Webhostingpad Review – Find Out What Makes Webhostingpad the Best

webhostinghub reviewWith a cohesively designed website and transparent pricing plans, any Webhostingpad review you see will praise it as one of the best hosting services out there.

In fact, it boldly markets itself as the provider of “hassle-free hosting” on the WebHostingPad landing page.

While taglines are all too common for any business, this has piqued our interest. That’s because the company designed it particularly so it may have productivity over time. This means that it has attuned its features to the modern online hard worker.

In this review of WebHostingPad, we will go over all their features. We will evaluate each one for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance. Hopefully, after reading this webhostingpad review you can decide by yourself whether it’s a good fit for you and your needs or not.

With that said, check out everything you need to know about WebHostingPad and why they remain the best in the business. We’ll discuss everything from the services they offer to the qualities that make them the best.

Why WebHostingPad Is Still the Best in 2021

To get this out of the way, we’ll start with letting you know that WebHostingPad does not offer cloud hosting and dedicated hosting as a part of their list of services. This means that this hosting service provider is not ideal when it comes to large projects and big-time operations.

However, their rather focused set of features had ranked them up. That is mostly because of their affordable pricing and promotions that give the best value for your money. It is also for this reason that many small to medium website users consider them as one of the top choices in many Webhostingpad hosting reviews.

WebHostingPad had its early beginnings in 2005 and is mainly known nowadays for offering shared web hosting at a low cost, but it also offers other features like VPS hosting. For a more comprehensive overview, here are the top 10 reasons why they’re still one of the best in the industry these days.

1. Shared Hosting

webhostingpad hosting review, shared hosting

Among all the services offered by WebHostingPad, shared hosting just might be their bread and butter. Designed to be intuitive and simple, this feature allows beginners to understand the platform faster and allows the experts to make the most out of the plans they got.

They offer you reasonable price points and practical plans include only what is deemed essential. Therefore you will be able to grow the business for as long as you put in the work. Even with their cheapest promotions, users are given extra stuff.

These features enhances the security of their website and ensures the safety of their files and data assets. Given that, WebHostingPad also allows the users are access to automated malware scanners and quarantines for better security.

This initiative can reduce the risks that come with unchecked file permission settings. With all that said, you can also expect most of the other features to come unmetered or unlimited. Therefore, this allows for prospective expansion and growth.


  • Their shared server customer assistance system is reliable and available at all times
  • There are considerably fewer administrative issues when using a shared hosting service
  • This is the best option for those who want to start small


  • Performance and access may be affected because of the activity done by other users who share the server

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2. WordPress Hosting

webhostingpad hosting review, wordpress hosting

If you’re the kind of person to prefer a website builder that works well with a content management system, then WordPress hosting from WebHostingPad is the best option for you.

A good deal of WebHostingPad reviews tells of great experiences with working on a popular CMS like WordPress since it provides access to global content delivery networks that significantly improve performance and speed without ranking up the cost.

webhostingpad review, wordpress plans

Although their WordPress hosting may be a tad bit pricier than the shared hosting option, this can greatly help you in your business, especially if you are considering a wider worldwide reach. Content delivery networks, or CDN, basically reduce the loading time because your content will be taken from the server nearest to the user.

Since WordPress has one of the biggest built networks, they guarantee you an enhanced opportunity in growing your business or exposing your portfolio to a larger audience.


  • Users get plenty of free features with WebHostingPad plans including a free domain, professional email, and SSL encryption certification
  • This is considered one of the safest, no-frills hosting plans for users who prefer to utilize WordPress and all its features


  • The uptime performance may ultimately be affected by WebHostingPad’s substandard uptime stats

3. VPS Hosting

 vps hosting

Although they don’t offer reseller hosting services, one of the reasons why WebHostingPad is ideal for small to medium websites and ventures is because of their VPS hosting. Aside from the fact that they offer the best prices in the market, they also grant you access to one managed and five unmanaged account plans from Linux which will just be enough for starters.

A few other benefits of WebHostingPad VPS include a significantly improved reliability and access to dedicated resources. Unlike in shared hosting plans where multiple users shared a single server, VPS plans allow your enterprise to practice and perform independently, so this can also lead to better performance.

It also eradicates issues that may come with a business that utilizes software that is specific to the industry. This allows you to freely implement the necessary changes anytime you prefer.


