How to Change Font Color in WordPress – With Plugins and CSS Only

How to change font color in wordpress

Hi! Welcome to WPEra. We are here to solve all your problems, small or complex, regarding WordPress. We all know that WordPress websites have become exceptionally trendy for their robust content management system Because WordPress is quite powerful when it comes to website building. Moreover, WordPress-built websites are more optimizable in search engines, which provides … Read more

Best WordPress Slider Plugin – 6 Awesome Slider Plugins

best wordpress slider plugin, best wordpress responsive slider plugin

If you were searching for the best wordpress slider plugin for your site to make it more attractive and give visitors a fantastic visiting experience, then you have come to the right place. This article will guide you on how to choose the best WP slider plugin for yourself. Show/Hide Table of Contents Using a … Read more

Best WordPress Facebook Plugin – 7 Popular Plugins

Best WordPress Facebook Plugin

Despite the decrease in popularity of Facebook, it remains one of the best methods you can use to promote your website or stay better in touch with your users. Here I will show you the best WordPress Facebook Plugins to directly implement them on your page. Show/Hide Table of Contents Having a presence on social … Read more

How to Justify Text in WordPress – With CSS and Plugins Only

how to justify text in wordpres

Knowing how to justify text in WordPress is a really important skill. Originally WordPress had this feature, but the developers removed it from the platform because of bad implementation on browsers, which lead to poor reading experience from users Despite everything, it’s a really useful feature, and with it, you are able to make your … Read more

How to Change the Author in WordPress – With Best Solutions

Change the Author of an Article in WordPress

WordPress as a platform offers the writers a chance to be featured in their articles as an author, and this is a great feature. You can learn how to change the author in WordPress, this might come in handy in the future. Show/Hide Table of Contents Having the author feature, the authors get the needed … Read more