JustHost Review – Top Rated Web Hosting in 2021

JustHost ReviewJustHost was founded in 2002 by Chris Phillips. It was forwarded to EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2012.

JustHost team is proud that, they are providing fully-featured web hosting for every individual or big business.

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If you want to perform a web presence then JustHost could be a good option for you. Here in this article, In this article, I will mention the JustHost Review.

Right now JustHost is only providing Shared Hosting service. This shared hosting contains 3 packages according to the needs of its customers.

Shared Hosting and is mostly used by new users who are new in online business and they need a reliable platform to host their website.

With the help of Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers, UPS Power Backups, Diesel Generator Backup Power, Linux Operating System, Customized Apache Web Server, 24/7 Network Monitoring, and Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections, JustHosting getting great attention as a hosting provider.

JustHost is owned by Endurance International Group and in March 2015, most of the Hosting Provider companies were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, because they tweeted the shacked attacked by claiming that JustHost, BlueHost, Hostinger, iPage and HostGator are providing a space for terrorists.

After that security breach Endurance International Group worked on all its owned companies to increase the security of its server so in future no one could breach it again. Let’s talk about the hosting plans provided by JustHost for its customer.

But first, I would like to ask you a favor for me, at the end of this article if you decide to purchase any JustHost’s hosting plan, use our referral link and purchase it. Your one purchase will give us a small amount of bonus (Provided by JustHost).

JustHost Hosting Overview

JustHost Web Hosting Overview, just host review

Just host is providing 3 plans of shared hosting for its customers. All these plans are full of features which are necessary to take a good start.

If we talk about shared hosting, I would like to tell you that, if you are new in online business then it’s okay for you. While using the shared hosting your server will be also shared with other peoples.

Now it depends on the hosting provider to provide the stability of server, and security for you. While using shared hosting the other person form the same server could not interfere in your resources, and you also could not interfere in others.

JustHost specially take care of that, the high traffic gained by other websites do not effect yours website performance. It’s all packages are providing a great security, speed, Uptime and reliability for all its customers.

If you were searching for a way to make your WordPress site private, follow this article you would be able to know, how to make WordPress site private properly.

  • Basic Plan

Basic Hosting Plans, Justhost Review for WordPress, justhost cheap hosting review

The Basic shared hosting plan of JustHost is coming up in $3.95/month. If you are a starter then it’s a good one for you. You will get 50 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL, and $100 AdWords extra credit etc.

If you are going to use WordPress with this plan, then I would like to inform you that is fully managed for WordPress. As I have mentioned above that shared hosting is for those who are new in online business. Shared plans comes up with limitations.

If you are okay with these limitations and you can take a good start with it then just hit JustHost.com and purchase it.

  • Plus Plan

Plus Hosting Plan, justhost review for wordpress

The plus plan is for those websites which are going to get results of input. Plus Plan is coming up in $6.95/month. In this plan you will get more resources then Basic Plan.

You will get Unlimited Websites to host, unlimited space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email accounts, Free SSL, and $200 Extra Credit, etc.

The extra credit can only use for Google AdWords. After using the Basic Plan, your brand is started to get attentions then you have to move for a hosting package which comes up with high resources (Expended limitations).

The Plus Plan is specially arranged for those, whose website/websites is/are getting high volume of traffic.

  • Pro Plan

JustHost Pro Hosting Plan, justhost web hosting

JustHost is providing a Pro Plan for those who are succeeded to publish a great brand. This plan suits for those peoples who are running large online stores or blogs. It’s a plan, which have zero limits.

With the starting price of $14.95/month, you will get Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy/Protection, Site Backup, Unlimited Space and 1 TB/month Bandwidth, Free Domain, etc.

It’s very easy to activate maintenance mode in WordPress Website for development purposes. This article shows you the best ways to do that.

Features of JustHost Hosting

Let’s have a look for some noticeable Pros and Cons of JustHost. Tight hold and keep ready these details may change your mind to relying on JustHost.


First I am going to tell you about some great features provided by the JustHost for its customers. You can trust on JustHost by reading these features. Maybe these are the features which are fully according to your need.

Great Uptime – 99.98%

It is very important for your website to stay online. Otherwise, you can lose your traffic, ranking, and money. At the start when a website is going to publish, it is very important to stay uptime, because visitors will be new and you have to grab their attention by providing them a great service.

JustHost is providing a great uptime for your website. After the 2017 result, it has made some great improvements in it. Now it’s providing an average of 99.98%, which greater than the industry average of 99.94%.

It seems that after 2017 JustHost has made some great changes and paid special attention to provide such a great up-time. But wait Great Uptime is not the only thing provided by the JustHost. There are some other great features to introduce. Keep reading.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Like every hosting provider, JustHost is also providing a great and strict policy of Money-Back. If you want to test JustHost or you just have changed your mind at the mid of your first 30 days, you can get your money back.

The great 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee is a great policy that cloud provide a great benefit for most of the new customers. You can get all of your money back in 7 days working process. It is important to note that with JustHost refund is only applicable to Hosting Services.

While purchasing the other services instead of hosting services, you will not be capable to refund your money. But if you want to get a refund of your hosting then you can contact their customer service to request a refund in between 30-days.

Free Domain Name

FREE Domain Name

No matter which package you will purchase from JustHost, a free domain will be given by JustHost to you. You do not need to pay for the domain. It’s completely free with all packages.

Yeah, it is a great offer to use. There are very rare hosting providers in this game, who are capable to provide free domain with hosting service.

I will thumb up to JustHost to provide a free domain for its customers. Because sometimes domain could become a very costly step to building an online presence. JustHost’s free domain offer can save your money, which you will spend to purchase expensive domains.

