WPEngine VS SiteGround – Top Review for Both Hosting Providers in 2021

wp engine vs siteground, wpengine or sitegroundWPEngine Vs SiteGround are considered one of the industry’s big names and if you were looking for what hosting to pick among them, then you have come to the perfect place.

In this guide, we will discuss both WPEngine Vs SiteGround in detail, and in the end, we will recommend which host is the perfect one for you.

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Trying to pick an ideal hosting provider for your website is a very important task, and it can get a little difficult as well. It is because there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best hosting provider, for instance, speed, performance, security measures, hosting features, and most importantly its price.

And this is why we have created this comparison for you. For the record, WPEngine and SiteGround both provide exceptional features and are great options to have as a hosting provider platform. Before starting the in-depth review of WPEngine vs SiteGround, let’s have an overview of both companies.

WPEngine VS SiteGround Overview

SiteGround was founded by university students in Bulgaria back in the year 2004, and since then it has been providing its hosting services. Now, more than 2 million domains are being hosted by the company, and they have over 5 hundred employees working in the firm.

On the other hand, WPEngine was launched late in 2010 but still, it made a good name in the market. Now, it has over 150 thousand customers, more than 1 thousand employees working in the company, which are two times more than employees working in SiteGround.

WPEngine gained popularity in the year 2019 when it bought its competitor Flywheel, which tells they are short on cash. Basically, SiteGround and WPEngine are very popular in the market because of the exceptional features and user-friendly experience that they provide to their consumers.

If you are looking for a quick comparison, you may use the table below. However, we highly recommend that you read this article thoroughly in order to understand things clearly.

TTFB (Time to First Byte)466ms308ms
Website load time278.4 ms513.39ms
Hosting Features10GB storage, 1 site for hosting, 25,000 visits, 40 days backup (Basic Plan)10GB storage, 1 site for hosting, unmetered traffic, 30 days backup (Basic Plan)
Security FeaturesSSL certificate, SSH services, AI technologySSL certificate, SSH services, List of banned plugins
PerformancePHP 7.3 Version, CDN services, NGINX servers, EvercachePHP 5.6 to 7 versions, CDN services, NGINX servers, Supercache

Okay now. Here’s the detailed WPEngine Vs SiteGround review. So, Let’s go!

WPEngine VS SiteGround Hosting Features

Following are the hosting features that you should take into consideration when comparing WPEngine and SiteGround.


storage capacity When talking about the storage, the entry-level plan of SIteGround provides 10GB storage and 1 site to host. In comparison, WPEngine also provides the same 10GB storage and 1 site for hosting in this plan. The second plan, SiteGround offers 20GB storage with unlimited sites to host.

In comparison, WPEngine gives 20GB storage with only 10 sites to host. The higher tier plan, SiteGround includes 40GB storage with unlimited sites to host in the package. In contrast, WPEngine provides 50GB storage and 30 sites to host.

Well, this is very clear that both of the hosting platforms offer almost the same storage in the first and second plan. However, in the higher tier plan, WPEngine gives more storage but on the other hand, it costs more.

Whereas SiteGround provides this storage at an affordable price and that is why SiteGround is the winner here.


wpengine vs siteground Bandwidth is another important factor to consider here because it decides how many visits a site can afford in a month. SiteGround is very generous in this category as it offers unmetered traffic in all the plans. Whereas WPEngine has some limitations in this area.

They provide only 25 thousand visits in the basic plan, 1 hundred thousand in the Growth Plan, and 4 hundred thousand in the Scale plan. If you exceed these limitations, they cost $1 or $2 for every additional 1 thousand visitors.

In this category, SiteGround wins without getting tough competition.


wpengine vs siteground Backups are very important to have by your side in case your website crashes and you face a data loss. In this area, WPEngine is pretty good as it provides backup for all the sites for almost 40 days, and it also gives the users an opportunity to create backups on demand.

If we talk about SiteGround, it offers a 30 days backup of your site, which is less than WPEngine. Moreover, it also allows you to have on-demand backups but they can not be downloaded. So, here WPEngine gets the win.

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WPEngine VS SiteGround Performance

Performance is also a major factor that defines the credibility of any hosting company. In terms of performance SiteGround and WPEngine, both are excellent, and there is tough competition between them in this field. SiteGround promises its customers to give them modern technology as fast as they can & they have fulfilled their promises till now.

The company already released a PHP 7.3 version on their servers and due to this, they have improved in the area of speed, security, and efficiency. If you still do not have any idea how fast PHP 7.3 is? Then let’s say it is almost three times faster than PHP 5.6 and most of the people on their site use this version.

There are only 4 percent of the WordPress sites that are being run on the version PHP 7.2. Whereas in comparison, WPEngine provides its users with a version of PHP 5.6 and PHP 7. Despite these low versions, their performance is still top-notch.

Furthermore, WPEngine has data centers in many different regions like the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In contrast, SiteGround also has Data centers in different strategic locations such as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Singapore, and Germany.

