How to Install WordPress on Godaddy – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Install WordPress on Godaddy, how to install wordpress on godaddy website builderIf you are using Godaddy for Hosting and Domain and wondering How to install WordPress on Godaddy, then you are in the right place.

Here in this article will show you how you can install WordPress on Godaddy to present your website step by step. Godaddy is the American based Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider Company.

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According to 2019 stats, Godaddy has approximately 18 million customers who are using its services and 9 thousand employs who are working for it day and night all over the world. All the hosting plans and domains are available at a suitable price for everyone.

Godaddy has made it easier for non-tec. individual to install a WordPress for their website. You can install everything automatically by following some simple steps.

What is WordPress?

what is wordpress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) to build different websites. Also this is the easiest and most popular platform to create beautiful websites. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. You can create almost every type of website using WordPress.

There are millions of themes and plugins for WordPress, to manage and design the website. Now every hosting provider company needs to allow peoples to use free c-penal and install WordPress through it to increase their sales if they are providing shared hosting, WordPress Hosting or VPS hosting etc.

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What is c-Penal?

what is c-penal

It’s essentially a dashboard to help you manage the aspects of your hosting account with easy and flexible options, including Files, Settings, and applications like WordPress. You can get access to every single file in your hosting account with the help of a c-penal. C-penal helps to magnet almost everything.

Now in these days use of c-penal is increased because it’s easy for everyone to manage his/her website with it. That’s why every hosting package contains c-penal. If you purchase hosting from Godaddy you will also get c-penal access. There are many application, you can install any of them and use them.

How to Install WordPress on Godaddy

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to install WordPress on Godaddy, don’t worry follow the steps given below. All these steps are fully described and important while installing WordPress on Godaddy.

1) Login to your Godaddy account.

2) Click on “My Products” from the drop-down list.

Godaddy account setting, how to install wordpress on godaddy website builder

3) In your products list search for Web Hosting and Click on “Manage“.

4) Now you can see the listing of all your hosting accounts and domain names. Click on “Manage” any one of listing accounts to move towards the c-penal.

cpanel admin in godaddy, setting up wordpress on godaddy

5) Now you have opened the c-penal. Where you can manage all the settings of your website and install the applications.

6) Scroll down and look for “Web Applications“. Under web applications click on the “WordPress” application.

web applications, how to manually install wordpress on godaddy

7) Installatron will be open to an overview page about WordPress. If you like to learn about WordPress and want to know the feature the read it carefully, but if you don’t want to spend time on it then move pointer towards “Install this Application” and click on it.

install web application in cpanel, install wordpress on godaddy

8) An installation page will guide you to put the details in it. Fill the details carefully. It provides helpful information and instructions about each field.

9) Add the domain on which you want to install WordPress. A drop-down list will show you the available main domains and subdomains. Select the desired domain. If you have only one domain then it will automatically appear in the field.

WordPress installation page, how to install wordpress on godaddy subdomain

10) Next leave the “Directory” field empty, if you want to use WordPress as the website for the domain you selected. For example, if you will type “Blog” in your Directory field, WordPress will be installed on ““, not on your actual domain. That will be the web address of the page or website which you will create with WordPress.

If you will install your WordPress by typing anything the Directory field and decides to create a full website in the future. And wants the web address to, you will need to either reinstall the WordPress on or move/copy the WordPress installation to the domain

11) Select the WordPress “Version“. I will suggest you to install the latest version of WordPress because of WordPress team in working 24 hours to make WordPress better and secure for their users. The latest versions contain bug fixes, security updates, and many other features.

12) Select the desired “Language“. Most people’s select English if you want to select your language then choose your language from the given list.

13) There are some agreements to use WordPress, read them carefully and hit on “I accept the license agreement“.

14) Next in the “Automatic Update” field, I will suggest you to choose the “Do not Automatically Update” option. Because if you are going to use different plugins and themes on your website they could have some issues in their coding and cause a problem for you in the future like WordPress Stuck Maintenance Mode.

setup wordpress automatic update, how to install wordpress theme on godaddy

15) I will also suggest you to select the “Do not automatically WordPress plugin“. Do the update process on your own, by reading all the instructions of the new version. Update it if you are fully satisfied with the new version. There may be some glitches in the new version that may cloud be the cause of problems in the future.

16) I will suggest the same to select the “Do not automatically WordPress themes“. Do the update process on your own, by reading all the instructions of the new version. Update it if you are fully satisfied with the new version. There may be some glitches in the new version that may cloud be the cause of problems in the future.

17) Now set the “Administrator Username” and “Administrator Password” (Keep changing your password after some time. It will increase the security from being hack).

Set administrator Information, how to install wordpress on godaddy domain

18) Put your “Administrator Email“. All the details of your WordPress installation will be sent to that email address. You can use that email to reset your password. You will also be notified at that email if there is a new comment or subscriber on your website.

19) Put your “Website Title“. Title gives your website a unique identity (Using keyword in the title will be a bonus for Search Engine Optimization). Decide the title according to the services which are you going to provide.

20) Put your “Website Tagline“. Tagline defines your title to attract the visitor (Using Keyword in tagline will also be a bonus for Search Engine Optimization). Decide the tagline according to the pet full meaning of your title, and the services that will be provided by that title.

21) I will suggest you to use “Two-factor authentication“. It will increase the security of your website. You can activate the verification mail process, it means whenever you will try to login to your dashboard, a verification mail will be sent to you to verify that if it’s the owner who is trying to login.

22) In the “Limit Login Attempts” field, click on “Yes“. This feature will allow you to enter login details 3 times if you put them wrong each time, after that, you could not use the login section for some time (maybe 30 minutes).

23) In the “Enable Multi-site” field, click on “No“. You can use your multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. It is closed by default from WordPress and let it closed.

24) At the last in the “Advanced Setting Management” field, click on “Automatically manage advanced settings for me“.

25) Hit a click on the “Install” at the end of the page. A progress bar will show the installation process percentage (%), wait to reach it on 100%.

WP installation progress bar

Now your WordPress is installing. This will take 1 or 2 minutes to install WordPress. All the Database processing and other working will be done automatically at the back-end. After the installation visit your website by putting your domain. Your website is working on the default theme and plugin.

You have to install all the things from A to Z, according to your desire. There are millions of themes and plugins in the market you can use them to build beautiful websites. I will recommend you to use purchased plugins and themes because they have full functionality and much better work with the versions of WordPress.

Also you can install WordPress Manually by uploading WordPress in the file manager. It’s another process to install WordPress. In this process, you have to set up all the things on your own like creating a Database and attachment of that database with WordPress.

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Final Thoughts

You can add more things to your WordPress based website, from the customization page. Hopefully my article was informative and helpful to you. If something is missing in this article or you want to add something, or you still have some questions or facing problems, just post a comment below. It’s my pleasure to show you the right way and spread good knowledge/solutions.

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