  • VPS hosting plans allow your business independence from other servers that may be shared with other users
  • Using a VPS allows you root access, so you won’t need to rely on other packages from different software
  • VPS users get a dedicated customer assistant to help them in troubleshooting any issues


  • VPS hosting plans are a bit more expensive than shared hosting plans
  • Only the managed Linux plan works at optimum performance 

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4. Email Hosting

 email hosting

What makes WebHostingPad unique is that it offers its customers “PadMail”.  It is a considerable practical option if you prefer to have your domain email name. This feature does not only scan your emails for specific keywords so you can easily reach inbox zero at all times, but it also blocks spam entirely and utilizes catch-alls and email filters to keep your online workspace efficient.

email hosting plansIn addition to that, users can also utilize auto-response systems that can help them deal with customers and clients at all times of the day. This way, you and your team do not have to waste time on petty activities that do not directly contribute to the benefit of your cause.

Even their cheapest plan still grants users full access to the cPanel and other tools that are vital to the growth of their venture. This is the WebHostingPad way of ensuring their users that they practice fairness and transparency in their services.


  • They allow an ample number of tools and features to allow for productivity, even to those who avail of the cheapest hosting plans.
  • Their customer support on this aspect is quite accommodating and is available mostly via chat at all times.
  • This is one of their more solid and relatively reliable hosting plans and it comes with a free trial period.


  • Their tech support can only help using the English language

5. Builder/Weebly Hosting

 website builder

WordPress may be the more prominent counterpart, but Weebly works as an effective website builder if you are a beginner. Weebly has considerably risen to the top option because of its drag and drop editor and lack of coding requirements for its users.

If you know coding and programming, that will greatly benefit your work. You can even set this builder to manage itself and maintain the content. This is a handy feature that will allow you to save more time and energy and use them to focus on the other aspects of your business.builder plansWebHostingPad reviews also commend the ease by which a user can exercise their creative freedom in customization when building their websites. Weebly is also quite versatile and flexible in allowing the integration of non-Weebly tools to improve your website.

You can also rely on the fact that the company closely monitors all website activities to keep your files and data safe and secured. This plan also comes with loads of marketing tools and features that benefit your online business and the e-commerce aspect of your venture.


  • Weebly is hailed as the easiest website builder to use according to many hosting reviews
  • The user support under these plans comes with a reliable library of guideline content that you can read and can help you troubleshoot as Weebly’s own customer support assist you
  • All updates and technical system issues are automated and maintained


  • This plan is quite pricier than a few of the other hosting plans offered by WebHostingPad
  • WordPress remains to be more customizable than Weebly

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Provided Services by Webhostingpad

Aside from these, services provided by WebHostingPad also help them rank up.

Site Transfer

Like all the other hosting service providers, WebHostingPad also offers a feature that involves a free transfer of website information, data, and files. If you already have an existing website, you can rely on their customer support team to provide you with the necessary assistance and help to make the transfer process a whole lot easier.

Then again, this process will come with a lot of things to consider and will come with some requirements, so you should look into this before the transfer process.


  • Their customer support teams are helpful and articulate in giving instructions
  • Site transfer is quite an easier process if your existing website is of a small to medium scale
  • This feature is for free and does not include any hidden costs that may emerge during your hosting plan checkout


  • Site transfers in WebHostingPad come with many restrictions that may hinder and prolong the process
  • Data and website transfer from larger platforms may lead to complications and a compromise to the files 

Domain Name Registry

As previously mentioned in the initial points, WebHostingPad provides a free domain name upon your subscription, even to the cheapest plan. Although it is only valid for one year, you are still given the chance to experience the benefits of having a personal or professional domain name to suit your website and your business.

The full cost of the domain name is also reasonably priced. Suffice to say, when it comes to web hosting, WebHostingPad gives their clients enough leeway and opportunities to learn as a beginner and eventually allow them to expand over time.

This is also why their hosting plans cater to varying needs, preferences, and budgets.


  • WebHostingPad allows their users enough opportunities and growth without the need to invest their hard-earned money on the dot
  • This free domain name is but one of the freebies that come with a subscription plan


  • Users have to pay the full price after a year of using the free domain

Advanced Tech Support 

Cheap WebHostingPad hosting may already sound like a good deal to those who are looking for a hosting service provider, but there is more to it than initially meets the eye.

In fact, users of WebHostingPad are not only offered a slew of other applications that can improve their work, but all their plans also come with one-click installation setups. Software like Perl, Ruby, and Python support this.

This means that their users are also granted access to an unlimited number of sub-domains, SSH and MySQL databases, as well as Cloud Linux features to further reinforce the security of their website. This can come especially handy when you’re starting small or you’re new to the industry.


  • The hosting features included in their plans come with advanced tech, even at the cheapest rates
  • These features are geared towards beginners and new developers


  • This setup is not able to accommodate larger websites

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Webhostingpad Price Plans

Price is a big factor when it comes to the overall usability of a web hosting site. In this case, WebHostingPad excels with their hosting plans and VPS hosting plans.

