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SiteGround Alternative – Top 4 Hosting Alternatives to SiteGround

Siteground AlternativeSiteGround is a high-quality hosting renowned company for being safe, quick, and dependable. However, there are several decent SiteGround options out there that are worthy of investigation, particularly if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Web Hosting Providers do not have to use SiteGround. Look at different possibilities and competing options. Customer service and pricing are two more essential aspects to consider while evaluating SiteGround alternatives.

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Cloudways, GreenGeeks, Bluehost, and A2hosting are among the options that reviewers chose as the best overall alternatives and competitors to SiteGround.

  • Cloudways seems to be the best overall SiteGround alternative: This cloud host is a fantastic pick for anyone hunting for a strong all-around service with a lot of sophisticated features at an affordable price.
  • GreenGeeks is the absolute lowest alternative to SiteGround: GreenGeeks is one of my favorite companies, and not only because of its low-cost shared hosting. Its emphasis to environmentally sustainable hosting is especially noteworthy.
  • Alternative with both the best features: A2 Hosting This service has one of the most comprehensive feature sets I’ve encountered, as well as outstanding LiteSpeed server performance and a range of ecommerce capabilities.

SiteGround is a high-quality hosting renowned company for being protected, reliable, and dependable. There are, however, several SiteGround options worthy of investigation, particularly if you’re seeking a more premium choice.

SiteGround raised their pricing another more in June 2020.

SiteGround has originally seen a huge price rise in 2018, thus these two price hikes indicate that SiteGround is no longer one of the cheapest web providers. These price hikes, along with SiteGround’s tight CPU limits, may have you looking for the best SiteGround alternatives.

Don’t get me wrong: SiteGround is still one of the finest shared hosting, even with the price hike and CPU limits. SiteGround recently migrated all of their infrastructures to Google Cloud and developed their bespoke hosting panel, so they’re trying hard to explain the premium hikes.

What We Look for in the Best SiteGround Alternatives?

  • Performance: SiteGround’s page loading times are slow, which may drive people away from your site. All of the hosts on this list offer substantially faster download speeds.
  • Value: SiteGround’s plans aren’t inexpensive, to begin with, and they only get more expensive as time goes on. Many of the hosts I’ve recommended will save you money while providing identical functionality or will provide far higher-quality services at lower prices.
  • Excellent assistance: While SiteGround’s customer service representatives are helpful, getting in touch with them can be difficult. Support isn’t always accessible, and even when it is, you may have to wait a long period. That’s why I’ve given extra attention to hosts that provide prompt customer service.
  • Tools for programmers: SiteGround’s premium plans provide a site staging platform and Git support, which are both extremely valuable developer capabilities. The majority of the carriers listed below include these features and more as part of every package.

In 2021 Strong SiteGround Alternatives:

1.Cloudways (Overall Best Alternative)

Cloudways Overall Best Alternative to siteground
Cloudways is, without a doubt, the strongest SiteGround alternative I’ve come across in my professional opinion. Through multiple information central providers, it provides a variety of high-quality, dependable cloud hosting options.

  • Website: https://www.cloudways.com/
  • Cloud hosting for novice
  • For increasing projects, it is rather scalable.
  • A high proportion of sophisticated features

Nevertheless, Cloudways quite pay, with its enrollment plans costing only a bit more than basic shared hosting with other providers. It’s built for people that might need to scale in the future, and you’ll only ever pay for what you need. Also you can use our special  cloudways promo code WPE30 and get instant $30 discount on Cloudways hosting.

Professionals of Cloudways:

  • Terrific work across the board
  • Cloud hosting options that are concept of sustainable
  • Cloud infrastructure with high redundancy to reduce downtime
  • Cloudways infrastructure from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Computing Engine (GCE).
  • Nginx/Apache servers, Varnish/Memcached caching, PHP7, HTTP/2, and Redis support are all available.
  • Unrestricted WordPress installations and staging sites with a single click, with WP-CLI and Git integration pre-installed
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with no locked-in contracts, free site migration service, free automatic backups, SSL certificate, CDN, and dedicated IP

Limitations of Cloudways:

  • There is no such thought as a domain registration gateway.
  • There isn’t any email hosting accessible.
  • Control panels for cPanel and Plesk are unavailable.

Cloudways offers the following price options:

PlatformStarting Price
Digital OceanFrom $10 per month
LinodeFrom $12 per month
VultrFrom $11 per month
AWSFrom $36.51 per month
Google CloudFrom $33.18 per month
Coupon Code: WPE30

2.GreenGeeks (Cheap Price Alternative)

GreenGeeks Cheap Price Alternative ot siteground
I like it when a firm goes above and above, which is precisely what GreenGeeksdoes. It is devoted to lowering greenhouse emissions and delivering sustainable service across the board with its eco-friendly hosting services.

  • Website: www.greengeeks.com
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Almost all users may benefit from an environmentally friendly hosting service.
  • A high proportion of sophisticated features

Features of GreenGeeks:

  • Cheap as chips.
  • Take the opportunity to host in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • High-quality security features
  • Obtain a free domain name
  • Disk space and data transmission are both unlimited.
  • A free site migrating solution is available.
  • Data backups are performed automatically every night.
  • Servers that seem to be quick (LiteSpeed on SSD, HTTP/2, PHP7, built-in caching, and more)

GreenGeeks Drawbacks:

  • The pricing of renewal is a little excessive.
  • The support services might be improved.
  • Dedicated servers are impossibly expensive.

GreenGeeks offers the following price options:

All may find something first, from low-cost shared hosting to high-end dedicated server solutions. Prices start at $2.49 a month, which is among the most inexpensive I’ve seen.

