How to Uninstall WordPress – Easiest Way With Details

how to uninstall wordpress

Learning how to uninstall WordPress from your site it’s important if you want to change the type of that website. Really, you will find that it’s not that hard to do, but only if you follow this article carefully. Everywhere you go searching on the web, you will see a multitude of tutorials on how … Read more

How to Reset WordPress Website Back To Default

how to reset wordpress website

WordPress is covering almost 35% of the internet, which means 35% websites are built on WordPress and working perfectly. Now with great outputs, WordPress is becoming the first choice for every non-tech person to build an online presence or create an online business. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] But sometimes you may face difficulties to … Read more

How to Edit Footer in WordPress – Following 4 Easy Methods

how to edit footer in wordpress

Like the header, a footer is also a vital thing to notice. There are many ways of how to design or edit footer in WordPress website. I will share four methods with you. By following these methods, you can customize a sufficiently attractive footer of your website. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] But first I … Read more

How to Install WordPress on Godaddy – A Beginner’s Guide

how to install wordpress on godaddy

If you are using Godaddy for Hosting and Domain and wondering How to install WordPress on Godaddy, then you are in the right place. Here in this article will show you how you can install WordPress on Godaddy to present your website step by step. Godaddy is the American based Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider … Read more

How to Change WordPress Excerpt Length – 4 Easy Ways

how to change wordpress excerpt length

WordPress is an automatic functioning platform, where a not-tech. Person can create and handle his/her website with basic knowledge. Well, this basic knowledge is not that easy. Sometimes you have to work on code, but with the advancement in technology and coding techniques know millions of plugins are being introduced. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] … Read more

Elementor Blog Template – Create Your Custom Blog Page

Elementor blog template

Elementor has made it so easy for everyone to build his/her website by applying simple and creative techniques (Drag and drop method). You can create and import already build pages to your website with Elementor Page Builder in seconds. It is compatible with almost all the WordPress based themes. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] You … Read more