WebHostingHub Review in 2021 – Best Web Design & Hosting Platform

webhostinghub review, web hosting hub reviews Wondering why reading this WebHostingHUb review is necessary in your life? Here, let me show you a little scenario. Imagine you run a small business.

You are successful but want to take your business online but are confused about how to get started. The solution is simple really; you need a website and a web hosting for small business

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You have already heard of websites but what is web hosting? Web Hosting platforms are places where your website’s files are stored. Web Hosting Hub is a service that is the perfect location for your new website. Let us tell you why.

What is Web Hosting Hub?

Webhostinghub is a home for many websites with 40,000 customers served. It was created with the goal of providing easy and inexpensive web hosting, design, and application services The company started in Virginia Beach, VA, in 2010. The US-based company has now expanded to two Data Centers on the East and West coasts.

It is currently run by over 200 team members based in its locations in the United States. The company wants to provide custom web hosting and design options to every kind of client, even a small business.

One of the unique factors of the business is that it advertises easy-to-setup web hosting options. Picture you are the small business owner again. You might feel intimidated by the thought of web hosting, technical jargon, and custom domains.

What is SQL? How do I use a control panel? It’s all right, you will feel better, though, with Web Hosting Hub’s easy setup and 24/7 customer service to help you set up the website and get it running.

Who Is It for?

The web hosting hub’s service can actually help everyone. From large-scale to small-scale businesses, their service provides customizable web hosting options to every kind of customer. You can be anybody, like:

A Blogger

Bloggers might need websites to create and publish content such as videos, illustrations, photography, and writing.

An E-Commerce Store

Web hosting platforms can help you create an online presence for your existing offline store or even help you create an entirely new business online.

A Large-scale Company

You might have a company that is looking for a new website, domain, or web hosting platform. Web Hosting Hub can deliver all.

A Developer

Developers of websites might even need web hosting options and spaces for their professional or personal projects.

Small-scale Business Owner

Small-scale businesses will benefit the most from the simple setup guides and affordable website hosting and development plans for digitizing their businesses. Whoever you are, the company will fulfill your web hosting requirements. The company’s design services can help create a unique website for individuals or companies that require online branding.

Think of it this way, a domain name, like smallbusiness.com, is your postal address, the web hosting service is your house and Webhostinghub is helping you build and decorate the house. Yet, before you decide to move in, let’s look at why Web Hosting Hub is the best solution.

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Features of Web Hosting Hub

web hosting hub, webhostinghub review

Web Hosting Hub offers many features that set it apart from other web hosting services. Here are 8 of their best features.


Web Hosting Hub provides high speeds with Solid-State Drives. These work to improve the read or write speeds of your site and help it to perform better. In fact, it works twenty times faster and better than a standard spinning drive. The company’s Dell Servers are also optimal in speed for faster hosting solutions.

The speed of the service is to your advantage. It will streamline and accelerate the process of setting up and running a website so that you can begin monetizing it more quickly. Ever found yourself on a sluggish webpage and closed the site? This feature will help avoid just that and give your audience or customers optimized web pages to hook them.


Uptime is a technical term that measures the reliability of a website. If you have seen a website glitch or go down, it means the website has a downtime, the opposite of uptime. Uptime rates measure the success of a website’s performance.

The web hosting service has high uptime rates, with zero downtimes even through web hosting migration and transfers from other web hosting services or domains. Web Hosting Hub even provides website testing options to reassure customers of its zero downtime features.

This leads to the smooth and secure running and transfers of websites for each of the platform’s customers


A domain is an important part of setting up a website. It is used to identify your site’s IP address and will be needed in conjunction with web hosting. Luckily, Web Hosting Hub can provide you with a free domain that can be easily renewed and locked without any extra charges.

You are entitled to a free domain credit upon your purchase if you start a website with the platform’s hosting plans. You can even transfer a domain to Web Hosting Hub from another web hosting service.

Your site will be transferred and downloaded free-of-charge with zero downtime. However, you will need to transfer a site from a C-Panel of 5GB.


Websites often face security threats from malware attacks and information leaks. This is why you should avail the benefits of Web Hosting Hub’s security services. The platform uses Anti-Spam Protection and the McAfee Anti-Virus software for all websites.

For e-commerce stores or monetized sites, a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is available for purchase to protect your transactions and sales. Web Hosting Hub is good at anticipating any account or information issues for your website.

Daily 10 GB data backups are available to avoid website crashes, data crashes, and leaks. You even have the opportunity to restore your account for free every four months.

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Customer Support

This web hosting service provides customer support 24/7 to help guide you if you are uncertain about the features and or setup process. The customer support team helps the customer at multiple stages, even conducting an onboarding call when the customer purchases a plan.

Technical support teams are available through chat at any time if you face a hitch in the setup process and need individual guidance. Additionally, the customer support team has provided community support in the Help Center and Community Q&A sections.

If you are still confused about something in the web hosting platform, the team has also prepared tutorials, guides, and whitepapers that customers can access through the company’s website and Learning Center.


The platform has specialized features for e-commerce websites and can help design and secure a successful business website. The platform lets you either build a new website with its own custom features or transfer a website.

You can migrate a Softaculous-installed website if you plan to transfer an e-commerce store to the web hosting platform. Similarly, if you want to create an all-new store, you have two options. The platform provides either PrestaShop pre-installed in customer accounts or Magento provided through the auto-installer Softaculous.

In either case, you can have multiple customization options including themes and shopping carts. With the platform’s web hosting services, your customers can get faster loading pages and zero downtime so the site stays operational round-the-clock.

Special security features like SSLs are provided to ensure safe transactions and secure information. Technical support and e-commerce experts are also only a click away if you need customer support.

