How to Embed Video in WordPress – Using Block Editor and Plugins

how to embed video in WordPress

Just like images and other visual content in your website attracts visitors, embedding videos can also help your page/blog increase their site’s dwell time and time on the page. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] But not only this, embedding videos can improve the SEO ranking of your website in the Google search as well. Now, … Read more

How to Edit Sidebar in WordPress – And Why You Need to Know This

how to edit sidebar in wordpress

As we know, WordPress offers its users a lot of cool features for starting a website of their own. The WordPress sidebar is one of those features provided by the platform. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] Basically, sidebars are considered a really fantastic tool to add extra content and functions to your site without messing … Read more

How to Edit Header in WordPress – Most Common Ways

How to edit header in wordpress

As we know, a website’s speed and security define its credibility, but there are other things that people see, like the site’s header when they first arrive on your website, and you should work on them as well. Show/Hide Table of Contents [toc] If you want your site to be great, you need to know … Read more

How to Delete Theme in WordPress – Best Constructive Ways

How to delete theme in WordPress

Installing and swapping new themes on WordPress like news themes, video themes is very common, and this can quickly make a website clustered with unwanted themes. Not only are these themes taking up space but also making the site open to security vulnerabilities. So, for this purpose, you must delete themes in WordPress after installing … Read more

How to Change Font Color in WordPress – With Plugins and CSS Only

How to change font color in wordpress

Hi! Welcome to WPEra. We are here to solve all your problems, small or complex, regarding WordPress. We all know that WordPress websites have become exceptionally trendy for their robust content management system Because WordPress is quite powerful when it comes to website building. Moreover, WordPress-built websites are more optimizable in search engines, which provides … Read more

How to Justify Text in WordPress – With CSS and Plugins Only

how to justify text in wordpres

Knowing how to justify text in WordPress is a really important skill. Originally WordPress had this feature, but the developers removed it from the platform because of bad implementation on browsers, which lead to poor reading experience from users Despite everything, it’s a really useful feature, and with it, you are able to make your … Read more