Best Related Posts Plugins – 5 Awesome Related Posts Plugins

best related post wordpress plugin

Most blogs that run on the WordPress platform usually show their articles in chronological order because it is the platform’s default. This method makes sure that your visitors only see the latest that you have to offer. Tactics like this are great for keeping your viewers interested and help with SEO as well. However, the … Read more

Best WordPress Directory Plugin – 6 Popular Directory Plugins

best wordpress directory plugin

Directories are often used to find new businesses or service providers on the basis of a particular niche, category, or search criteria. To give you an example, these directories can be about local businesses, peoples, sites, online listings, and more. As time is passing the online directories’ popularity has increased. Now it is considered one … Read more

Best WordPress Scheduling Plugin – 7 Awesome Scheduling Plugins

best wordpress scheduling plugin

The WordPress platform has a lot of unique features, but scheduling is not available to you immediately. That’s why there are plugins to extend its functionality, enabling you to have a schedule on your website. This can be extremely useful if you don’t want to handle bookings yourself and instead, people can book a date … Read more

Best Featured Image Plugins – Using 5 Popular Plugins

In this article we will learn more about best featured image plugins. Featured images are not just simple pictures present on your site; instead, they are images or files that help explain to visitors the website’s content in a pictorial way. The featured image is a picture that appears on the blog post, Google search, … Read more

How to Change Font Color in WordPress – With Plugins and CSS Only

How to change font color in wordpress

Hi! Welcome to WPEra. We are here to solve all your problems, small or complex, regarding WordPress. We all know that WordPress websites have become exceptionally trendy for their robust content management system Because WordPress is quite powerful when it comes to website building. Moreover, WordPress-built websites are more optimizable in search engines, which provides … Read more

Best WordPress Slider Plugin – 6 Awesome Slider Plugins

best wordpress slider plugin, best wordpress responsive slider plugin

If you were searching for the best WordPress slider plugin for your site to make it more attractive and give visitors a fantastic visiting experience, then you have come to the right place. This article will guide you on how to choose the best WP slider plugin for yourself. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] Using … Read more