Website Design

The platform does not just provide web hosting options; it also helps design the websites. When selecting your web hosting package, you can even opt for a pre-installed WordPress website. Free web building options like BoldGrid can help you create a custom WordPress website for a blog, e-commerce store, or brand site.

BoldGrid is a drag-and-drop builder so that you can build the site in just a few steps. The websites built will be mobile-friendly, their user interface will be easy to handle, and they will be optimized and enabled for Google Search. You can even launch these websites in just two days.

The web hosting service even provides unique website designs and themes so that you can customize the site to suit your requirements and your personal or business brand identity.


Now, a web hosting platform is a place where website files are stored. This is why the storage of the platform needs to be high. Web Hosting Hub provides multiple options for unlimited disk space, sub-domains, and bandwidths. You can use the platform as you like and mix and choose data options for your needs.

For instance, if you are a blogger, you might not need the extensive data options a technology firm might need. It even comes pre-installed with a free Backup Wizard that can conduct daily backups of up to 10GB worth of data.

Now that we have considered the platform’s key features, it might be a good opportunity to weigh its pros and cons. This is why we have outlined everything we liked about the service and everything we didn’t.

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What We are Appreciate

Let’s start with the positives. Here are all the pros of the platform.

The Customer Support Options

The customer support department needs to be given credit. The platform has provided customer support through each stage to facilitate customers with all levels of technical skills. The Learning Center and white paper knowledge support is a highlight of the customer service strategy to guide the newcomer through website building which is always a learning process.

The company pairs technical support with onboarding support when customers purchase this service, domain setup, and web hosting development. This is paired with onboarding support at the point of purchase.

In effect, the customer service department becomes one of the key pros of the platform that can help make website development and acquisition easier for everyone, including you.

Affordability of Services

One of the platform’s selling points is its affordability. It was made as an affordable option for everyday users. Web Hosting Hub offers three main plans that have options for per-month payments, namely Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. Spark is a starter plan, Nitro is a plan for small businesses, and Dynamo is for highly dynamic websites.

All three plans are affordable at fewer than twenty dollars and have one till three-year subscription options. Each plan has features like unlimited storage and $150 advertising credits. Nitro and They offer Dynamo plans at 20% to 30% discounts on web design.

Money-back Guarantees

The platform has an extensive money-back guarantee policy. It allows the customers refunds even after 90 days of use. You as a customer can then fully test the website, see if the web hosting features work for you, and even evaluate the monetary performance of the website and change your web hosting options if you need.

This flexibility is even more useful for small-scale website users and builders who might reconsider their project budget and decide to rescind the yearly paid packages for Web Hosting Hub.

Dynamic Web Hosting

Web Hosting Hub primarily deals with shared hosting in its three plans Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. However, a great advantage of the platform is its additional feature of WordPress features and web hosting option. You can get plugins, themes, e-commerce, web design, and security services as you customize your plans for web hosting services.

These additional features will allow you to customize and develop websites to build complete e-commerce stores or brand websites if you, for instance, want to advance your small business sales.

Customizable Options

Another final pro of the platform is the range of features and customizable options available for the customer. From Premium website builders to e-commerce shopping cart customization to security options, the platform offers multiple beneficial web hosting options for the customer to choose.

This can help a diverse range of website builders and novices. The easy-to-setup features and customizable themes can benefit multiple customers with different technical expertise. Now that we are through with the pros, let’s move on to the cons.

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What We Aren’t Particularly Fond of

Even though we liked the platform’s features and affordability, there are some things that missed the mark.

Basic Web Hosting

The company has a goal to be accessible to people with all sorts of technical skills and therefore advance services that require easy-to-setup methods. While this is good for you if you are a newcomer to the world of website design, it can be a con if you are looking for advanced web hosting, designing, and e-commerce options.

Dynamo has the most advanced options among the plans set out by Web Hosting Hub. The plan has Parked Domains and Subdomains, SQL databases, SSL, email accounts, shopping carts, WordPress, and website transfer options.

However, this is the final level of advancement. There are no further plans to access and accommodate growing business and further website building needs. If some developers want diverse hosting options like VPS hosting, they cannot get it from the platform. Web Hosting Hub is again limited to its three shared hosting plans.

Technical Jargon

At one end of the spectrum, the issue of accessibility is a frustration for more advanced customers. Similarly, there are customers that still struggle with the technical jargon of the web hosting service, the domain setup options, and the web design elements.

Customer reviews cite that the educational resources and technical support are hard to navigate because of technical jargon. Someone without a background in technology cannot, for instance, understand SSLs.

This website then needs to focus on communication and content strategies that make the information more accessible and palatable for every customer. These cons do present key challenges for the web hosting service; however, the pros appear to outweigh them. Each of these factors is considered in a final verdict given below.

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Our Verdict

Considering all the features of the platform, our verdict is that Web Hosting Hub is a useful, dynamic, and accessible site. Its Shared and WordPress hosting options can be used for diverse customer bases and can help create dynamic domains and websites. If you have a small business, the Spark and Nitro plans would suit you.

If you own a small business and want to go digital, you can do so at less than 10 dollars a month. In essence, the greatest pull of the web hosting service is its ability to cater as an e-commerce platform for smaller ventures.

The company achieves the goal of accessibility and affordability by including small businesses and small e-commerce stores. However, the fact remains that the platform might need to add other hosting options and plans to accommodate more customers who might need VPS hosting.

Similarly, Web Hosting Hub needs to create another level of a pricing plan with options for expanding businesses. This is one of the caveats you must consider if you are considering launching a website and choosing a web hosting platform.

If your business were to expand on their web hosting service, you cannot transfer to another option.

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