Hosting Plans

The ultimate proof for cheap webhostingpad hosting is evident in their two main hosting plans. The Power Plan hosting plan provides no limit on hosting space as well as unmetered bandwidth as part of the package.

It also includes unlimited domains, emails, and MySQL databases. This serves as the beginner plan that allows the user to make use of up to 100GB in disk space. Additionally they offer one free IP address dedicated to the account.

The Power Plan Plus hosting plan package on the other hand provides SSH access and an SSL certificate. It comes with an innovative spam filter for the email accounts. Still, it includes unlimited space for hosting, MySQL databases, domains, emails, and unmetered bandwidth.

Although these are reasonably priced, you could pay even less in case the agreement takes a longer period. To elaborate, it can range from a year up to five. If these promotions don’t suit your needs, and you prefer WebHostingPad VPS.

You can do something else. This hosting service provider has got you covered with their partnership with VPSDepot. We will talk more about this in the last point of this discussion.


  • They designed the plans with an emphasis on giving their users the bang for their buck, especially as they begin a startup or a new business
  • WebHostingPad is the ideal choice if you prefer a hosting service that is simple, economical, and practical
  • Their plans come with a money-back guarantee, with no questions asked


  • WebHostingPad’s hosting plans cannot guarantee the standard uptime at all times
  • Their refund is only within 30 days

VPS Hosting Plans

As compared to the initially mentioned hosting plans, these promotions come in 3 resellers/VPS plans with varying inclusions that can work within the budget. According to many WebHostingPad VPS review articles, their plans are extremely cost-effective. That is because of their versatile smart support and low-cost email pricing.

vps hosting plans

To break the VPS hosting plans down, we have the beginner plan. It allows for 100 GB of disk storage space and monthly bandwidth, including 128 MB of guaranteed RAM and one IP address.

The Professional plan gives a smaller disk space of 50 GB. Despite that it makes up for it with unmetered bandwidth, a larger burstable memory of 512 MB, and two dedicated IP addresses.

Lastly, their Premium plan is quite similar in features to the Professional plan. Nevertheless, it comes with a larger disk space of 100 GB and 2 GB of guaranteed RAM or burstable memory. This makes their website more ideal to navigate for business


  • WebHostingPlan is among the few providers of an email only service that allows for unlimited hosting packages at a low cost
  • Their VPS reseller plans allow the user to focus on the business aspects of their venture, instead of being stuck in the technical
  • The plans can accommodate expansion and more income opportunities


  • If you so choose to change your web hosting provider, the site transfer may not be difficult, but it may affect your customer relations
  • This is more tiring to maintain as the business grows larger

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A Few Things to Look Out for With Webhostingpad Hosting

Given all those upsides that come with signing up to WebHostingPad, this platform still has its pitfalls. This does not include the comparatively smaller scale and capacity. There is a reason why their price points are cheaper than most of the hosting providers in the market.

As a result, that is where you will notice the drawbacks. Here are a few of them that you may need to consider before fully locking down into this investment.

Speed and Uptime

They claim to have the standard 99.9% uptime. However recent stats taken from the last 2 years indicate that their uptime lowers at an average of around 99.23%. Another thing mentioned in a few WebHostingPad hosting review articles is the slow loading time of website pages.

This can lead to your website going offline for more instances, and this can affect your business and online engagement.

Restrictive Requirements

This is usually applied to website transfers and data backups. WebHostingPad will offer these features for free. It will impose strict requirements that will have you consider paying for the improved version of the feature.

With site transfers, they limit free transfers to 2 GB worth of content, often too small for storing content. Their backups, on the other hand, will only include 1 GB worth of files for every week. You can expect that everything that exceeds should be paid for.

WebHostingPad is quite honest and transparent with their price points and features. Moreover, they are straightforward from the get-go that they are at their best when accommodating smaller to medium scale websites.

Then again, this is a platform that introduces opportunities for growth and expansion. Ultimately, you will still be eventually inclined to shell out more bucks in the long run.

Conclusion/Wrap Up

In summary, we can say the WebHostingPad is one of the most ideal hosting service providers for small business. Although their plans come with additional costs, they allow users to experience web hosting at its best.

They also do this with all the essentials without the need to spend so much money.  WebHostingPad is great during the first year. Once you’ve got things settled and going, they give you the opportunity to transfer to a new hosting service.

Hopefully, this webhostingpad review gave you a clearer idea of what this service has to offer. So you can now make a more informed decision should you decide to opt for this service.

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