GreenGeek is providing the latest and environment-friendly hosting to its customers. Their systems are 300% eco-friendly and all are automatic according to the environment changes.

GreenGeek is investing a large amount of money on their systems to make them user and environment-friendly. Their packages are great in price, even the cheapest package is providing great functionalities.

I have used many platforms for hosting in previous years, but when I found GreenGeek and test it. I was surprised by the performance.

There is a problem with servers down in many hosting companies. Sometimes the backend hosting server goes down for a while, this may harm your performance and can decrease the readership of your blog.

Their experts are working hard to make sure that their servers work 24 hours smoothly, so their users could create and perform great tasks for readers.

Domain name is an important part of your website, and choosing a domain name is also a difficult part while creating a website. High-level names contain high prices.

But if you purchase the hosting from GreenGeek you will get a domain name completely free. This one of the great facilities provided by the GreemGeek and many peoples enjoy that facility.

So if you are using another host for your website and want to shift on a new one then you can use GreenGeek as your hosting provider, they are trust full and offering great.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was informative for you and you have got something from it. If you want to add something in that article or have some questions then you can simply comment below. It’s a pleasure to help you out and provide you better information to build a better future.

Don’t forget to share this article with those who want to know about GreenGeek or want to change their Hosting provider and want a great platform to host their website.

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