How to Justify Text in WordPress – With CSS and Plugins Only

how to justify text in wordpress

Knowing how to justify text in WordPress is a really important skill. Originally WordPress had this feature, but the developers removed it from the platform because of bad implementation on browsers, which lead to poor reading experience from users

Despite everything, it’s a really useful feature, and with it, you are able to make your articles look more professional and well organized. The developers made this change into the platform in WordPress version 4.7 and the community expressed mixed responses.

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However, this didn’t stop them from creating plugins or finding new innovative ways of how you can still use this feature. In this article, I will show you how to justify the text in WordPress manually or even with plugins.

Just like you are used to aligning the text when using other software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can do it in WordPress too, just follow the instructions below carefully and enjoy. Let’s start with how to add the justify feature without using any plugins.

How to Justify the Text in WordPress Manually?

Before you continue reading this section, take note that this is a harder way of doing it and only proceed if you are comfortable with your knowledge level of WordPress. I would recommend that only intermediate level users follow this approach to justifying the text in WordPress.

Now to get started first, you need to be logged in to your WordPress website. Then from the Dashboard, go to Appearance and hover over it, click on Customize. After you have opened the customization window, most themes usually have the Additional CSS option as the last one on the list.

So go there and click it. Now you will need to add this piece of custom code to the empty field, and press Save and Publish after you’re done.

.justify-text {
text-align: justify;
how to justify text in wordpress, additional css box

Now the CSS has been applied to your theme. Next, you will need to go back to the Dashboard and open an article you were working on. Once you’re inside the text editor, find the text section that you want to apply the justify CSS class and click on it.

Then you will need to look at the Block panel on the right side for the Advanced tab. Once you click it there will be two sections the first one is the HTML anchor which in this case we don’t need, and the other one is the Additional CSS Classes.

In the empty textbox, under Additional CSS Classes, you will need to write ‘justify-text’ so that the selected text block gets the attributes that you to justify text in wordpressAfter you have done this step too all you need to do is to press Update, and you will see that the selected section now has the Justify attributes added to it. It’s not that hard to do it, but I feel like most people would have a bit of a hard time following through with these instructions.

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How to Justify Text in WordPress Using Plugins?

This is the easier and the quickest method to Justify text using WordPress, and it involves installing two plugins. So let’s get started with installing them, and then I will show you step by step what you need to do.

From your WordPress Dashboard, hover over Plugins and click on the Add New, this will redirect you to the plugins marketplace. We need to use two plugins because WordPress dropped the Classic Editor in favor of Gutenberg Editor, and one plugin is to do that.

The other one is to add the justify button because, as we mentioned earlier, WordPress removed them in version 4.7, so that’s why we need two plugins for this to work. Even though it’s not recommended that you install a lot of plugins in your website since it can slow down the load speed, don’t worry since these two are not impactful in that way.

Classic Editor

You need to search for Classic Editor in the search bar and hit enter. You will see the plugin, which is displayed in the picture down below, hit the Install Now button, and then after it’s done, click on Activate as to justify text in wordpress

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Re-add Text Justify Button

Now you need to write in the search bar Justify Text and hit enter. Once again, I will display how the plugin looks in the picture below. Also, you should do the same two steps as you previously did, Install and to justify text in wordpressThere are a lot more plugins that supposedly do the same thing. But this is the one that I recommend since it has been stable and working really well for me. Also, the developers constantly update it so that it works for every version of WordPress.

Once you’ve installed and activated both these plugins, you will need to change what type of editor you use. From your left side panel on the Dashboard, you should hover over Settings and click on the Writing tab.

Under the Writing Settings section, you will find the ‘Default editor for all users’, you should select the Classic Editor. If it hasn’t already been set by Activating the plugins.

how to justify text in wordpressThe next step is to press ‘Save Changes’, and go back to the posts. All that is left for you to do now is to go to an article that you were working on and look at the changed editor. You will be pleasantly greeted by the Classic editor. You will also get access to the added justify button at the toolbar.

Now you will be able to Justify text really easily with just a single click of a button. This is the easiest method to perform this, there are two plugins that need to be installed. Nothing is more complicated than that.

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Closing Thoughts

WordPress, through the years, has made several impactful and meaningful changes to its platform. However, the users have not always agreed with the decisions that have been made. That’s why the community has always managed to find a way around these changes. Moreover, they have developed plugins to get back the features that are missing.

This is the same case with the justify feature for text. WordPress decided to remove it from the platform, and there’s a plugin made to bring it back to life. They decided to remove the Classic Editor and replaced it with Gutenberg, but the community managed to bring it back with plugins.

If you don’t enjoy how you can do it in the new way that WordPress has imagined, then there’s always the way things used to be. Being able to align and justify the text should be easily accessible. That’s because it’s important for a text to have good alignment.

It creates a sense of structure and professionalism, so that’s why it should be present in the editor. Some news-editorial websites only use the Justify feature for their snippets. So in some cases, it’s necessary to have this feature available to them.

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