WPEngine has its own secret sauce in the form of EverCache. It also includes Cloudflare CDN services, NGINx Servers, and a caching feature that automatically refreshes when the new data is uploaded on the website.

SiteGround is not far behind at all; it also offers great performance-boosting features such as Cloudflare CDN services, NGINX servers, and the company’s own Super Cache system for a faster speed.

In this category, we compared SiteGround Vs WPEngine performance, and both of the companies have done a lot of work to improve their performance. So, we will give a point each to both hosting providers in this category.

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WPEngine VS SiteGround Speed

An average person will wait about 10 seconds for a website to load, and this surely defines the importance of speed when picking the best hosting platform for your site.


If we compare the Uptime, SiteGround promises to offer its users an 99.9 percent uptime guarantee in all the plans. Suppose a site faces downtime, SiteGround has a real-time detection technology, which informs the site owners and suggests a solution to resolve that issue.

Whereas WPEngine also gives its consumers an uptime of 99.9 percent. The main reason for this amazing uptime is their No Overselling Policy, which allows them to have enough server space to provide their users with an amazing customer base. So, in the terms of the Uptime, it is a tie between WPEngine and SiteGround.

Server Quality

As we know, both WPEngine and SiteGround have data centers in different strategic locations. The result is beneficial for the users as they get faster servers and excellent website load times. TTFB (Time to first byte) is a test used by different companies to determine the quality of hosting provider’s servers.

In this test of the TTFB, SiteGround scored 308ms while WBEngine got 466 ms. There is not that much gap between the server quality of both companies, so it is a tie again among these hosting providers.

Server response time means how long it takes to load website data on the web browser. In tests conducted by different companies, WPEngine load time was 278.4 ms from one to 1 hundred visitors.

It is considered the best load time. Whereas in the same test, SiteGround scored an average of 513.39 ms load time. In the category of the server response time, WPEngines takes the win with a huge margin.

So, overall both WPEngine and SiteGround are also performing excellently in the term of speed.

WPEngine VS SiteGround Security Measures

server security

Security is one of the essential factors when choosing the best hosting platform for your site because security defines the credibility of your website. More importantly, you can not be too secured to get infected by some malware or any other virus and lose all of your data in a site crash incident or some hacker deletes it.

The point is that there are many possibilities of getting attacked and you will need great security measures to fight those attacks. Both of the hosting platforms offer their customers with free SSL certificate and SSH connection for a more secure platform.

SiteGround has a lot of different security features in its plans such as firewalls, malware scanning, intrusions-detection system, and other measures to fight against brute force attacks.

Also, the company has a rapid-response system that creates its security measures instead of waiting for other third-party companies to make for them.

SiteGround also has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature in which they have developed bots that fight any malware and other hacking attacks with power. WPEngine on the other hand also has some great security features hidden in its sleeves.

Apart from the basic firewalls, malware scanning, and other security features, the company has a list of banned plugins that are considered a threat to the website. But the negative point is that the company does not create its own security patches.

This means your website is open to malware attacks and other hacking possibilities. So, this round clearly belongs to SiteGround as they offer. Their users some exceptional security features to protect them and their data as well.

But this does not mean that WPEngine is not good at providing great protection. Both of them have great security features but SiteGround has a slight upper hand here.

WPEngine VS SiteGround Pricing

server pricing

SiteGround And WPEngine both have a lot to offer in their packages. SiteGround basic package StartUp costs $6.99 per month. Which includes 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and only 1 site to host.

Whereas the second package is known as GrowBig, which comes at the price of $9.99 per month. The package offers its users 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited sites to host.

The last plan GoGeek of SiteGround provides its consumers with 30GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of sites with many high-tier plans. The price of the GoGeek is only $14.99, which is lower than the price of WPEngine’s basic plan.

WPEngine prices are a little high, the basic package of the company named Startup costs $22, which is higher than the price of SiteGround’s high-tier plan. In this plan, they offer 10GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, and only one site to host.

These are features that SiteGround offers in its basic plan at a much low cost. The second plan of WPEngine is known as the Growth plan which comes at a cost of $86. It includes 20GB storage, and 10 sites to host.

Whereas in the third Scale plan, they offer 50GB storage, 500GB storage, and 30 sites to host at the price of $217. Moreover, there are other plans for Business and Enterprise, which cost more than $500 and that is a lot.

This clearly shows that the prices of WPEngine are very high and not affordable to small companies & businesses also. In contrast, if you want a cheap web hosting provider for your site then SiteGround is the ideal choice for you.

This means that in the terms of price, SiteGround is the ultimate winner.

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Final Verdict

Both of these hosting providers perform exceptionally well in all the categories also it is really tough to choose them. However, if you want our recommendation, we will suggest you go for SiteGround.

That is because SiteGround has an affordable price, amazing features, fast speed, and exceptional security system compared to WPEngine. One thing worth mentioning is that both the hosting companies provide great hosting plans.

You can’t really go wrong picking either one of them. At the end of the day, everything depends on what type of features you want & how much you are willing to pay for these features.

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