How to Edit Footer in WordPress – Following 4 Easy Methods

How to Edit Footer in WordPressLike the header, a footer is also a vital thing to notice. There are many ways of how to design or edit footer in WordPress website.

I will share four methods with you. By following these methods, you can customize a sufficiently attractive footer of your website.

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But first I hope that you have thought about the design already. And I also hope your designing skills are excellent. So, let’s take a start.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress – Just Follow the 4 Steps Below

1) Edit with code

Do you know that, all the changes you made in your footer, stores in the form of code in the footer.php file?

Yes…! If you know how to perform code stuff, then you can edit your footer.php file ass you want with by playing codes and adding some excellent features in it without any limit.

Before you perform any changes in your theme, I would like to alert you first to perform your back up. And if you do not know much about coding stuff, then don’t touch your footer.php file.

You can get your footer.php file from your DashBoard, Appearance=> Theme Editor=> Theme Files=>Footer.php.

Appearance to Theme Editor, How to Edit Footer in WordPress

Theme Files to Footer.php in WP

2) Edit footer in WordPress with Theme Customizer

Most of the peoples choose this option because it is easy and very flexible, and with this method, you do not need to perform coding headache. All you need is to .

  1. Log in to your dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance -> Customize.Appearance to Customize Opton in WordPress, Customize Footer in WordPress
  3. You will be redirected to the customization page of your theme. Where you can customize your full website with simple drag and drop.
  4. You can find a section labeled “Footer Settings.” You can perform any changes to the footer in this section.
  5. You can add different types of widgets like sharing icons, text, pictures or links, extra.

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3) Edit Footer through WordPress Widgets

You can also edit footer from your dashboard by adding different widgets. But you cannot see changes on the same page, so you have to reload your main footer visual page again and again after performing modifications.

  1. Log in to your dashboard and mover towards Appearance=> Widgets.Appearance to Widgets in WordPress
  2. You can see on the right side there are options like Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, or Footer 4.
  3. On the right side, you can see the Available Widgets to add.
  4. Just drop the desired widget and drop it on any footer option.
  5. These four-footer options are different locations/blocks at the end of your theme to design it by adding different things.
  6. For example, if you want to add some text, then drag the arbitrary “Text” and drop it on any desired footer location.Widgets Drag and Drop in WP
  7. After dropping it, you can see the “Title” and “Body” section to write text with different pictures and links.
  8. That’s it. You can add many things as you want with this method.

You can do the same with method 2. All the available widgets will be available in the dropdown menu, and you have to drag them towards your footer option. While customizing through theme customizer, you can see performed changes live.

4) Add WordPress footer CSS

If you do not want to move toward footer.php file or any other methods, or you want to add a code that you copied from somewhere else or arranged it on your own. Then you can add it in Additional CSS in Live Theme Customizer.

For example, if you want to remove the label of WordPress “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from your theme’s footer. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Click on “Additional CSSWordPress Additional CSS
  3. Past “site-info {display:none;}“, you can add your own CSS lines if you want.
  4. Hit the button “Publish,” that’s it. Your changes are live now.

Type of Modifications

Designs of websites are being changed day by day, and new eye-catching designs are introducing. With the advancement of technology and with the help of fully skilled professionals, new flexible and limitless ways are introducing.

You can perform any changes you want to add in your WordPress based website’s footer. No matter you want to add

  • Copyright text (You can add your copyright information at the end of your website to tell your reads about your copyright policies and privacy protections)
  • Menu items (You can also add menu items at the end of the footer. Most of the companies do that because they do not want to show many options on the top header)
  • Contact information (You can add contact information like address, phone number, location, email address, etc.)
  • Anchor text (You can add specific Pages and Posts at the end of your website. Most of the peoples add most relevant pages at the end of the footer to grab the attention of visitors on those pages.)
  • Social Icons (Social Icons are the most important thing to show on your website. It is most important to show them at the end of your website and on the head section also. With all these methods, you can add social share icons on your footer. You can also link your social pages on it. Not only social pages, but you can also add your live social streams on it so your visitor could like your page quickly without visiting the page in new tab)
  • Column Color Changing (Color scheme of your website is too important to grab the attention of your visitor. It insists him/she revisit the site and stay on it. You can color footer columns as you want)
  • Footer Height and Width (If you’re going to add many things on your footer (which is not a good thing for most of the peoples), then you can also change the height and width of your footer. But most of the time, after adding widgets one by one, the height varies according to the widget you said).
  • Footer images (You can add different pictures on your footer. You can also link them to different pages to grab the attention of your readers. You can also add different videos and sliders at the end of your website).

Not only this, you can add a lot more things to your footer. Now due to significant interest, many developers have developed very easy, flexible, and responsive page builders to build your website. You can change and add many settings with those page builders. You have to be creative to perform changes.

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Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was helpful to you. If you are still confused and have some questions about edit footer in WordPress, then don’t hesitate, feel free to comment below. It’s my pleasure to help you all out.

I insist, if you have more suggestions to add up things in this article, then contact us. WPEra is a platform that specially designed to help those who do not have enough knowledge and want to build and reliable, secure, and fast online business.

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