How to Hide Author in WordPress – Step by Step Solutions

How to hide author in wordpress

You might be thinking along the lines of “why would I need to know How to hide author in wordPress”. Here’s why. If you manage WordPress Posts, you may want to hide a specific author’s name in a WordPress post. Normally, blog posts will always show the author’s name alongside other meta-data such as publish … Read more

What Is Slug in WordPress – Most Effective Suggestions for You in 2021

What is slug in wordpress

Among all the open-source platforms for website creation available, WordPress is still considered among the most prominent ones. It caters to both small-scale and large-scale websites due to its extensive range of features, flexibility, and enhanced usability. It provides all the necessary tools for beginners while giving enough room to grow for larger-scale operations – … Read more

How to Create WordPress Splash Pages – the Best Guidelines

how to create splash page in wordpress

Creating optimized WordPress splash pages has a long list of benefits for your website. Although creating these may require a little bit of coding knowledge, it is not rocket science. You can definitely make it on your own as long as you follow the steps on how to make WordPress splash pages indicated in this … Read more

How to Add Categories in WordPress – Without Plugins

How to add categories in wordpress

In this article, you will learn how to add categories in WordPress in the easiest way possible and make your website feel organized. This way, the content is categorized, and the users will find it more intuitive to look for what they need. Categories are a significant feature of a website with WordPress since it … Read more