Great Loading Times

We have seen the industry average load time for websites is 890ms, but JustHost is providing 721ms, which a great load time. It was seen by the developer that the average load time of JustHost was great in 2017 but it was going to be down at the start of 2018.

But now it’s again going to be stable and fast. If you want a great loading time for your website the yes JustHost is a good option for you. Want to be with JustHost? Don’t forget to use the coupon codes while purchasing the services, which are mentioned above.

JustHost is not a big name in the industry of Hosting Providers. It could be tested only, by using its services.

24/7 Support

If you talk about the support provided by the hosting providers then it is a very important factor for every hosting provider to take care. When you will face some sort of problem in your platform which you could not solve on your own, then you have to contact your hosting provider or some experts.

If your business is large then every second is important for your website. That’s the point where the support of Hosting Provider takes place. If your hosting provider support is not good enough then you may lose your traffic.

I tested the online chat option of JustHost, I have noticed that they are also providing a good service. Their response time is 45 to 55 seconds. You can get an expert in 45 to 55 seconds to help you out.

Beginner Friendly

As I have already mentioned in the start that if you are a beginner then JustHost is a good option for you. You can take a good start with JustHost.

Don’t forget to purchase a hosting package by using JustHost Coupon Codes. JustHost is providing only Shared Hosting services from the basic level to the pro level.

This means their services will be according to the needs of the new websites and growing websites.

Keep in mind the 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee and just purchase the JustHost service if you want to take a stand with just host.

Good Security

When it comes to your security then many hosting providers take is very seriously. JustHost is also doing it the same. They can take care of your security, you can believe JustHost. JustHost is providing a Free SSL Certificate for your website. SSL certificate is very important to survive on google.

Because if your website is without SSL then google will show a notification about your website that “Your connection to this website is not secure”, then your visitors may lose and your ranking goes down. JustHost is providing the secure shell (SSH), solid-state drive (SSD), and more to protect you from threats.

1-Click WordPress Install

WordPress has become No#1 platform for non-tech. individual’s and teams to build online business, and now it has become very important for every hosting provider to add the category of WordPress hosting.

With JustHost you can host your WordPress website without any fear. They are providing 1-Click WordPress Installation for its customers. Now you do not need to worry about any manual transfers or technical stuffs. You can install WordPress in just one click.

1-Click Installation is not only limited to WordPress, no matter which application is you want to install, but you can also install your desired available application in one click.

FREE Drag & Drop Site Builder

Don’t worry about any codding stuff, you will get a free FREE Drag & Drop Site Builder from JustHost. You will get thousands of free theme templates to design your website. Just put simple drag and drop on any page and you are ready to go.

e-Commerce Features

c-Commerce Features

Don’t worry, JustHost is also a reliable platform to host your E-Commerce business. You will get SSL Secure Server, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Agora Shopping Cart, Cube Cart Shopping Cart, Zen Cart Shopping Cart, Password Protected Directories, and many other superb options to build a creative and reliable store.


Now let’s talk about some week points of JustHost. By reading these points you may change your mind to purchase the package from JustHost.com.

Backups Aren’t Guaranteed

Most of the Hosting Providers helps your website to store a backup file in their servers. In case of emergency or hack, you can get your website back online in seconds.

This feature is on a daily basis if you purchase hosting from another host. But with JustHost you can back up your website on a weekly basis. Really..?

Yeas, it’s true. You could not back up your website on a daily basis. Some of you will be satisfied with this or just try to choose option B for the backup process. But let me explain why it’s a Con point.

Let’s suppose you own a website a team of hundred employs who are working day and night to upload beautiful content on your website. A sudden high jack appears and your website is gone, now what?

You can lose the data of at least 3, 4, 5, or 6 days. For example, your website contains 600 posts in 6 days. 600 posts are valuable. That’s why I put this weekly backup policy under the Con heading.


JustHost offers a wide range of Addons while purchasing the sign-up. If you are new to web hosting then you will not be able to judge these addons.

JustHost adds Search Engine Jumpstart, SiteLock Security, and Site Backup Pro, like add-ons while purchasing the Hosting packages. Keep in mind to uncheck these boxes while performing the purchase.

Mixed Reviews

There are mixed reviews about JustHost. Some people leave back reviews when they face a very bad experience. You can read other articles written by different experts, there will be cons heading full of negative features of JostHost.

But there are also good features mentioned by those bloggers. It’s normal to have good and bad reviews. Just look at your needs and choose JustHost.

Why Choose JustHost

Now you have read entire article. I have mentioned all the positive and negative features of JustHost. If you think your online business could survive with these positive features then just click here and choose your hosting plan.

Speed, Reliability, Security and Uptime are main features to note in any hosting providers.  If we look at JustHost, I would say JustHost is providing all these 4 things with fully managed system.

New users, who are just getting start wants a 5th point, which is price. As I have mentioned above all the prices. The Basic Plan is coming up in $3.95/month, Yeah! That’s a good price for beginners.

With 50 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL, and $100 AdWords extra credit you can take a good start, no matter which category of your website is.

Widgets are WordPress’ most acceptable features that give your site another layer of functionality and convenience. It’s very hard to tell you that which is best WordPress widgets, but this article shows you the best widgets for any kind of corporate website.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was good for you. If you still have any confusion and could not decide which plan you should choose or which hosting is best for you than just hit comment below and contact me. If you want to add up anything then just comment below or leave me a mail.

Also you have questions or disputes then also comment them below or leave me a mail. It’s my pleasure to help you all out and provide a reliable platform where every non-tech. could give a direction to his/her future.

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