How to Change Font in WordPress – the Best Ways to Change Font

change fonts in wordpressToday we are talking about how to change font in WordPress. one of the best ways to add your own flair to your website is to change the fonts.

Even there are some other major aspects of design like the color scheme, the spacing between elements, animations etc.

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The fonts that you choose are also really important. At first, might not seem like a big deal, but you will see major differences when switching between fonts. They help you portray the correct tone of your website.

This is important since it’s one of the first things that you notice when viewing the landing page. Some people are more comfortable to changing the code through CSS, and others are not that tech-savvy.

So they might need some help. With WordPress, you can change the fonts sometimes from within the theme itself. There are also many well made plugins that can help you.

Whatever route you decide, in this article, I will help you complete this task so that your website is as closer to your liking as possible fonts wise.

How to Change Font WordPress

Changing the font size for your WordPress posts and pages is not hard at all, and you can easily do it from the editor that WordPress itself uses. Nowadays, the Gutenberg Editor is widely used so I’m showing how to change font in WordPress this way first.

First, open your post or page and select the piece of text that you want to change the font size. Then press the button on the left and change it from a paragraph to a heading for example, when you do that, you will see the heading size to the right.

Change it accordingly from H1, the biggest to H6, the smallest font size. This is it now you have changed the font size of your blog post or the specific part of your page. Here i am showing you the classic editor activity.

how to change font in wordpress, how to change font in wordpress theme

If you are that people who have used the classic WordPress editor for a long time & if you don’t want to use new editor then you can change the font size easily. You can change font size is almost the same in both cases, and there are no significant differences.

First, you will have to open the blog post or the page that you want to modify. Then select the line that you want to change the size, and from the left side of the tools menu in the writing editor, you will find a dropdown menu.

From there, you can select which one of the heading options. Just select it to see the change take place immediately.

how to change font in wordpress, change font in wordpress

As you can see from the picture above, the dropdown menu is straightforward and also has different shortcuts that you can use. If you intend to use this feature a lot, then I recommend that you learn the shortcuts.

If you are more of a tech-savvy person, then you should know that the font’s variables like color, size, and font type can also be edited directly from the style.css file.

That’s not recommended by me, so stick with the options that I mentioned above, and you should be fine.

It’s very hard to tell you that which is best WordPress widgets but this article shows you the best widgets for any kind of corporate website.

How to Change Fonts From WordPress Themes

In WordPress, most of the themes have an option in the visual designer that will allow you to change the fonts of a specific part of the theme. The thing is that you don’t have the full control power, just only what is given to you.

If you want to add an entirely new font, you most likely can’t do that from the editor. A way in which you can add the new font is by inserting it in the CSS section.

You will need to find the CSS variable name that is rendering the font that specific part of the site and later change it.

It will be with the inspect element tool from Google Chrome or by viewing the site page source code and finding the right section.

How to Add a New Font

Before you start with selecting a new font, you first must choose one that you have the right to use or that you have purchased it and are allowed to use it. Otherwise, you will have problems with copyright infringement.

After you have downloaded it, you will need to upload the font file to your WordPress account. To be able to use the font that you just installed, there is one more thing you need to do.

You need to define the new font at the top of your style.css file, but be careful and have backups in place since you might encounter errors doing it this way.

How to Change the Fonts Globally

If you think that you want to change the fonts for all aspects of your theme, then this option will be very helpful for you. It’s as simple as inserting one line of code, and no prior coding experience is needed just follow the next steps carefully.

On the left side of your WordPress Admin panel, you will find Appearance, hover over it and press the Theme Editor button there.

theme editor panel wordpress

Find the style.css file which has the theme’s CSS stylesheet, and at the top of the page, insert this piece of code below:

* { font-family: “family-name” ; }

And that’s it now you have set the global theme for your entire website, see it wasn’t that bad. With these simple steps, you changed the whole appearance of your site. Hopefully, it helps you find the best look for your site.


How to Change the Font for a Specific Part of Your Website

Your site will require you to have different fonts for different parts in it. So it’s important that you know how to change them individually as well. Briefly above how to find the font name for specific areas of the website that will help you now.

Finding what variable name it’s use for that specific part will help you find it in the theme editor. As we did previously, and change it directly from there. WordPress is kind a complicated with this stuff, also maybe the CSS style could not be found on the theme.

How to Change Fonts from WordPress Plugins

All of the above options require a small sort of understanding of how to do these code edits. That’s why in this next section I will show you how to change the fonts of your website in the easiest way using plugins.

Plugins help you make changes for your site globally and for specific parts in it, so it’s the best option to have everything in control. Also, it’s a safer way since there are fewer possibilities for you to mess up and break the code of your website.

Let’s get starts with the 1st plugin:

Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader

use any font | custom font uploader

Use any font plugin gives you the freedom to install custom fonts on your WordPress website very easily. If you have the font in the correct font format, this plugin offers support for multiple file types. You can easily use it on your website.

This is really important since this way you are the owner of the font. You are not dependent on others to host your font online for you like Google Web Fonts.

Its also converts & compresses the font to whatever is needed so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s one of the best choices out there that you can find.

Easy Google FontsEasy google fonts

Easy google font is a simple way to add google fonts to your WordPress theme without doing any actual coding. This is integrate with the visual editor, you can see changes to your site.

You change the font for specific parts of your theme easily. You will not find problems using it with any theme since it’s compatible with every one of them.

If you choose this theme then you will have full control of your theme’s typography, create unlimited custom font controls. And on top of all that you can choose from a large gallery with over 600+ Google fonts. It’s a great way to change the look of your site with a single click of a button.

WordPress accordion plugins is a powerful tool for creating unlimited accordion anywhere in your pages & posts without writing any code.

Closing Thoughts

This article I hope that you found the right choice and that it matches the vision of the website. The whole process from searching for the right font, to testing it & later adding it to your website it’s difficult.

I hope that you are in any way by making a step of this long process easier and straightforward. Anyway, for whatever questions that you have don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, I’m more than happy to help you. Now you know about how to Change Font in WordPress.


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