How to Open WordPress Menu Item in a New Tab or Window

How to Open WordPress Menu in New TabIf you want the WordPress menu open in New Tab, then you are in the right place. You can manage your menus in WordPress easily.

By default WordPress menu works in the same that, but you can change it by hitting some clicks. Here in this article, I will tell you how you can do this.

I think any person how to know the basics of WordPress can perform this function easily.

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But some peoples may not know about this that’s why I am writing this article so you may know that how can you open the WordPress menu in a new tab. Sometimes you may need to put an external link of other websites or a specific page of your website in the menu tab, and you want to open it in a new tab.

Mostly people use this feature for their Forums page, Download Links or specific guideline page. WordPress is a flexible platform where you can perform all the things without learning code headaches, by installing plugins. If you want to load all the external links on your website to be open in a new tab then you can do this by activating a plugin which I will also mention in this article.

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WordPress Menu Open in New Tab

You can arrange your menu pages from your admin dashboard (if your theme allows you), and lead WordPress menu open in New Tab by following these steps. But first I will recommend you to put a backup of your website if you are not an expert in doing tests on WordPress. I always mention this line in my articles because it’s important for your website. Because our work is not only important for you or me, it’s important for all of them who wants to read your stuff.

1) Login to your admin panel.

2) Movie your mouse pointer to the “Appearance” option on the right side of your admin panel.

3) Click on the “Menus” option.

Dashboard Appearance Menu, How to Open WordPress Menu Item in a New

4) By clicking on the “Menus” option you will get a page, where you can add Page, Posts, Custom links and categories to your menu.

5) You can also create a new menu by adding a name and clicking on “Create Menu“.

Create Menu

6) Click on “Screen Options” on the upper right side of your screen and tick the “Link Target” option.

7) Click on the “Custom Link” filed.

Custom Link

8) Put your desired link (External or Internal), and give it a name.

9) Click on “Add to Menu“.

Add to Menu, how to make menu links open in new tab on wordpress

10) Now you have added a new link with a special name in your menu list. Click on it and you will see two drop-down options URL and Navigation Label.

11) Under the Navigation Label tick the option “Open link in a new tab“.

12) Click on “Save Menu“. Down Right/Upper Right side of your admin panel.

Save Menu

That’s it, now your link will be open in a new tab. By following these steps you can push the WordPress menu open in New Tab. Also you can push your internal links to open in the new tab. In the “Menu” section you can add different menus on different positions.

It depends on your theme settings if your theme allows to add you more than one menu then you can add it from here. You can add your specific pages and posts to the menu and lead them to open in a new tab.

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Open All External Links in New Tab

If your website contains a lot of external links or you just want to open all the external links in a new tab then you can also do this by just adding a plugin and following these steps.

1) Login to your admin panel.

2) Go to your plugins section and click on “Add New“.

add new Plugin

3) Search for “External Link“.

4) Click on the “External Links – No follow, no-opener and new window” plugin to install it.

5) Click on “Activate“.

Install & active, make wordpress menu open in new tab

6) Now you will get a new tab named “External Links” in the right side drop down list of your admin panel.

7) Click on it “External Links” tab.

External Link, How to Open WordPress Menu Item in a New

8) Here in the plugin page, you will get different tabs named External Links, Internal Links, Excluded Links, Exceptions and Admin Settings.

9) By default, you will face the settings of external links.

10) In External Links settings, you will get the option named “Open external links“.

11) Click on the 4th option named “All in the same new window or tab (Not recommended)“.

12) Tick the “Overwrite existing values“.

Overwrite existing values, how to open menu in new tab wordpress

13) Do not forget to click on “Save Changes“.

There you are now you have ordered all of your external links to be open in the new tab. By adding this feature on your website you can lead your user to the external website, without losing your user. However now you can just add your external links in the menu and leaf it to your plugin if you want to WordPress menu open in New Tab.

You can also lead you’re all of the internal links to be open in the new tab by using this plugin. And Just click on the “Internal Links” settings on the plugin page and tick the “Apply these settings“. Now follow the same procedure.

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Final Thoughts

I hope that this article helped you to understand how you can lead WordPress menu open in New Tab. It’s an easy process you can apply this without having any coding training or other special course. As I have mentioned in the start WordPress is a flexible platform for no-tech persons, who do not know about how to write code.

You just have to be a researcher to solve the problems in WordPress, and you are okay. Also you can contact your hosting providers, if you it’s beyond your limits and you do not have enough time to do this.

If your hosting providers are providing the support of customization, then they can apply these settings for you, or you can hire someone else online from a freelancing website to perform this job for you. If you still have questions and want to know something or suggest something, feel free to comment below. It’s my pleasure to help you out.

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