HostingStarting Price
Shared HostingFrom $2.49 per month
WordPress HostingFrom $2.49 per month
VPS HostingFrom $39.95/month
Dedicated ServersFrom $169.00/month
Reseller HostingFrom $19.95/month

3.A2 Hosting (Best Featured Alternative)

A2hosting Best Featured Alternative to siteground
Starting a web presence may be challenging, but choosing the proper host can help make the process go more effortlessly. And A2 Hosting, in my opinion, is this host.

There’s a lot to dig here with a spectrum of e-commerce functionality, including its setup for a variety of store security solutions. Get an Instant Merchant Account ID (in the United States), PayPal Merchant Accounts, and a wide range of SSL certificates.

  • Website: www.a2hosting.com
  • Money-back assure at any time
  • Speed and performance that are undisputed in the industry
  • A terrific alternative for internet retailers.

Benefits of A2 Hosting:

  • Incredible performance
  • Solutions that are easily deployable
  • Ecommerce features that are impressive
  • LiteSpeed Turbo Servers – 20 times quicker page loading
  • HTTP/2, PHP7, SSD, CloudFlare CDN for free, and HackScan
  • Website transfer is free, and WordPress is pre-installed.
  • Backups are improvisational every day, and the Server Rewind application is available for free.
  • Let us just Encrypt A2 Site Accelerator pre-tuned for security and includes unlimited SSL.

Limitations of A2 Hosting:

  • There are no free site migrations.
  • Support might be sluggish to arrive.
  • The more affordable options were more basic.

The following are the price plans offered by A2 Hosting:

There are a diversity of alternatives that ensure the well-being of almost any user. Cheap shared hosting plans start at $2.99 per month, but if you want to forge a strong e-commerce business, I’d prefer a managed VPS plan (starting at $39.99 per month).

HostingStarting Price
Shared HostingFrom $2.99 per month
WordPress HostingFrom $2.99 per month
Managed VPS HostingFrom $39.99/month
Unmanaged VPS HostingFrom $4.99/month
Dedicated ServersFrom $99.59/month
Reseller HostingFrom $18.99/month


Kinsta Hosting
My new favorite SiteGround competitors would have to include Kinsta. It provides some of the finest value for money I’ve experienced, despite its rather expensive costs.
It’s WordPress hosting packages are managed and cover all the bases. There are a slew of WordPress-specific security and performance features, and the Kinsta staff will handle all aspects of your server’s technical administration.

  • Website: kinsta.com/
  • Money-back assure at any time
  • Speed and performance that are undisputed in the industry
  • A terrific alternative for internet retailers.

Advantages of Kinsta:

  • Together with Google Cloud Platform as a framework
  • System and hardware unique to WordPress
  • Free site migrations from certain rivals are available indefinitely.
  • Google Cloud Platform is at the heart of this endeavor (the same technology that Google uses)
  • PHP 7.4, HTTP/2, NGINX, MariaDB server stack is fast and safe.
  • Backups are free, and server-side caching is available.
  • SSL and CDN are distributed for free.
  • Security for WordPress.
  • WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Cloudways, and DreamHost’s all guarantee endless free site migrations.

Disadvantages of Kinsta:

  • Email hosting is forbidden.
  • Some rivals’ inflation is higher.
  • There is no phone support.

Pricing plans for Kinsta are as follows:

PlanStarting Price
MonthlyFrom $30 per month
YearlyFrom $300 per Year

Why Kinsta is a good SiteGround alternative:

The cloud hosting provided by SiteGround is good, however it is rather general. You’ll have everything you could want to develop a fast, secure WordPress website with Kinsta, and you won’t require any technical training.

Top 4 Reasons for Hosting Cancellation

1. Exorbitant renewal fees

SiteGround provides substantial discounts to new clients. You may save up to 75% on usual prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

This initial discountef pricing is interpreted as regular pricing by the price-sensitive user group, who believes siteGround imposes hefty renewal costs.

When compared to other popular hosting services, SiteGround provides greater value for money in the first year.

For individuals who are price sensitive, spending nearly three times the initial sum at the time of renewal does not make sense. If you’re a SiteGround client who doesn’t want to pay hefty renewal fees, use this method to obtain a SiteGround renewal discount of up to 70%.

2. Traffic Cap on Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround boasts that all of its shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth.

To some degree, this is correct, however SiteGround has set CPU seconds/program and script limitations for each plsn.

SiteGround hosting may be suitable for business sites or affiliate blogs with low traffic and a need for best-in-class performance.

High-traffic sites, such as Adsense Blogs, may require additional server resources to accommodate the increased demand. SiteGround appears to be a costly choice for AdSense sites, which make less income per user than affiliate/product selling sites.

3. Advanced Security Features Aren’t Available

To begin with, SiteGround provides a plethora of security measures. Free SSL, DDoS protection, email spam filtering, and auto-updates are available. Even still, sophisticated security capabilities like real-time hack monitoring and malware eradication are missing.

You must purchase the Sucuri website protection service, which costs $199 per year. WPX Hosting, a popular SiteGround competitor, gives you limitless malware eradication and takes care of your site’s security for free.

4. There will be no free site migration

SiteGround has discontinued its free manual migration service in favour of an easy-to-use automatic site migrating solution, the SG Migrator WordPress plugin.

If you pick manual site migration, you must currently pay $30 each site migration.

People anticipate SiteGround to migrate their website(s) to its servers for free because it is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting companies.

People may be seeking for SiteGround alternatives due to changes in SiteGround’s site migration policies.

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