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WPEngine VS Cloudways – Why Cloudways is the Best Alternative!

WPEngine Alternative, wpengine vs cloudwaysBuilding a website is a challenging task. Besides other things, you need to decide which site-building platform to use. With several site hosting providers available in the market, it becomes challenging to select a hosting platform that will help grow your business.

When talking of web hosting providers, WPEngine is one such famous and widely-used web host that comes to everyone’s mind. Nonetheless, it’s always better to compare two different web hosts to see which one stands out.

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Therefore, in this article, we will look at the specifications of WPEngine and Cloudways, the two WordPress web hosts, in detail to see if Cloudways is a better WPEngine alternative.

Wpengine Alternative, wpengine vs cloudways

But before going into the specifications, let’s first know a little about Cloudways and WPEngine web host companies.

Unlike traditional hosting, both Cloudways and WPEngine are cloud-based web hosts designed for WordPress. Nonetheless, Cloudways provides fast and reliable managed cloud-based hosting for WordPress sites at cost-effective prices. While WPEngine is a fully managed cloud-based WordPress hosting platform.

In other words, WPEngine is a hosting platform suitable for users who are not skilled in server administration or businesses that don’t want to spend time on managing the infrastructure but scaling their business. Moreover, fully managed hosting is more expensive than managed hosting.

Monthly Price$25/Mo (Annually)$10/Mo (Monthly)
Storage & Bandwidth10GB & 50GB25GB & 1TB
Free TrialNo Free Trial3 Days (Without Credit Card)
Data Centers 150+ ISP Providers50+
Free Domain & EmailNot availableNot available
Number of Sites 1Unlimited
Free SSLYesYes
Free Migration YesYes
Coupon CodeNot AvailableCoupon Code: WPE30

Now that you have a basic idea of Cloudways and WPEngine let’s compare and contrast their specifications.

1. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Speed

Speed is one of the crucial factors that you should consider while choosing a hosting service. A site that loads faster not only enhances the experience of users but also impacts Googles ranking.

When it comes to speed, both Cloudways and WPEngine offer fast website loading speeds. Let’s look at a detailed speed analysis of both the hosting providers to see which is faster.


Cloudways uses some high-edge technologies to offer high performance and great speed.

  • HTTP/2 Enabled: Cloudways is HTTP/2 enabled. It simply means that it helps your site load faster by reducing the communication time between the web servers and users.
  • SSD Enabled: Cloudways is SSD based, which means that it provides 3X faster hosting.
  • Built-In Advanced Caches for a Faster Response: Cloudways has built-in caches like Varnish, Redis, Ngnix to trigger a faster response rate.
  • PHP 7: Cloudways supports only PHP 7 servers. As you might know, PHP 7 and PHP 8 servers are faster than the older versions.


WPEngine comes with PHP 7.4 servers and SSD hosting. Moreover, it supports global CDN too. As a result, your site loads faster. Nonetheless, it’s not HTTP/2 enables or has built-in advanced caches like Cloudways.

Winner: Cloudways


  • Cloudways is designed using high-end technologies that support high-speed performance.
  • It performed better in speed. Cloudways beats WPEngine with a loading time of less than a second.
  • The faster speed at a cheaper price

Speed Test

Google InsightWpEngineCloudways
Desktop 99%100%
LCP 0.8 s0.6 s
CLS 0.20
Coupon CodeNot AvailableCoupon Code: WPE30

2. Cloudways vs WPEngine: User Interface

When choosing a hosting platform, the user interface is another factor to consider. User interface means how easy it is to use a particular interface. It would help if you always preferred a user-friendly interface over the one which is complicated to use.

Let’s compare Cloudways and WPEngine to see which hosting platform has a more user-friendly interface.


Cloudways is easy to navigate as all the features are available under a single dashboard. Besides, you will see an advanced control panel to manage settings.


When it comes to the user interface, WPEngine is equally good. Just like Cloudways, WPEngine also has a dashboard supporting advanced features. You will discover that it is easy to manage different settings.

Winner: Both

Reason: Both Cloudways and WPEngine are easy to use. They both have advanced dashboards with different settings that can be handled without any hassle, even by someone who isn’t tech-savvy.

3. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Uptime

When it comes to measuring the performance of a hosting platform, a site’s uptime is taken into account. Uptime and downtime are criteria to measure the time during which a server remains in operation and the time when a server is out of operation, respectively.

Let’s see the uptime of Cloudways and WPEngine.


With Cloudways, you get a guaranteed uptime rate of 99.99%.


WPEngine offers a guaranteed uptime rate of 99.99%.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: Although there is a negligible difference in the uptime rate, we chose Cloudways as per our experience with both hostings. With Cloudways, we have had an uptime of 100% consistently, unlike Wepengine.

Coupon CodeNot AvailableCoupon Code: WPE30

4. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Number of Sites you can Host

Are you looking to host several websites from a single hosting platform? If yes, you should consider how many sites your hosting platform allows you to create.
Let’s see how many sites you can create with Cloudways and WPEngine.


Cloudways doesn’t restrict the number of sites you can host on each plan. You can host unlimited websites with any of their plans.


Unlike Cloudways, WPEngine limits the number of sites you can host on each plan. With their basic plan, you can host only one site.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: No matter which plan you use, Cloudways allows you to host unlimited sites.

5. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Pricing

Everyone takes into account the cost of a hosting platform before buying it. Let’s see how much Cloudways and WPEngine cost.


Cloudways is more affordable as compared to WPEngine. It comes with four different plans. The basic plan starts from $10/month, while the most advanced plan costs $80/month.


WPEngine also comes with four different plans starting from $25/month. Its most popular plan costs $241/month. Besides, you also have an option to choose a customized plan as per your requirements.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: Cloudways is a cost-effective hosting plan that offers unlimited site hosting, 25GB storage, and 1TB Bandwidth for less than $10/month. Whereas WPEngine offers one site hosting, 10GB storage, and 50GB bandwidth at $25/month. As you can see, Cloudways offers better storage and bandwidth at a lesser price.

6. Cloudways vs WPEngine: WordPress Features

Both Cloudways and WPEngine follow a different approach when it comes to WordPress customization. While Cloudways supports open customization, WPEngine has a more rigid or closed customization approach.


Cloudways comes with a free pre-installed WordPress Cache plugin to increase the performance of your WordPress site. You are free to install other plugins as there is no plugin restriction.


WPEngine doesn’t offer any free WordPress cache plugin. It, however, comes with 35+ StudioPress themes, but they are paid. In addition, it offers automated SSL certificates. As a result, you don’t have to install SSL manually or purchase an SSL certificate.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: You get more freedom to customize your WordPress site besides getting a free WordPress cache plugin.

7. Cloudways vs WPengine: Choice of Servers

It’s always good if your hosting platform provides you with the freedom to pick and manage servers. Let’s see how much liberty Cloudways and WPEngine offer in terms of server choice.


Cloudways lets its users select from 5 different servers as per their budget:

  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS
  • Linode
  • Google Cloud
  • Vultr


Unfortunately, there’s no freedom of choosing a server in WPEngine. It will choose a server for your website on its own.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: Freedom to choose from 5 different servers.

8. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Free Trial

It’s better if you get a free trial before you buy a plan. A free trial helps you evaluate the effectiveness of software before investing in it. Let’s see what kind of free trials is given by Cloudways and WPEngine.


CloudWays offers a 3-day free trial. Although the trial is limited to only three days, it’s worth it as you don’t need to enter your credit card details to enjoy the benefits of the trial.


WPEngine doesn’t offer any free trial. Nonetheless, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: A Free trial is better than a money-back guarantee.

9. Cloudways vs WPEngine: Customer Support

Technical support should be one of the priorities while purchasing any hosting. You can end up in trouble without a reliable customer support facility. Let’s see which hosting is better at providing customer support between Cloudways and WPEngine.


Cloudways support 24/7 customer support. You can avail of their live chat, phone support or Private SLack support. However, only their standard support is free and accessible through live chat and ticket system. You need to pay for advanced and premium support.


With WPEngine, you get 24/7 customer support. However, phone support and ticket support are included only in certain plans. Nonetheless, live chat support is included in every plan.

Winner: Cloudways

Reason: Cloudways offer 24/7 live chat and ticket support in every plan. You also have an option of Private Slack support, which is lacking in WPEngine.

Is CloudWays a Better WPEngine Alternative?

Yes, Cloudways is certainly a better WPEngine alternative. As you can see, Cloudways is a clear winner in our comparison of the two hosting platforms. Cloudways provides you with better functionality and speed at a much cost-effective price than WPEngine.

Moreover, it definitely stands out in terms of performance, reliability, unlimited site hosting, auto updates and running unlimited applications. If you are looking for a budget-friendly WPEngine alternative for your business, you shouldn’t give Cloudways a second thought. Now you can use our special code WPE30 to get $30 discount on Cloudways hosting.

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